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Planet Explorers Missing redistributable
PWizard  posted on Nov 12, 2016 9:51:23 AM - Report post

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originally posted by knight94

As I stated before on the Games trainers board, this doesn't help. Having someone else showing success doesn't help someone else having issues.

Neither does the attitude or superiority complexes that are shown by others.

I am having a genuine issue and asked for help.

If the answer is, no one is smart enough to figure out the problem, then say it.

If the answer is, no one cares about your problems, then say that.

If the answer is, go pound sand, then there it is as well.

Either way, the rudeness between this board and the one for the game itself speaks volumes of the people who runs this site. This site offers a fun service, and I like using it. But the personal interaction is almost like dealing with trolls on some low brow board.

All I asked for was help and advise and I was given an answer and a kick in the ass. Instead of just an answer.

You were given an answer. We don't know why it works for everyone else but you. If you would like to ship your PC to us then we will try to figure out the issue and ship it back, that is certainly an option. Is that the kind of answer you are looking for? How exactly do you expect us to fix something that only happens to you and that we cannot reproduce here?

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the level of support provided, I will be happy to refund your membership and close your account. We respond in the same way that we are spoken to. Your post on the PE board was extremely rude and uncalled for. That's why you received an equal response. We provide support the best way we can but we are not magicians or seers with the ability to know why you, of the other 160 members that downloaded the same trainer, are having issues. We can only speculate and offer the best possible answer without having hands on interaction with your PC.

Now, had you actually been cordial with your responses then we could have offered to do a TeamViewer session to try and take a closer look at the issue. But you chose a different route and attitude suggesting that our customer support is "non-existent" and that's why our site is not "more popular". We are one of the top 3 cheat websites on the internet, been in business for 17 years and have almost 3 MILLION members. We didn't get to that point by chance. We often go above and beyond, adding more and more options that people request to an already +200 option trainer, staying up for over 24 hours straight to get a trainer out on the same day as a midnight game release, working every single day of the year including holidays, giving up time with our families and friends all so that we can provide content for our subscribers and keeping that content up to date.

[Edited by moderator PWizard, 11/12/2016 10:06:02 AM]

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