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Article: No Mans Sky's Disastrous Launch
Loki  posted on Oct 02, 2016 6:55:20 PM - Report post

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While I agree Sean shot his mouth off and promised the world, and that in a lot of the preview footage we got it was all scripted, this isn't anything game devs aren't doing on a regular basis, its just this time it was so hyped that people are not going to sit on their hands, which they shouldn't ANY time devs pull this stuff.

Baring that a lot of the hype, and a lot of the things people were screaming about not being able to do wasn't ever promised in the first place, it was all hype induced promises. Thread after thread after thread on steam had people saying you could build, craft, and do thousands of other things I never once saw anyone official promise. Don't get me wrong I know things were shown and promised that they didn't deliver but a lot of what I was seeing at launch wasn't anything any dev said would ever be in the game.

All in all I haven't been back in nomans sky since a few weeks after launch, its a bare bones game, its a indie game that was over hyped, over sold, over priced, and over build to seem like the next mass effect.

Shade1982  posted on Oct 28, 2016 6:44:47 AM - Report post

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I think the fact he isn't the only one who did it and it happens on a regular basis is completely besides the point. It doesn't/shouldn't excuse them from doing so.

The fact we are becoming used to day one patches and DLC already built in at release is an (in my opinion) abhorrent way to milk as much money from your product as possible...

Thrisk  posted on Nov 04, 2016 5:34:44 PM - Report post

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How easily we forget. Remember Peter Molyneux the creator of Black and White, Fable and many others. This is a person that excels at promising the world and delivering a small country town in place of a world. The gaming world is ripe for hucksters, and because we gamers generally are gullible we swallow the bait hook, line and sinker. Still these games were enjoyable for a while I played No mans sky for 39 hours on steam and another 19 hours on Ps4. Since I only paid 44.98 for one of them and the other was a gift. That was worth $1.30 a hour game play value. I've bought games that gave me less entertainment for the buck.
GoblinPunch  posted on Nov 09, 2016 5:56:28 PM - Report post

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I knew when it was rushed to be launched it would be a disaster, which is why I held off until they patch it eventually down the road. Which I doubt will happen.
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