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[MAJOR UPDATE] CoSMOS v3.0 Released
PWizard  posted on Mar 29, 2017 7:49:19 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Changelog

Focusing on multi threading and performance many GUI and core elements of CoSMOS have been rebuilt from scratch. There are way more improvements this changelog covers and many requests have been added that were not possible before.

[*] Massive performance improvements. For example the starting time has been drastically reduced
[+] 32-Bit and 64-Bit debugger
[+] Localization, CoSMOS can be translated into any language. See
[+] CoSMOS is now modular. It uses memory and CPU only for the modules you are using.
[+] Unlimited tabbed/floating windows. Example: You can launch up to unlimited script editors, move them around the screen. Undock from CoSMOS, dock it to the left of a memory viewer so you have a split screen style and so on.
[+] Added possibility to save and restore workspaces
[+] Added an overlay icon to the taskbar when a new version is available
[+] Mono jitter supports nested classes now for example: 'Mainclass+Subclass:Method+0'
[*] Settings are now stored differently. As a result previous settings are invalid
[*] Removed Fasm.NET reference as no longer used
[!] Fixed crash when importing an invalid or corrupt CheatEngine or CoSMOS table

[+] Installer will generate a native image of CoSMOS on first time installation, which will permanently boost the performance (especially
the 'First time' performance where .NET controls takes a bit to load on first launch). As a side effect this will also permanently boost the performance of some trainers on the same machine where CoSMOS is installed
[*] Changed to InnoSetup due to some strange behaviors in previous software

[+] Rewritten from scratch. The documentation/help is now focused to explain the most important GUI parts but also give some background information for real beginners. Also you can properly search for keywords.

Main Form:
[+] Added button which opens the target process directory in windows explorer
[+] Added very basic 'stealth' mode which hides CoSMOS caption as some games scanned for similar tools in the past
[+] Added toggle button to stay on top
[+] New notification when a new version is available
[!] Fixed an exception when no default browser is set in windows and several buttons where clicked

Memory Scanner:
[+] Scanning progress is now visible on the taskbar icon
[+] Completely rewritten Add Address dialog so people coming from CE have it easier, focused on tabbing/keyboard management
[+] Added 'Reset To Previous Value' context menu item to scan results which sets the selected items back to the previous value
[+] You can copy scan results to clipboard now
[+] The address range now supports module and symbol names so you can search from "module.exe" to "module.exe"+500
[+] Added a toggle for 32-bit aligned scan
[*] Scan options are properly placed on resizing the form
[*] Default amount of results to show has been increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000
[*] Changing a cell requires a double click now makes it easier to select entries and not accidentally triggering to edit the cell
[*] To edit an item's properties either hold down shift while double clicking on it or use the new context menu item
[*] When choosing 'Browse In Dump' the dump viewer now automatically switches to the value type of the item
[*] The sound feedback if a hotkey is pressed now plays after the depending action is finished
[!] Fixed when deactivating a script and process is not running a messagebox occurs
[!] Fixed a bug where some floating values don't appear
[!] Fixed selected theme does not apply to history window
[!] Fixed scan is not reset when attaching to another process
[!] Fixed pointerscan was possible for script or description item
[!] Fixed exception when try to paste an empty clipboard to stored items

Pointer Scanner:
[+] Pointer scan is now multi threaded and asynchronous
[+] Added Rescan for Address and Rescan For Value
[+] Pointer scan status is now visible on the taskbar icon
[!] Fixed exorbitant memory usage on pointer scan
[!] Fixed exception on pointer scanning 64bit targets

Script Editor:
[+] When inserting a snippet, the current caret position will not change.
[+] On changing template the caret position is set right to the start of the code injection so you can type right away.
[+] Auto correction for label and registersymbol syntax
[+] Added insert label snippets
[+] Added syntax highlighting for multiline comments in script editor
[+] Added create thread script template
[+] Added a custom header to all scripts which can be defined in the settings
[+] You can set the default font size in settings now. Useful on 4k resolutions with standard DPI
[+] Added hotkeys for inserting snippets
[+] When a word is selected you can create a label for it via context menu
[+] Added syntax highlighting for floating registers
[*] Bytes in unique aob string are now correctly formatted so each byte is shown by a length of 2
[*] Made random aob identifiers in script editor templates less emphasized
[*] Uses a Devexpress control now. So if you change the theme the script editor gets changed as well
[!] Fixed aob scripts haven't unregistered the aob symbol
[!] [REPORTED] Fixed finding unique aob non-module fails
[!] Fixed a template
[!] Fixed an assembler issue on CE scripts

[+] Symbol list has a simplified search field now
[*] Searching for a modules now filters out unwanted results

String References:
[*] Improved scan speed by up to 80%
[*] Search is now multi threaded and asynchronous

Memory Viewer:
[+] Added asynchronous and multi threaded find assembly code search, wildcard is supported
[+] Added a range filter on Find AOB dialog
[+] You can now copy the selected item in Find AOB dialog via CTRL+C to clipboard
[+] Dump viewer now shows module name, size and base
[+] Nop'd opcodes can now be restored via context menu
[+] When you replace an opcode which takes less bytes you will get asked if you want to nop the rest
[+] You can set the font size in settings now. This is useful for 4k resolutions with standard DPI and long sessions
[+] Added allocate memory menu option
[+] Added syntax highlighting for floating registers
[*] Find aob dialog clears the results before searching to make it easier to see if it has found something
[*] Automatically paste clipboard context in find AOB dialog search for if clipboard could be a hex string
[*] Lines copied to clipboard are now properly tab formatted
[*] Changing opcodes in memory viewer works more reliable now and support for script functions like (float) etc. has been added
[*] Leading zeros in Find AOB dialog are now automatically removed
[!] Syntax highlight has been set for each theme to a readable default value
[!] Fixed shortcuts (for example Go To Address) were global
[!] Fixed not switching to memory viewer when double clicking an item in find aob dialog
[!] Fixed blank addresses in memory viewer on Unity games
[!] Fixed symbol/module name is not resolved on some opcodes (calls/jumps)
[!] Fixed background color of comments in memory viewer on dark themes
(it uses the theme default background now)
[!] Fixed hotkey for find aob dialog works everywhere in CoSMOS
[!] Fixed hotkey for go to address dialog works everywhere in CoSMOS
[!] Fixed searching aob fails in some circumstances
[!] Removed message when opening the Go To Address window while target process has exited as sometimes it makes sense to open the dialog nevertheless

Structure Dissect:
[+] Added possibility to change value type
[+] Added support for mono class dissect
[*] Improved address parsing
[!] Fixed a couple of parsing issues

Value Converter:
[+] Added hex and decimal XOR
[*] Removed some conversions as the results were very unreliable and most conversions are covered by other options

[+] Settings are now stored in an INI file in CoSMOS directory
[+] Added font size for script editor and memory viewer

Criel  posted on Mar 29, 2017 10:17:45 AM - Report post

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Thank you

That is an impressive update and love the addition of the built in debugger.

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