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Best gaming investment EVER!
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    Loki posted on Nov 21, 2016 10:55:55 AM - Report post
    So I've been here for a while, 5 or 6 years I think. Not as long as some, but longer than others. I bought my life time membership for my birthday, as it was on sale at the time, think I paid $30 dollars or something I can't remember exactly how much. But, here's the thing, I still pay my monthly membership in the form of Life time Plus. I recently told a fellow PC gamer about cheat happens, and that even after I paid for my life time, I still pay because of the work that OX, Pwiz, Cal, and the wonderful Moderators here do. He said Loki that's crazy man, your just wasting money, if you pay for a life time in anything you don't KEEP paying.

    Well needless to say he bought a life time here about half a year ago, and I got this from him the other day, "Ok I understand now, I just signed up for my life time plus, this has turned out to be the best gaming investment I've ever made, thanks for suggesting it Loki."

    If you love this site, if you feel the same way as I do, post it in here, let others read it and feel at ease that if they do spend the money Pwiz, OX, and Cal WILL keep making trainers as long as games can be hacked and trained, let others see that spending the money on a life time is money well spent because these guys are the VERY BEST at what they do!

    Cheers mates,

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    PWizard posted on Nov 21, 2016 11:39:53 AM - Report post
    That's a great story and we really appreciate it. We started offering Lifetime memberships over 10 years ago for around $19. We have never asked for another dime from those members and never will. We created Lifetime Plus because so many people wanted to continue contributing to the site after having their membership for years and years. It's still not required to download any additional content, but it does earn you extra reward credits and a sincere thank you from our team. When we started offering lifetime we only had to make about 10 trainers a month. Now it's 300. I certainly believe that we have more than delivered on our promise that a lifetime membership is a lifetime membership even if it does cost us about 500X more to run the site today than it did when we first offered it.
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    dodge444 posted on Nov 21, 2016 8:15:31 PM - Report post
    It's refreshing in this day and age to see a company sticking to its word. Thanks, guys.

    Here's another little spin-off: I no longer have the patience (or time) to slog away at a game that is difficult for me to finish. If it weren't for this site and my membership, I would not have bought any of the games I have from Steam, or the odd retail store, for the past several years. Steam, Staples and Best Buy owe you a thank you too!
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    Rickmon posted on Nov 21, 2016 8:28:16 PM - Report post
    I really appreciate Loki1147's comments here, and I agree with them 100%! My purchased membership here on Cheat Happens, has truly been one the best gaming investments I have ever made. Thank you Loki1147 for starting this thread.

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    We are being consumed by statism (state-ism). It is very unfortunate that our normalcy bias prevents us from being aware of this. Also, regardless of our level of awareness, the end of this process will be our enslavement to the state.
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    Loki posted on Nov 21, 2016 8:39:53 PM - Report post
    @ Dodge444, I feel the same way, as someone close to 40, who has spent almost their whole life gaming, I too want to enjoy a game without feeling ground down, I get enough of that in MMO's I don't need it in my SP Steam library lol.

    @ Rickman, Thank you sir for responding, and I apperciate you helping to keep this thread alive, these guys and gals at CH deserve a pat on the back not only for what they do, but for all the times they have gone the extra mile to put that little something extra in their trainers and in the service they provide!

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    Dave3d posted on Nov 24, 2016 9:16:38 PM - Report post
    Great stories.
    I agree on the point that some games I only get through by a trainer.
    Games nowadays put so much trash in them (stuff from other genres), it really feels like a chore a lot of the time to get through a game, and if I didnt have a trainer I never would have finished a few games at all.
    Bummer that it is like this in the first place though, but we are lucky we have this to fall back on.
    I wish I could do the monthly thing, but got laid off last year, and cant work anymore, and havent gotten social security yet, so...
    But I appreciate these guys and what they do, and love my lifetime sub.
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