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Official Trainer Thread  Conan Exiles Trainer
Nasedo  posted on Feb 08, 2017 5:00:06 PM - Report post

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I will try not to quote your entire message, but would like to offer my thoughts on this if it helps.

Why a trainer
Yes the game is alpha and it is a strain on CH, but can they really ignore a game that is currently (no guarantee it lasts mind) doing quite well in the charts from a business perspective? True a lot can be done in single player mode through the admin menu, and possibly the load could be lightened here and there by removing overlap but I have yet to find any console commands or admin commands to do some of the things the trainer can.

Again the game is alpha but there is a story in the game. I will explain how I know this now (so spoiler alert here):

If you go to the NPC spawn menu you might notice that there are already a few npc's in the list that start with the title dialogue (spelling?). I spawned some of them in and from them you already can see that there is more going on than what we see now. The devs have already hinted that this is just the first part of the map. One of the dialogues speaks of people that can travel freely beyond the green barrier (currently the end of the map) and another dialogue speaks of people on the other side of said barrier who wear bracelets with amber gems instead of green gems.

Also there will be more content to the current map then is there now, for instance if you follow the first river you run into after spawning to the left you will get to a building that has two walls you can interact with (just like the wall you see right after spawning). The voice tells you to go into the sewers and clean out the creatures there. The actual sewers it seems are not yet opened up though.

These voices also get referenced in some of the dialogues with the NPC's I mentioned so I assume there will be more instances where you get tasked with, well I gues the term is, a quest.

Hope that satisfies your inquiring mind.

krajewa69  posted on Feb 10, 2017 6:49:37 AM - Report post

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I greet all the time jumps mistake treiner can not find game if I can count on
krajewa69  posted on Feb 10, 2017 7:15:26 AM - Report post

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i thing if only lose money but maybe you help me
PWizard  posted on Feb 10, 2017 7:25:41 AM - Report post

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Trainer is for non-battleye, single player, OFFLINE, local host mode.
axxessdenyed  posted on Feb 10, 2017 7:56:45 AM - Report post

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Everything you see in the game trailer is available to experience in the game right now. Those are avatars you are talking about primarily and those can only be accessed by people who are very high level and have all of the required prayer and **** to summon it. This is a survival game.. much like Rust, ARK,etc. These games aren't meant to have huge story lines. The goal of this is to survive, build awesome bases with your friends, level up to acquire the higher level stuff like Avatars, better armor, weapons, etc. The current combat system right now is temporary. The combat system will be much more tactical and brutal once they start working on it. Combat is not a priority right now. Their goal is to get as much of the content as they can released, tested and optimized. Then the combat will start getting much better. I hate the combat right now, it is just clicking. Other than that if you are expecting a huge story line then this isn't for you. This is simply a MP survival game based on Conan The Barbarian lore. The purpose is to make your own story, with your friends....or alone if you so choose. Plus the game is in early access so the fact that you refunded it so quick means you didn't even give it the slightest chance. Me personally when I spend money on a game that is in early access I don't go into it expecting a lot of gameplay or even much of anything to play at all. The purpose is to support the developers so they can make a great game over time. Early access allows them to do this. Anyways, I am hopeful that this will turn out to be probably the best and highest populated MP survival game out there eventually. With time anyways. I thought ARK was going to be that game but they actually had the balls to release a PAID DLC while the game is still in Early access and still runs like garbage. They are still to this day release more and more content and you can't even play it without dumbing the graphics down so much that the game looks like total ****! Oh well, I am ranting at this point, lol. It sucks you didn't like Conan though. Hopefully you will give it another shot in a few months or something after they have had time to iron things out, etc
PWizard  posted on Feb 10, 2017 9:17:04 AM - Report post

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originally posted by krajewa69

it's only visual efect on multiplayer hehehehehe thx for you i lose me money

We don't make multiplayer cheats and never have in our 17 year history. It was also clearly stated in the readme and this thread that it was for single player localhost mode only.

bboy2412  posted on Feb 11, 2017 10:57:18 AM - Report post

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The Game look like it updates 'Hourly'
Can you please Update the Trainer!?
Thanks for your Hard Work
PWizard  posted on Feb 11, 2017 11:18:35 AM - Report post

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No, we will not be updating the trainer hourly. Contact the game devs and tell them to stop updating the game hourly.
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