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Official Trainer Thread  Mass Effect Andromeda Trainer
Zibber1005  posted on Mar 24, 2017 9:00:50 AM - Report post

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As always guys You've well and truly outdone yourselves with this one super fast and works absolutely perfect

Also I'd like to say what you guys do is some quality hard work and I for one don't take that for granted keep up the great work and know I thank the creators of this site and trainers for all the hard work and time you guys put into your work.

jacksonguy  posted on Mar 24, 2017 9:12:26 AM - Report post

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also please include heavy bullet damage. like an option that makes pistol rounds do the same amount of damage that the widow maker sniper rifle max out does
otherwise awesome trainer
Draesk  posted on Mar 24, 2017 9:25:08 AM - Report post

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Re: the infinite consumables option (num 5) and power cells

It seems that a not-insignificant number of skills (flak cannon, mines, grenades, etc) use "power cells" as a form of ammo. You can refill power cells in the field from a single resupply point (boxes with a yellow lightning icon over them), which would suggest that they are a unified source for all the relevant skills that use them.

In any case, attached is my save-game. I have unlocked the Omni Grenade skill that you can test this with. When it loads, there should be one of these resupply points positioned prominently a few feet to your left.

File Attached
Huniken  posted on Mar 24, 2017 9:44:21 AM - Report post

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originally posted by kkddff

originally posted by Huniken

originally posted by DjDruLotus

originally posted by Huniken

Hello Folks. I'm wondering if I'm facing a bug here because of the trainer. Basically as I land on Eos and load my character and the squad, I can initially move just fine and interact with the stuff, but as soon as I pull out a weapon, Ryder just holds "Air" with his hands and I can't seem to shoot or even do anything else besides jumping and moving, can't even run!! I used different saves and without a trainer activated but nothing works, any Idea?

That Happen to me also but when i look at the character skill page all the skill reset so i had the extra hostler and cause the skill reset i lost that slot so my character didnt have a gun cause the slot got re-lock just change to your main weapon and reset your skills thats what i did and it fix the problem.

Well I'm back =D

I did repair game before my post so I know it didn't work even with a game restart, but you are right the points reset was also a problem but the solution is already posted, however in my case changing the weapons I did from the pre-deployment screen but no use, same issue across all saves.

My solution was: Get out of the Base in Eos and get in the Nomad without ever using right click to draw my weapon or I will be stuck can't do anything, instead got inside the nomad, went to the location where the first puzzle is and after solving it and the cut scene, I still in the fight couldn't use my mouse and keyboard to do anything, but I remembered I had also an Xbox one controller connected, I used it and it worked, I changed to my main weapon by pressing X, used the game pad a little to finish the fight then carried on using the keyboard and mouse for the rest of the game.

Strange bug, but hey it worked!


Check your skill points. If you got the skill for the extra weapon load out, and then your skill points reset, this will happen.

This happened to me early on while I was playing around with all the trainer options.

As I said, it already happened but I don't care anymore I just continue playing with the quick level up option in the trainer, I'm now level 8x something...

Taurusplopp  posted on Mar 24, 2017 9:54:52 AM - Report post

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Please stop including quotes in your reply that increase the amount of text unneccessarily. If you just want to answer someone please write a PM and keep it off the trainer thread.
Dalethfc  posted on Mar 24, 2017 10:12:26 AM - Report post

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I was wondering if it's possible to Keep "Out Of Nomad" Life support at full. I am running around Yoeld bleeping like a nut job not being able to scan. I have not found anything that restores it. It's so frustrating and annoying.
AnathemA  posted on Mar 24, 2017 10:22:14 AM - Report post

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You're not using the life support cheat right. Disable it, let your life support refill somewhere safe, re-enable it.
Dalethfc  posted on Mar 24, 2017 11:38:30 AM - Report post

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K,, I'll try that. I just use the cheat, had no idea that it related to health
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