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Steam's Battle for the Living Room
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    PWizard posted on Apr 09, 2016 9:23:58 AM - Report post
    Check out our newest article: Link

    There's a quiet revolution happening and your living room is the battleground. While gaming mainstays like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have a solid footing in the battle for gaming dominance, Valve, yes that Valve is quietly making it's own big in the form of an interactive arms race, but it's an uphill battle for sure. Can Gabe's gaming company stand with the industry heavyweights? We examine how they can and how they can't.

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    0x90 posted on Apr 10, 2016 9:41:24 AM - Report post
    It will be interesting to see if Valve and Oculus can work together or if they will split up the market when it comes to VR. Valve has shown with their consoles and controllers that they are pretty much focused on expanding their own market, with less success. Considering about Microsoft gets more opened to other areas (Implementing native linux support on Windows, combining xbox and pc gaming), "Open solutions" is the key. There is no need of another closed system, another closed hardware only works with specific elements.
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    Caliber posted on Apr 12, 2016 8:16:29 AM - Report post
    well because of windows 10 only directx12 games and the windows store only titles, perhaps microsoft is trying to direct people to it's portal as well.

    I think that it would be bad if STEAM begins to try and control everything, in my opinion, and start to make what is a great portal for PC games to be some sort of closed, controlled thing.
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    dayne87 posted on Apr 18, 2016 3:24:41 PM - Report post
    I for one won't purchase a Steam Link until there is the option to reliably game over wi-fi. I have a powerful Netgear R8000 router and could probably game over the 5 ghz band since the location of the Link would be reasonably close to my router, but I can't guarantee that and don't want to purchase $100 of hardware (link + controller) on the chance that it will work over wi-fi. Ethernet downstairs where my big screen TV is located is not an affordable option, with my router being upstairs and on the other end of the house, so at this time the Link is a non-starter.

    As far as Steam marketing the Link, I haven't seen any commercials for it and the reviews have seemed mixed from what I've seen. I think that perhaps if they brought out more PC exclusives that were good couch-type games, that utilized the Steam Controller to the best of its ability, they might get more people to try it. But right now I just feel like the Link has an up-hill battle.
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    CasualCheater posted on Apr 23, 2016 9:51:54 AM - Report post
    I am not sure even Half Life 3 could be the killer app that draws people in. But we won't ever have to worry about that since Valve is scared of or doesn't know the existence of the number three
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    Lord_Jereth posted on May 08, 2016 12:16:46 PM - Report post
    dayne87, you will never get dependable gaming over WiFi with your router upstairs and at the opposite end of the house, no matter what frequency range you use. You also won't get better reception right next to your router, either. It's just a matter of physics.

    What may be of more use to you might be to buy a second wireless router and run it in bridge mode, placing it somewhere in the middle between your TV and the router. However, you have to buy the second router with that in mind and shop only for those routers that support such a mode. There are also power link options where you can buy a set of wall-warts that essentially inject your network directly into your home power grid, so anywhere you have a power receptacle in the wall, you have a hardwired link to your network. There are always alternatives.

    I actually own the Steam Link, though I hard-wired mine, and absolutely love it. I could never justify buying a console when I have such a powerful gaming PC, already. All my friends have both, but I'm just weird like that. The Steam Link allows me to cover both areas and many games that look good on a regular monitor are absolutely GLORIOUS on a 50" or bigger TV.


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    GreyBush1973 posted on May 31, 2016 7:34:53 AM - Report post
    Steam is making a mistake if they attempt to push hardware. Steam is doing well now because the price range for a game console is the same as a powerful graphics card for your PC. Why pay 500 dollars for a game console when I can spend the same money for a GeForce that will push the same graphics or better.

    If Steam really wants to win the living room they should start streaming cable channels at cheaper rates then the cable companies and there price fixed manopoly and really shake things up. Forget making controls and like.
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    Mirraluka posted on Jun 05, 2016 10:06:14 AM - Report post
    Gabe has becvome like Pac-Man trying to gobble up more than he can actually chew regarding Valve(Steam) the prices of games are usually great but there are far to many pixel and Early Access Games, I get sick of trolling looking for good games that suit me at the right money, RPG Acrion FPS and sci-fi etc.

    Regarding Hardware from Valve (Steam) I personally would not purchase from Gabe's company Why well if you have a game issue or account issue with STEAM it is a nightmare going through the process to even start your ticket, I only use Valve (steam) because usually we have NO CHOICE at times it is a real pain in the butt. 🙁
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