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killed with one punch when trainer activ
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    mjcouncil04 posted on Jan 31, 2018 11:26:24 AM - Report post
    originally posted by CyPHeR369

    gimme 20mins to DL it, there was something off about this title but can't remember, so i'll need to play it again.

    ok SUPER STRENGTH does give everyone a 1 hit kill but the UNLIMITED HEALTH is working along side it so you can 1 hit enemies and they can't hurt you

    Upgrading the suit looks to be the cause, but game keeps crashing on me will try to test further.

    Yup, upgrading the armour in the Batsuit is why the options stop working so if you want options 1 and 2 to keep functioning, DO NOT UPGRADE ANY ARMOUR for either Catwoman or Batman.

    I msg'd Caliber about these findings.

    [Edited by CyPHeR369, 1/31/2018 10:25:04 AM]

    Hey @CyPHeR369, Thank you for your post and I did notice when you upgrade the Armor of either Catwoman or Batman it does do something to that Unlimited Health option. It offsets it for some reason and causes you to die in one blow even with that option on. Thank you for informing @Caliber about this issue.

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    Dave3d posted on Jan 31, 2018 1:53:59 PM - Report post
    So, is this going to be fixed?
    Or is the workaround the only way to play now?
    Just asking, because I play this off and on, probably only a few times a year though.
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    CyPHeR369 posted on Jan 31, 2018 2:17:49 PM - Report post
    No, it will not be fixed. Use the work around and don't upgrade any of the armours.
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