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  Forza Horizon 3 and Banned Accounts
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    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Oct 04, 2016 7:11:45 PM - Report post
    NOTICE! We have received reports of a small number of users being banned by supposedly using the trainer. The trainer has been downloaded thousands of times and the number of ban reports have been less than 5 as of this posting. Our own MS account has not been banned and we have used the cheats repeatedly while working on the trainer. It is our belief that those who were banned either used it online, overused or misused the cheats to go from zero to max everything in a single day and then logged on to play online or cheated in a way that gave them an unfair advantage over other users in online play. THIS TRAINER WAS CREATED FOR OFFLINE PLAY ONLY. We never attempted to use it in online play as we don't make online trainers. The game has patched on Oct 4, and some of the options have stopped working. We have an updated trainer but will wait to post it until we get more reports of users either being banned or not being banned. We have also read on other Forza forums of users being banned for violations that had nothing to do with our trainer. Right now all we can say is USE THIS TRAINER AT YOUR OWN RISK AND USE IT RESPONSIBLY IN OFFLINE MODE ONLY. Do not use the trainer in excess which could cause red flags with Microsoft if you do decide to go online and play. We value each and every member's accounts and of course it's never our intention to cause an account to be banned. We take every precaution to prevent it, but ultimately if you choose to cheat sometimes you get caught and it's up to the game developers on how they want to respond to it. If we determine that our trainer, when used in offline mode, is directly contributing to the banning of our member's accounts, it will be discontinued. If we determine that the bans were caused by the misuse of the trainer or other violations then we are happy to continue updating and supporting the trainer.

    You may leave feedback here or in the official trainer thread as to if your account was banned or not banned (both reports are equally as important) and the possible reason as to why. You may contact Microsoft and they may tell you exactly why you were banned. All we know is that there is no anti-cheat measures or code in the game to prevent cheating in the OFFLINE mode of the game which our trainer is designed for so we did nothing to circumvent any measures of this type and treated it like any other single player offline game.

    UPDATE 10/04/2016: After receiving less than 5 reports of users being banned out of thousands using the trainer, we have determined that the bans were most likely caused by using the trainer and then using the benefits in online mode with unrealistic money/XP/cars/etc. The new trainer has been posted but continues to be USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and do what it right for our member base. We absolutely do not want to contribute to our members getting banned, but we also do not want to discontinue the support of a trainer that many members subscribed for if the bans were caused by a handful of users that misused the product.

    UPDATE 10/5/2016: We have received complaints of more users being banned from online play by supposedly using the trainer only in offline mode. We have removed some of the options which may be causing this issue to see if it helps. If we continue to receive more reports, this trainer will be discontinued. We have had reports that the creation of a new gamertag will reset the game and remove the ban but cannot confirm at this time. As of this writing our own account has not been banned after using the trainer hundreds of times during daily testing.

    [Edited by PWizard, 10/5/2016 11:18:51 PM]
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    Send a message to serun15
    serun15 posted on Oct 04, 2016 7:22:53 PM - Report post
    I actually don't go offline *I don't know how to go offline though * or anything I just open the game go outside click esc to get into the menu then click f1 then I go out of the menu click NUM 3 then give myself 100M credits I did this yesterday but reset my account because I also changed my level but I actually wanted to level up normally but just wanted the money so I didn't have to grind, so far they didn't send me a message or ban me but I did reset my account save but I did the same thing today just gave myself 100million again but nothing else, in all honesty if I get banned I won't care too much I am using this cheat to give myself a way to stop farming I heard it only bans you from the storefront if thats true that is great I would love to still be able to play online however I don't plan on buying anything from the online store or anything with the 100M just want to give it to myself before they patch it, if I get banned I'll edit this post but I still thank you guys for the work you are doing

    [Edited by serun15, 10/4/2016 7:25:57 PM]
    I don't cheat,
    I'm only here for...research, yeah research.
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    Send a message to CasualCheater
    CasualCheater posted on Oct 04, 2016 7:26:20 PM - Report post
    I do not play online in the sense of actively seeking out racing with other players, but I don't actively shut off my connection to the internet either.

    I have used the credits cheat once set to get 999,999,999 (after starting a new save because reasons not related to the trainer), I use the spin out AI all the time, and I uses the skill points cheat to get all the unlocks, but other than the spin out I use almost nothing else. That being said, I usually end up turning the trainer on and leaving it running in the background as I play and again, I don't close off my connection to the internet (I still have access to things like the auction house etc).

    I have also bought things off the auction house after having used the credits cheat.

    I have NOT been banned (so far as I know) and am still enjoying the game and the spinning out of AI drivers.

    [Edited by CasualCheater, 10/4/2016 7:28:01 PM]
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    Send a message to Ferdilanz
    Ferdilanz posted on Oct 04, 2016 7:31:39 PM - Report post
    I use the Super speed, freeze opponents, and rarely the money and xp options. I reset my save so I didn't start off with 999mil credits but I used the XP option to get back to my previous level. My account is fine, for the time being.
    My advice to fellow users is not to buy out expensive auctions because that's enough to make anyone suspicious. Someone even messaged me asking why I bought out a Horizon edition Subaru BRZ. I told him some existential faff about not being wealthy if you don't help the poor. People do take notice and will often catch you out on it.

    got banned.
    "This feature" probably means participating in online play. All I did was share screenshots and get on leaderboards legitimately, without the trainer. They must have thought my gear ratios were impossible to achieve 296 mph.

    [Edited by Adrien, 10/5/2016 5:09:27 PM]
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    Send a message to Loki
    Loki posted on Oct 05, 2016 1:36:34 AM - Report post
    its very easy to go offline and use the trainer, for anyone who doesn't use a cable, load the game, then load the trainer but do not activate it, load your save and once its loaded alt tab out, open your network and sharing panel and click on your connections, disable your wifi, or unlpug your cable, or both. Once you are completely disconnected f1 the trainer and your good to go. To re enable your wifi once your done playing right click your wifi tab on your task bar, click trouble shoot, and it will undisable it.

    I myself use the free spins cheat, like a lot, I don't use any other options at all, just the free spins.
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    Send a message to diesel0083
    diesel0083 posted on Oct 05, 2016 3:35:55 AM - Report post

    I propose to limit the Super Acceleration max 350 km / h because it is easy on the radar 5xx and 6xx km / h and have targeted
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    Send a message to Waffen84
    Waffen84 posted on Oct 05, 2016 4:05:43 AM - Report post
    I got banned but I think it was the buying out cars at 5mill and yeah just cheating the whole time.

    Bought a 2nd account and will play again but maybe with less major cheating.
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    Send a message to psjarkvst
    psjarkvst posted on Oct 05, 2016 5:06:24 AM - Report post
    How can I know if I got banned or not?
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