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  well i tried to do it trough support,.
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    eaglesye posted on Aug 12, 2017 4:56:02 AM - Report post
    well, i tried to do it trough support but since they are to stubborn to look into it, here goes.

    i've been with this website ( lifetime sub) for a long time.
    i enjoyed this website for the singleplayer only trainers, they were great and safe, not anymore.

    i downloaded, and opened this one, my pc froze up and after a while my pc gave me a warning that i didnt have the allocated ram to run this functions ( wutt? )

    instantly after that happened my anti virus went haywire, telling me it had detected a trojan and in order to remove it i needed to restart as it cant delete an active file.

    and so i did, i restarted, i went to support on this website, but by the time i typed most of my story my text was deleted randomely troughout the process ( probably a virus messing up my stuff ) also some weird things happening on the rest of my system,

    so i tought alright well lets download avast, run their startup scan ( these always remove most of the crap that ruins the pc ) scan finished ( allot of the detected stuff came from cheathappens trainers, including one with "win32 genmalicious LMC"

    pc start up, clean, fresh, no issues. i delete Avast ( as its a ****ty anti virus to keep on the desktop, the only good function is that startup scan )

    i go to this website again, this time i try to explain it in support chat, but aparent the moment you say "virus" you are lying and they instantly start talking trash to you.

    i used to like this website, but standing in a minefield and the people in charge of this website not caring to listnen or even to lazy to investigate if its true.. well that just means i guess my lifetime support is short lived.

    i ran the scans on that website you said i needed to run scans. it "didnt show anything " yet my pc was on the frits and after removing the files that came with the cheathappen trainer. my pc runs fine again.. files are clean = weird acting pc? alright, that logic seems fine to me.

    now unless you dont care about clean files and safe customers, you should really look into the issue with some trainers, even though you claim they are clean, they clearly aren't.

    have a spledid day.
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    eaglesye posted on Aug 12, 2017 4:59:47 AM - Report post
    i just chekked, i been supporting this website for +/- 8 years now, it would be silly to brush me aside like trash.
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    Taurusplopp posted on Aug 12, 2017 5:02:56 AM - Report post
    Starting an argument on chat is the best way to get banned from it.

    Never called you a liar but as you were not open to reason and know it better ...
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    eaglesye posted on Aug 12, 2017 5:06:29 AM - Report post
    i asked you if you had even read what i wrote, you instantly said the file was clean, you didnt even think about the possibility that you were wrong = hence calling me a liar, all i ask from you, is to take it serious and look into it so that your customers can be safe again.saying it is clean, while it clearly isnt, doesnt make me stubborn or unwilling to discuss it, its you who was unwilling to think for a moment, that it was possible.

    edit, could you possibly sent a copy of the chatlog to my email

    you instantly said "its a false positive" i tried to explain to you a clean file doesnt mess up your pc. this file DID.

    [Edited by eaglesye, 8/12/2017 5:10:31 AM]
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    Drenus posted on Aug 12, 2017 6:13:51 AM - Report post
    as angry as you are right now, you still need to step back, and look at some facts

    1600 people, including myself, has downloadet the latest trainer for Xcom 2, which is over a month old, and not a single person, in all that time, has complained about it the way you do, saying it contains malicious virus (which it don't)

    i just redownloadet it, scanned it both with AVG, also used TM quick online scan of the file, and nothing comes up, oh and my pc is still running as it did before, no issues

    you been on the site for 8 years, you should already know about false positives

    in conclusion, you got infected by something else, simple as that
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    PWizard posted on Aug 12, 2017 6:27:31 AM - Report post
    I just logged in as your account and downloaded the exact same file that you did. I ran it on my PC and nothing strange happened. I scanned it with multiple scanners and only the typical, generic false positives showed up. This file is clean. Just because you BELIEVE that the trainer caused something to happen to your PC doesn't mean that it's true. You could have another virus that infected the trainer AFTER you downloaded it. You could have some dormant virus that only triggers on certain functions. Some of the biggest viruses of recent were installed and dormant for MONTHS before being activated.

    This particular trainer has also been downloaded and used by close to 1600 other premium members with no complaints of anything remotely similar to what you are reporting.

    I apologize if you had a poor experience with our support team, but they get tons of people reporting viruses which are false positives. Not only do we scan all of our file with multiple scanners before uploading them, we also CREATED the files and then the files are scanned yet again on the server. Not to mention if something were up with it then there would be a ton of complaints not just one.

    You are welcome to send your trainer to your security product developer and have a full forensic workup done by a real human. If they find that it contains malicious content, please have them send us a notarized report outlining exactly what those malicious characteristics are. We will also be happy to send them a file generated by our server for comparison to determine if your file has been altered AFTER being downloaded from our server.
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    eaglesye posted on Aug 12, 2017 6:53:08 AM - Report post
    alright then i apologise for wasting your time.
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