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  Chasing Dead Trainer
  • Founder
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    PWizard posted on May 20, 2016 3:04:11 PM - Report post

    Options (Trainer)

    Numpad 1: Infinite Health
    Numpad 2: No Hunger
    Numpad 3: Unlimited Ammo
    Numpad 4: No Reload
    Numpad 5: Add 60 Seconds To Timer
    Numpad 6: No Recoil

    Options (Editor)

    Edit: Hit Points
    Edit: Maximum Hit Points
    Edit: Regenerate Health
    Edit: Max Regen Health
    Edit: Health Regen Delay
    Edit: Health Regen Rate
    Edit: Time Last Damaged
    Edit: Use Range
    Edit: Use Player Hunger
    Edit: Max Hunger Points
    Edit: Hunger Interval
    Edit: Hunger Points
    Edit: Last Hunger Time
    Edit: Last Starve Time
    Edit: Starve Interval
    Edit: Starve Amt
    Edit: Allow Bullet Time
    Edit: Show Help Text
    Edit: Got Hit Timer
    Edit: Pain Color
    Edit: Pain Fade Color
    Edit: Pain Screen Kick Amt
    Edit: Bullet Time Speed
    Edit: Paused Time
    Edit: Bullet Time Active
    Edit: Zoom Btn State
    Edit: Zoom Stop Time
    Edit: Zoomed
    Edit: Zoom Start
    Edit: Zoom Start State
    Edit: Zoom End
    Edit: Zoom End State
    Edit: Zoom Delay
    Edit: Crosshair Enabled
    Edit: Crosshair Visible State
    Edit: Crosshair Texture State
    Edit: Use Swap Reticle
    Edit: Pickup Reticle Color
    Edit: Reticle Color
    Edit: Ray Mask
    Edit: Pick Up Btn State
    Edit: Restarting
    Edit: Stopping Bullettime
    Edit: Auto Pick Up
    Edit: Berserker
    Edit: Berserker Duration Mult
    Edit: Berserker Speed Mult
    Edit: Berserker Time Scale
    Edit: OriginalFPS Walk Speed
    Edit: OriginalFPS Sprint Speed
    Edit: Restart Now
    Edit: Take Damage
    Edit: Entire Level Zombies Killed
    Edit: Stage Disable Wait
    Edit: Kill Zombies Level
    Edit: Total Zombies To Kill
    Edit: Total Zombies Killed
    Edit: Entire Level Zombies Killed
    Edit: Total Zombies To Kill Stage 1
    Edit: Total Zombies To Kill Stage 2
    Edit: Total Zombies To Kill Stage 3
    Edit: Total Zombies To Kill Stage 4
    Edit: Stage 1 Play Bool
    Edit: Stage 2 Play Bool
    Edit: Stage 3 Play Bool
    Edit: Stage 4 Play Bool
    Edit: Level Complete Bool
    Edit: First Launch
    Edit: Use Check Pts
    Edit: Stage 1 Complete
    Edit: Stage 2 Complete
    Edit: Stage 3 Complete
    Edit: Stage 4 Complete
    Edit: Time Addedon Stage Clear
    Edit: Timer Running
    Edit: Fail Checked
    Edit: Timed Level
    Edit: Survive Time Level
    Edit: Time Text Color Red
    Edit: Time Text Color Green
    Edit: Time
    Edit: Last Stage Check Int
    Edit: Horizontal Offset
    Edit: Vertical Offset
    Edit: Time Text Color
    Edit: Font Scale
    Edit: Protect Survivors Level
    Edit: Survivors Remaining
    Edit: Quality Shadow Distance
    Edit: Lod Bias
    Edit: Fixed Time Step
    Edit: Use Custom Gravity
    Edit: Custom Gravity
    Edit: Use Custom Bones Blend Weight Quality
    Edit: Bones Blend Weights Quality
    Edit: In Mine Zone
    Edit: InputX Smoothed
    Edit: InputY Smoothed
    Edit: Input X
    Edit: Input Y
    Edit: InputY Lerp Speed
    Edit: InputX Lerp Speed
    Edit: Input Lerp Speed
    Edit: Walk Speed
    Edit: Sprint Speed
    Edit: Sprint Mode
    Edit: Sprint Delay
    Edit: Limited Sprint
    Edit: Sprint Regen Wait
    Edit: Sprint Regen Time
    Edit: Breath Fx State
    Edit: Stamina For Sprint
    Edit: Stamina For Sprint Amt
    Edit: Catch Breath Sound
    Edit: Stamina Depleted
    Edit: Allow Prone
    Edit: Allow Leaning
    Edit: Lean Distance
    Edit: Lean Amt
    Edit: Lean Pos
    Edit: Lean Vel
    Edit: Lean Check Pos
    Edit: Lean Check Pos 2
    Edit: Lean State
    Edit: Jump Speed
    Edit: Climb Speed
    Edit: Lower Gun For Climb
    Edit: Lower Gun For Swim


    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat

    Facebook . Vimeo . YouTube
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