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CoSMOS v3.2.0.0 Released
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    PWizard posted on Apr 28, 2017 6:45:27 PM - Report post

    CoSMOS Changelog

    This update is highly recommended as it improves the speed of adding scan & pointer results to list by more than 50% as well as fixing some major issues.

    [+] Added Italian language (Thanks to Sheelin)
    [*] Right click triggers selection in tables now (can be disabled in options)

    Main Form:
    [*] Scanner is now opened by default on start (can be disabled in options)
    [*] Some minor overall performance improvements
    [!] Fixed exception when opening a memory viewer and the target process has exited

    [+] New design
    [+] Added an option to exclude system processes which is enabled by default
    [+] Added an option to exclude specific processes by name
    [+] Added an option to use process list instead of window list by default
    [+] Added an option to change the default font used in CoSMOS
    [+] Added options for changing default settings on show module and symbol names in memory viewer

    [+] Added an option to hide windows debugger which is active by default

    [*] Updated various topics

    [+] Added support for 'fcompi' operator
    [*] Added support for 'int3' operator notation (missing space)

    [+] Added scan result counter shows the currently found results while scanning
    [+] Added support for changing type for multi selection (Hotkey ALT+Return)
    [*] Improved speed of adding scan results by more than 50%
    [*] Reset scan now also resets the search values, value type and the advanced options
    [*] Moved maximum results to show to settings so you can permanently set the value
    [*] Made the state of adding scan results more obvious
    [!] Fixed changing address in stored items
    [!] Fixed address in property window
    [!] Fixed changing description for multi selection does not work if CoSMOS is not attached
    [!] Fixed error message when searching for changed/unchanged and the scan value is invalid
    [!] Fixed reported increased by enumeration exception on invalid value
    [!] Fixed reported NullReferenceException when editing a pointer address in some circumstances

    Script Editor:
    [+] Added syntax highlight for selected word similar to Notepad++ (can be disabled in options)
    [+] Added support for CE command 'usemono' and 'LaunchMonoDataCollector'
    [+] Added support for mono symbols in 'alloc' and 'define' command
    [+] Added support for CE command 'getmonostruct()' -> Please read documentation about differences!
    [+] Added more templates
    [+] Added more snippets
    [*] Added more information in which line a script error has occurred
    [*] Paste text as plain text per default instead of keeping the format
    [*] Creating a script on 64bit unity target will now use mono symbol in 'alloc' command instead of address if available
    [*] Improved selection algorithm on double click
    [*] Improved regex detection of commands
    [!] When saving an existing script the modified attribute was not reset
    [!] When inserting a snippet the current view is properly restored now instead of jumping around in large injection scripts
    [!] Fixed a possible issue where the default font size is incredible large

    Pointer Scanner:
    [*] Improved speed of adding pointer results by more than 50%

    Memory Viewer:
    [+] Added byte pointers detection to auto generated comments
    [+] Added read-only text view to dump view
    [+] Added column width automatically based on content so you do not need to resize columns yourself
    [*] Added indicator when the auto generated comment is a float value
    [*] If you hold down shift key while clicking on 'Go To Address' it shows the non-module/symbol address in dialog instead
    [*] Using normal aob injection if target location is not inside a module on aob module injection
    [!] Made list of nop'd opcodes accessible by all instances of memory viewer
    [!] Fixed addresses are shown instead of their symbol names in some circumstances
    [!] Fixed list of nop'd opcodes is not cleared after attaching to another process
    [!] Fixed a possible issue where the default font size is incredible large
    [!] Fixed huge memory leak in dump view
    [!] Fixed not respecting the line view settings
    [!] Fixed searching for assembler code may fail in some cases

    Structure Dissect:
    [+] Added support for module names as addresses
    [+] Added context menu item to add selected items to address list
    [+] Added context menu item to column to change the base address
    [+] Added context menu item to column to rename the caption
    [+] Added a structure name to caption based on the first address or if it's a mono class the mono class name
    [+] Added context menu item to copy selected address to clipboard
    [*] To open an inline editor you need to perform a delayed double click (or select and press RETURN) instead of single click now
    [!] Fixed editing values had no effect

    Module Viewer:
    [+] Added more filters to the filter editor in Symbols list like contains etc
    [+] Added support to open a new memory viewer instance by holding shift when double clicking on a symbol item
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat

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