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Twitch Streaming while using Trainer
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    dayne87 posted on May 06, 2016 3:08:11 PM - Report post
    As the Topic implies, I want to ask a few questions about using CheatHappens trainers while streaming a single player game on Twitch.

    I want to dabble with streaming games on Twitch (just waiting on a webcam) and, quite frankly, trainers are an integral part of my enjoyment for games. I may not use ALL the trainer features for a game, but I will use some for just about every game. My questions therefore revolve around trainers being used while streaming.

    1. Has anyone ever streamed on Twitch or YouTube or other streaming sites or posted gameplay videos where they used trainers/cheats? What was the reaction from the viewers? Positive, negative? Why?

    2. Would streaming games being played "legit" be looked upon more favorably than streaming games where cheats are employed?

    3. Should I avoid training certain games where "banning" is possible, even while in single player, such as single player games with separate login accounts (think single player GTA V, PayDay 2, etc.) while streaming, to risk being noticed by the developer who could ban my single player access to the game (I never train in multiplayer and take pains to turn off cheats, exit game and re-launch before doing multiplayer in say GTA V)?

    I'm not expecting to get a lot of viewers, but my plan is to play games I enjoy while using the cheats I would normally use and give credit to CheatHappens along the way. I want to be transparent, so I'll probably put "cheats/trainer enabled" in the headline for each stream where I'm using a trainer. I would also play some games multiplayer (looking forward to Overwatch for example) and obviously that would be legit.

    Anyway, just looking for thoughts/experiences/impressions regarding streaming a game while employing cheats/trainer in single player games.
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    Neo7 posted on May 06, 2016 6:28:13 PM - Report post

    The only real requirements is to not use the trainer in a multiplayer environment and to not share the trainer with other users. Other than that, you can stream its usage if you want to. Here's the answers to the individual questions:

    1. There is no other user to my knowledge that has streamed game footage while using the trainer.

    2. Users will always prefer legit playthroughs over cheating ones as they consider cheating to be something that any user of any skill level can do (hence being much less entertaining to watch). Especially with invincibility or auto win options on trainers, they can be used to effectively render a game down into an automated longplay for the user to watch the game's storyline. Compare to gamers that stream emulated games that have save states and abuse them (known as save scumming: Link).

    3. CHU's requirement is as stated above. If the game developers ban in single player mode then you play and/or stream using the trainer at your own risk (we don't do anything in this scenario but we cannot guarantee what the game developers will do).
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    Sapphire posted on May 06, 2016 7:14:34 PM - Report post
    As Neo said on this second answer is what I wanted to say but felt someone else could put into words better. I have however streamed while using trainers but due to people being against such it's best to not say so.

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