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I don't like this game..
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    Aeterna85 posted on Mar 18, 2017 11:21:21 PM - Report post
    So far, I actually really love the store. I can see this game has a LOT of hope, and I really hope that someday, they build something as grand as the Citadel, y'know, where they have a huge outpost that acts as a large embassy for the galaxy. That would be NEAT.

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    Nothv13 posted on Mar 19, 2017 10:18:50 AM - Report post

    Witcher 3 had over double the budget of ME:A despite being a smaller less funded studio. ME:A only had about a 40 million dollar budget (smaller than most AAA titles this day and age). While money itself does not make a game good, lack of money can lead to cutting corners, using lower quality artists, coders, and sometimes almost completely cutting out things like QA. Does this excuse poor animations? No it does not, but it sheds some light onto why.

    So many games have horrid animations and stories yet are praised as good games. Yet for this game I see people writing off this game for horrid animations.

    I'd say this game does get going fairly quickly. You have the intro, talk with the doc, checking on sister (optional), fix something with a scanner, talk with dad, gather gear, talk with dad, and then you are thrust into the trouble. It doesn't take long to get into the more dramatic hooks.
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    Loki posted on Mar 19, 2017 11:12:04 AM - Report post
    Now that I have finished my ten hour trial, and have looked at some of the negative reviews, I'm really not understanding the problems others are seeing.

    Compared to any of the previous games this is a huge step up, the leveling and skills system is a combo of all three previous games, the fact that its a fusion of 1 and 3 is honestly what I wish had been in three. The exploration in the new MACO is also a strange fusion of ME 1 and 3 which I loved. Combat is fluid and hectic at times getting your heart going, the new mining and gathering is 1000 times improved over previous ME titles and DA:I.

    The complaints I have heard about the story don't match up, I read from multiple sites how nothing of the pathfinder is explained, seems to me the first talk you have with Sam in person easily explains what a pathfinder is and how it effects Scott and Sarah.

    What I will say is certain games with this new engine look better, notably Star Wars Battlefront, but when the two games are compared this is by far the superior game over SWBF.

    My conclusion on this is that I think people today just have to complain for complaining sake, this so far has been a great treat to play, and I am looking forward to Monday when it unlocks and we get to really get into the game.
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