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[REQ] Idling to Rule the Gods
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    CmdrQuartz posted on Aug 04, 2016 8:42:27 PM - Report post
    I've found a script to add god power, however is also messes with several other things as well resulting quickly in receiving the cheater title, which is annoying. With god power you can achieve pretty much anything, so if someone with more experience could get this script to work properly that'd be great.

    aobscan(aobscan1,55 8B EC 83 EC 08 8B 05 * * * * 8B C8 39 09 8B 80 A0 00 00 00)
    mov eax,[_value]
    mov ebx,[_base]
    mov ebx,[ebx]
    mov ebx,[ebx+9c]
    add [ebx+78],eax
    mov ebx,[ebx+1c]
    fld qword ptr [ebx+18]
    fadd qword ptr [_value+4]
    fstp qword ptr [ebx+18]
    dd -1 //Set your desire value but both
    dq (double)-1 //value need to be the same !
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