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The physics of cheating
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    Neo7 posted on Jan 19, 2016 2:39:40 AM - Report post
    By far the most ridiculous exploit of a game I've ever seen although makes for a very good commentary lesson on how the game works.

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    ghost42 posted on Jan 29, 2016 9:05:08 AM - Report post
    Explanation of the explanation:
    Game maps wrap around, called an overflow, when this happens you eventually reach the same point again on the map (assuming you're moving in one of the four cardinal directions).
    In the video, the player get's Mario's speed is high enough to wrap around the map several times every time the game checks Mario's position, and Mario will land in roughly the same spot even though he is lapping the level so many times.
    When going up or down a slope Mario's movement is reduced to a percentage of his speed, so the player needs to adjust Mario's speed to those percentages so he lands where he wants to whenever he needs to go up or down a slope.

    Using the elevators and kick jump the player can get to a high point in the map without jumping, at that high point he then waits for a certain speed so the next time he wraps around the level he is high enough to land on the Scuttlebug he positioned earlier, giving him a little bit more height, just enough to reach the platform where the star is.

    Next challenge is to do it with feet (language warning): [url]'>Link

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