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  Angry Video Game Nerd II Trainer
  • Founder
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    PWizard posted on Apr 07, 2016 8:07:45 AM - Report post

    Options (Trainer)

    Numpad 1: Invincible
    Numpad 2: Reverse Gravity
    Numpad 3: VVVVV Mode

    Options (Editor)

    Edit: Cart Speed
    Edit: Cart Steps
    Edit: Ground Angle
    Edit: Ground Speed
    Edit: Is Under Cart Physics
    Edit: Last Pos
    Edit: Cart Disabled
    Edit: Cart Jump Disabled
    Edit: Cart Vel Decay
    Edit: Prev Direction
    Edit: Cart Sound Time
    Edit: Cart Jumping
    Edit: Rail Played
    Edit: Loop Entry Speed
    Edit: Track Sensed
    Edit: Jump Sensed
    Edit: State
    Edit: Player Speed
    Edit: Acceleration
    Edit: Deceleration
    Edit: Facing Direction
    Edit: Zapper Angle
    Edit: Jump Strength
    Edit: Jump Hold Strength
    Edit: Wall Jump Force
    Edit: Wall Slide Speed
    Edit: Glide Velocity
    Edit: Glide Time
    Edit: Bullet Speed
    Edit: Delay Between Shots
    Edit: Charge Time
    Edit: Zapper Rotation Speed
    Edit: Weapon Upgrade
    Edit: Delay Between Punches
    Edit: Punch Force
    Edit: Flash Damage Time
    Edit: Knockback Strength
    Edit: Climbing Speed
    Edit: Shmup Speed
    Edit: Turbo Tunnel
    Edit: Idle Wait Time
    Edit: Ducking
    Edit: Disable Ladders
    Edit: Underwater
    Edit: Reverse Gravity
    Edit: Vvvvvv Mode
    Edit: Pixel Snap Threshold
    Edit: Death Effect Center
    Edit: Time Before Respawn
    Edit: Grounded Layer Mask
    Edit: Jump Is Held
    Edit: Disable Shooting
    Edit: Is Invincible
    Edit: Looking Up
    Edit: Punching
    Edit: Wall Sliding
    Edit: Gliding
    Edit: Disable Gliding
    Edit: Aim Lock
    Edit: Is Dead
    Edit: X Speed
    Edit: Y Speed
    Edit: RelativeY Velocity
    Edit: X Input
    Edit: Y Input
    Edit: RelativeY Input
    Edit: Idle Time
    Edit: Time Glided
    Edit: Wall Slide Cancel
    Edit: Wall Kick Direction
    Edit: Hit Box Size
    Edit: Hit Box Center
    Edit: X Knockback
    Edit: OverrideX Pixel Snap
    Edit: Override Animations
    Edit: Is Grounded
    Edit: Ignore Enemies

    - Invincible:
    While active enemies won't hurt you.

    - Reverse Gravity:
    While active the gravity is instantly reverted.

    - VVVVV Mode:
    While active the bottom and top of the level is reverted on every jump.

    The trainer requires .NET framework 4.5 or above.
    The trainer does not work on Vista or older.

    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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