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Password Lenght Limit
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    Linius posted on Feb 26, 2017 2:52:02 PM - Report post
    Would it be possible to raise the current password limit of 15 characters to something more standard like 50 characters? I'm registered on 200+ sites and aside from Blizzard's website, this is the only site I've encountered that has a sub-20 character length limit. Blizzard offers you 2FA to make up for it, but CheatHappens sadly doesn't seem to have 2FA implemented. 🙁
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    Skaldond posted on Feb 26, 2017 4:50:55 PM - Report post
    wait, what? there's a 15 character limit?
    Since there are people who give me crap for my grammar and is to lazy to check my profile I will say it here as well. I am dyslexic so give me a break as I *TRY* to spell correctly.
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    agentx250 posted on Feb 26, 2017 8:09:02 PM - Report post
    Given that most security violations come from having access to account details and not an actual brute force crack of passwords themselves, I'm not sure that's really an issue.

    After all, if someone really wants to get into one of your accounts it wouldn't matter if your password was 2,000 characters long, with Cyrillic, Japanese,and English alpha-numeric symbols.

    Attacking the site side isn't even the best route considering how lax most client side security is. On top of that, if you're using substitution based pass phrases you're already at risk.
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