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Get those pesky resources
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    Slvrbuu posted on Nov 13, 2015 7:22:26 PM - Report post
    For those of you interested, I've set up a way to get most (if not all) the resources you need to craft, and work on your settlement.

    I made this on my second character so that I don't need to lug around resources from place to place trying to adequately defend each settlement (gets tedious the second time around). So now I just unlock the settlement and use the following and dump it all into the workbench.

    Go to your fallout 4 directory and open up a new text document name it whatever you want, but preferably something you can remember (mine was reso.txt). In there paste the following:

    player.additem 6907b 1000
    player.additem 6907d 1000
    player.additem 100e19 1000
    player.additem 731a4 1000
    player.additem aec5e 1000
    player.additem 106d98 1000
    player.additem 731a3 1000
    player.additem 6907a 1000
    player.additem 69085 1000
    player.additem 6907e 1000
    player.additem 1bf732 1000
    player.additem 69081 1000
    player.additem 69086 1000
    player.additem aec5f 1000
    player.additem aec64 1000
    player.additem aec5b 1000
    player.additem 69087 1000
    player.additem 69082 1000
    player.additem aec63 1000
    player.additem 106d99 1000
    player.additem aec61 1000
    player.additem 6907f 1000
    player.additem 1bf72e 1000
    player.additem aec5c 1000
    player.additem 1bf72f 1000
    player.additem 100e1e 1000
    player.additem 100e1c 1000
    player.additem aec60 1000
    player.additem aec5d 1000

    Once you've done that, save the file and start up Fallout 4. Once in game type:
    bat filename
    bat reso

    it should execute every command in the text file in order. Thus giving you all the resources you may need. I also made a second file which I called 'craft.txt' it simply gives you all the crafting related perks and the ones needed for your settlement.

    player.addperk 4a0da
    player.addperk 4a0db
    player.addperk 4a0dc
    player.addperk 16578e
    player.addperk 4b254
    player.addperk 4b255
    player.addperk 4b256
    player.addperk 1797ea
    player.addperk 264d8
    player.addperk 4b253
    player.addperk 4b26a
    player.addperk 264d9
    player.addperk 264da
    player.addperk 264db
    player.addperk 16578f
    player.addperk 4d88d
    player.addperk 1d2468
    player.addperk 65e65
    player.addperk 1d2483
    player.addperk 1d2456
    player.addperk d75e2
    player.addperk 1d2457
    player.addperk 4c926
    player.addperk 6fa1c
    player.addperk 6fa1d
    player.addperk 65e35

    [Edited by Slvrbuu, 11/13/2015 7:27:30 PM]
    "The tools may be more effective than those who battled before you but make no mistake, you are no less a barbarian than your ancestors with their clubs and rocks. The only difference now is you do it without honor; cowering behind your guns, your bombs. You don't use tactic, just force..."
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    Vlad_the_Bad posted on Nov 13, 2015 7:26:36 PM - Report post
    Very cool, nice one.
    Ignorance can be fixed.
    Stupid is forever.

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