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What's the verdict? Getting a trainer??
sphanlon  posted on Aug 08, 2016 3:34:45 PM - Report post

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The players who got the leak say everything important is local save based. And as far as being multiplayer; it's no more (likely less) multiplayer than, say the Dark Souls games. In fact, I'm sure there's way less MP interaction or impact and we got trainers for those games.
Nfamousone  posted on Aug 08, 2016 4:16:06 PM - Report post

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"To be super clear - No Man's Sky is not a multiplayer game. Please don't go in looking for that experience."

Google Sean Murray's Twitter and you will see that this game is not mp, at all!

TheKeeper  posted on Aug 08, 2016 6:38:33 PM - Report post

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I think what's most important is can the game be 100% played when entirely disconnected from the Internet? From everything I've read/heard from people who have it, it can.

[Edited by TheKeeper, 8/8/2016 6:39:31 PM]

Psycho Gamer  posted on Aug 08, 2016 10:25:15 PM - Report post

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IGN just did an article about No Man's Sky not being a multiplayer game from Sean Murray from Hello Games here is a link below. So in saying that we can have a trainer for the game since it's just an infinite procedural sci-fi-space-survival-sandbox game.


Draknar  posted on Aug 09, 2016 6:50:31 AM - Report post

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I've been conversing and researching with a friend of mine, to see if it's possible at all for us to play together. If we could, then I wouldn't want a trainer at all, as I do not support MP hacking.

However, the more disappointed I become from our findings, the more it seems a trainer should be fine.

Info that I've found:
1) You can play the game Offline. In doing so, any discoveries you make will not be uploaded (basically the ability to name stuff).


It's an older article though.

2) You and other players have the same seed. So, if by some miracle you and a friend end up on the same planet, it will be the same seed.
-HOWEVER, anything you DO to that planet, is LOCAL ONLY. So if your friend blasts a hole straight through the planet, you will NOT see this!

3) I saw a random person post that you can shoot and kill another player, if you ever happen to run across one. This was old, and unconfirmed, and you'd have to be in Online mode anyway.

4) From an IGN video it looks like you can upload data about trade routes www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXUrOFVItgs&feature=youtu.be

With that said, I don't think you can impact them yourself, especially if you are in offline mode.

The point being, if you are in offline mode, you could essentially blow up entire planets, commit faction genocide, and deflate the economy with infinite resources to sell, and it wouldn't impact another player what-so-ever, assuming you stay Offline. Is that possible to prevent players from doing so? I don't know. And if they *do* go Online, would even that effect other players? I don't think so either, but we'll need to find out.

And of course, most importantly, if there will be any anti-cheat devices in place. If not, I'm perfectly happy to just use a personal memory reader like CoSMOS.

Edit* - A more recent article talking about offline mode and how planets are regenerated even in Online mode: www.pcgamer.com/no-mans-sky-10-burning-questions-answered/

[Edited by Draknar, 8/9/2016 7:02:38 AM]

WoogieMonster  posted on Aug 11, 2016 12:07:41 PM - Report post

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It's been "exposed" for better or worse, that the dev was being a vague, misleading, manipulative -bag on purpose for the intent of driving up interest & sales. I guess nobody told him Steam now has refunds.

The game has NO multiplayer or player-to-player interaction when you meet other people, because you can not meet them, at all. Pick your favorite reputable game news site and watch him squirm like a worm on a fishing-hook.

The "universe" is not nearly as big as they claimed either. The purpose of part of the game being online is so they can "wipe" the servers periodically to help maintain the lie that it's just too big to meet.

IntegraHellsing  posted on Aug 11, 2016 12:44:52 PM - Report post

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No Man's Sky is a procedurally generated snooze fest. Where the developer intended splendor and wonderment only frustration materialized. The core gameplay is lackluster and clumsy and leans heavily on the woefully tedious gameplay mechanics found in Minecraft yet lacks any of the expressive freedoms found in its peer. I regret my purchase as I had high hopes for this game I strongly encourage potential buyers to wait on a substantial price drop before venturing into this vacuous hollow cash grab

I honestly expected more from this game. I got bored after 5 hours into it. It gets very repetitive, mine resources -> craft/upgrade something -> go to another planet -> mine resources to craft something again. Sure NMS is huge, but planets are boring, there is nothing to do except scanning creatures and mining or mindlessly wonder around. Game is absolutely stunning at first, but you soon realize there is not much to it. I honestly regret spending money on it

Make yourself a favour and buy Mafia III and wait.

Deadpool  posted on Aug 11, 2016 3:45:39 PM - Report post

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IntegraHellsing... what did you expect? Any information about the game can be found(Mostly). "How big is it?" "What is there to do?" "What is the purpose?" Any question can be found on Steam news, various gaming sites, and videos on youtube.

The majority of your post you are complaining and regretting your purchase. Well, that's on you bub. You failed to do proper research to see if it was a game you would want to play before you bought it. The game isn't for you, we get it. I get it. Some people need more. Me? I am confident in my purchase.

I love anything space. Finally after years of waiting I see a game that will take me to any star I want to visit instead of the same old backdrop(Kerbal Space Program/Space Engineers) that is essentially an image with nebulae and stars you can only look at. Not everyone needs something as complex as you wish it to be. Space Engineers began as a shadow of what it is now. Planets were a dream. Now it is full and constantly being added to and improved by the developer; every week actually. NMS's developer has already stated there will be much more added.

Want to give it a bad review? Submit a f*cking review for the title the proper way. Don't clog the message board with your complaints and butt-hurts because you're not an informed consumer when it is your own fault you aren't informed.

Me love you long time,

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