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Locked Topic  Some things missing from the trainer
Isaac  posted on Aug 02, 2017 9:10:39 AM - Report post

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- Super Speed / player movement speed management
- Teleporting and location saving
- Enemy management; an "all enemies faint" option
- True unlocking and development time reduction - it still takes forever to develop certain items

Also, the recoil reduction and fire speed options don't operate as well as other trainers.

So far, I've yet to find any trainer that has it all. Usually you need to mix and match considerably to get everything you'd like. One trainer can do everything except stealth, another everything except speed, another has those two but you can't teleport. I digress.

Loki  posted on Aug 02, 2017 3:54:01 PM - Report post

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This is the best trainer out there, its also one of the only trainers that has functioned since launch and still continues to function. I haven't seen one trainer that does all that this one does, I haven't seen one trainer that continues to be updated since launch to this day. If anythings missing its the fact that they haven't given up on it.


Isaac  posted on Aug 02, 2017 6:23:00 PM - Report post

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Trainers that still work, that are available online, for free (paraphrased and anonymized):

I did not include links as to stay within the ToS. And note that I'm not bashing the site, I've had success with other games where this place was the only choice.

To summarize, most trainers have the basics, ammo, resources, gmp, health, etc. But calling this "the best" is a huge exaggeration. Especially at $90. The first trainer I mentioned above does everything that the one here does and more. And it was free. So you're right, nothing includes it all, but some are closer than others, and this one is somewhere in the middle. That's my point.

The only thing that trainers cannot do is unlock MB-required items. So I took a chance on here hoping for that. I was wrong.

I posted the list of features missing in hope that the trainer will be updated to, indeed, be the best. Until those things are added, yes it's convenient that it's updated, but it's a far cry from meeting the potential that other trainers offer. Thanks for the follow-up though.

[Edited by moderator Taurusplopp, 8/2/2017 11:49:05 PM]

Isaac  posted on Aug 02, 2017 6:27:15 PM - Report post

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A couple things I forgot to add, is that this trainer does have two unique features:
- Evil Level management (excellent)
- Instant setting materials to zero (not sure why anyone would want to do this...)

So again, as with most trainers there are some unique things here, which are especially note-worthy. But sadly, it doesn't have it all. Cheers.

PWizard  posted on Aug 02, 2017 7:01:23 PM - Report post

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We've updated this +17 trainer 26 times over 2 years. Unlike some of the other trainers you mentioned, we have to update and release over 200 trainers a month, those guys, not so much. If we only had to release 10 trainers a month then we would add every option in the world to them, but unfortunately people aren't playing just this 2 year old game so we have to cater to those other people as well. I believe the fact that we are still updating it IN ADDITION to another 200 games every month after 2 years is something that should be appreciated as is.

If you found other trainers that do the things you want them to do, then by all means use them. We're not in a competition with other trainer makers and there is no point in reinventing the wheel.

I'm sorry, but we will not be adding any more features to this trainer.

Isaac  posted on Aug 02, 2017 8:49:26 PM - Report post

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Glad to hear from the founder himself. Pretty great and so fast at that. And its great that you keep updating the trainer. That is good too. Honestly thank you. That does differentiate the site for sure. Not questions there.

Some final thoughts though as a new customer. The average gamer plays maybe 2 or 3 games simultaneously not 200. And if there are other trainers out there with these features... How hard would it really be for your guys to open up those files and implement them? You have time to reply here lol. And we are paying more for the cheat engine than the actual game. Three times as much in this example.

Furthermore there are a lot of issues that come from cherry picking things and using multiple trainers at once. And the way the site is advertised, high price, high reward... this is not cutting it. This is an unfortunate example of poor value. Having 200 trainers is great, but not if the other free options are better. Kinda like a jack of all, but not a master of any situation. Ya kno?

Isaac  posted on Aug 02, 2017 8:49:38 PM - Report post

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There are also a number of places that state requesting cheats and trainers is an option. Is that not accurate? Gosh I am willing to pay for it. Ill even help. Can send you the competing trainers and show you what they do. Lets make the world a better place haha. The game being two years old is a bit of a moot point, new DLC was just announced, etc.

So hear me out and level with me if you could. I am a fan of what you do and I am asking to take something great that you have which we pay for, and make it as good as some free options. If anything that makes the community better. I am confident this is not the only post like this.

Would love your thoughts, regardless of the outcome really. And please know that I am not trying to make this any more confrontational, but rather shedding light on some broader points.

PWizard  posted on Aug 03, 2017 4:43:02 AM - Report post

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First of all, we have close to 3 MILLION subscribers. Yes, the average gamer isn't playing 200 games a month but neither are they still playing this 2 year old game. This is CHEAT HAPPENS, not [INSERT chrix187's favorite game of the day] HAPPENS. We cater to everyone's needs in the best way we can.

Second, we don't steal or rip code from other people's trainers. Some other trainer makers may do that, but not here. We make it ourselves, our way, or it doesn't get made at all.

The fact that I have time to reply to messages on the forums is because I am not a trainer programmer. We have several staff members with different roles.

If you purchased a lifetime subscription only to play this one game for the rest of your life then yes, it cost more than the game. But it's a LIFETIME subscription. We have people that bought a lifetime subscription 15 years ago for $19.95 that have downloaded thousands of trainers to date. Never asked them for another dime.

If you weren't happy with the options in our trainer, then quite frankly, you shouldn't have purchased a membership. It's that simple.

We do our best to satisfy all of our members but our programmers can't go back to every 2 year old game and add more fluff simply because one user is asking for it, regardless of whether you want to pay for it or not. If these options were so essential then people should have requested them two years ago.

You and anyone else is welcome to request trainers and options all day long, that doesn't mean that we will have time to get to them all or that they will be done. We have systems in place that manage requests, gauge interest in games so our programmers are spending their time wisely and it works.

I have nothing else to say regarding this matter. There will be no other options made. You can use all these other super awesome free trainers, you can use our free gamehacking tool CoSMOS (Link) to hack the game yourself, or you can simply move on and find another game to play.

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