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Griffonclaw39  posted on Apr 06, 2017 7:09:32 AM - Report post

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Big fan here. Please be careful. I'm sure you're already up to speed, but here it is just in case.


PWizard  posted on Apr 06, 2017 8:11:21 AM - Report post

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In its 17 year history, Cheat Happens has never intentionally released any cheats or trainers designed for online or multiplayer use. We never even go into any game's multiplayer mode when making our trainers. If we find out that our trainers are being used online due to their being no client side protection, or that our single player cheats are causing issues with the online/multiplayer aspect of the game, we retire the title and stop making them. This was the case with the last Blizzard game, StarCraft 2. We became aware that Blizzard was banning users for cheating in the offline single player game. While they never asked us to stop making the trainer, we did so anyway. Same thing for Rainbow Six Siege and a few other titles. There have been a few exceptions where we make very clear that the offline single player use of our trainer could and would lead to being banned from using the game's online or multiplayer content. We made no effort to "crack" any type of online multiplayer anti-cheats or create modified versions of the game's files which would allow players to thwart the game's cheat detection. We strongly believe that players *SHOULD* be banned from any game in which they use any type of cheat in a multiplayer environment. We make trainers to enhance our users' game experience in offline and single player modes. Some games are just too difficult for people to complete for various reasons and so they never get to experience the full game that they purchased. Imagine buying a Blu-Ray movie and 3/4 of the way into the movie, you had to stop and complete an extremely difficult timed challenge before you were allowed to watch the final part of the movie. By allowing players a chance to experience the entire single player story, gamers are much more likely to purchase additional DLC and games from those publishers in the future. We've been told over and over by MANY users that they won't even purchase a game unless they know a trainer exists for the single player portion. We just want players to be able to enjoy the games they rightfully purchased as long as it doesn't unfairly affect other players.

All of our trainers are also memory based only, making no modification to the game's files and we do not provide or distribute any modified game files. Every cheat that we make could be done by anyone with a simple memory editor.

Lastly, we completely respect all game publishers and if any were to contact us to have a trainer removed, we would do so immediately. This has only been the case once or twice in our 17 year history. I believe game publishers know that we are on their side, not fighting against them in any way or trying to bring harm or give players an unfair advantage against other human players. That's just not who we are and we make that very clear to everyone that visits our site. We want gamers to get the most out of the games they purchase so that they continue to purchase more games and support the gaming community.

B4Marc  posted on Apr 07, 2017 5:08:57 AM - Report post

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I will like the day when you would say: "if any were to contact us to have a trainer 'made for them'" instead of "removed"!

In fact cheating is mentioned only when someone else is concerned in the matter at hand, the changing of programmed lines or memory codes can be compared with buying a vehicle and adding or transforming anything in or on it...then the maker of this vehicle would send you to court because he didn't build it to look or act as you want?

In the past, developers and publishers of PC games where putting their own "cheats" in, to make it easier for people to win, feel satisfied, tell their friends and boost the sales!

Laws change with time, honest intentions, never.

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