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  Not yet trainer or online
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    Poupette posted on Jul 11, 2017 6:28:47 PM - Report post

    I have start playing this Alpha game and see some really cool stuff on it.

    I try to use CheatEngine on it but it doesn't seems to work well.

    Does a trainer can be requested for this game ? Or is it online only ?


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    Taurusplopp posted on Jul 12, 2017 3:23:46 AM - Report post
    You can let us know if you can play this game completely offline single player and when this game gets a Steam page.

    But when I read Neocore games and think their reputation (Van Helsing) let us know when the game gets released.

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    Send a message to Poupette
    Poupette posted on Jul 12, 2017 10:12:54 AM - Report post
    I buy the game early so i get access to the alpha.
    As far as I go, I canon only give more money to buy stuff. But stuff disapear after run mission or disconnect.
    But if I destroy to get crafting material, it stay in inventory.

    I try others things like more HP or mana but cant make it.

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    Baltim posted on Sep 01, 2017 5:11:09 AM - Report post
    Game is now in Steam early access and has a single player mode though to be honest we are probably better off playing around with CoSMOS ourselves. I expect there will be a ton of patch's and updates as they release new content..

    If you want the hassle of doing trainer after trainer until it goes live then sweet.. I'll download it but realistically, don't bother until it is later in development

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    XDAvenger93 posted on Sep 04, 2017 9:54:19 PM - Report post
    Well, the game will be always online. Which means any of the resources like money, fate, glory, crafting time, skill points, character points and very likely the contents of the inventory itself will all be handled server-side which means any edits that do not match what they have on the server will get reverted or deleted.

    That said, you are essentially playing solo unless you specifically go for pvp or coop. So it's still essentially a single player game they just slapped the always online on top because with their previous game (Van Helsing) they had problems trying to provide support for both online and offline characters and a lot of people made stupid edits that broke their character and then sent it to support to get it fixed. So they just went "ok, we're making it always online from the start even though it's a single player affair. If Diablo 3 can do it so can we".

    At this point though, I've noticed you CAN edit in mission parameters quite easily though. All the resources like HP, Suppression, the class resource (Focus for crusader and something else for Assassin), the cool-down timers (I haven't found them to be as reliable as everything else, then again I am new at this) and weapon ammo/overheat are all editable with no issues. The reason is that when you play alone, you host your own game server locally on your machine, and then just send the results to the server at the end of the mission so the server gives you the mission reward. Next up I want to see if I can get the "credits earned" variable down during a mission and see if I can edit that to get more money at the end, but the abysmally small text size makes it hard to pull off.

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