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Good Luck getting past
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    ae_LON posted on Nov 07, 2015 7:33:56 PM - Report post
    Dunno if i will be spoiling anything but I hope not too much.
    On your way to Burgova you will be facing a boss called "Drill worm". I had to learn that my game crashes, with or without trainer, after defeating that boss. As soon as you get the chapter screen result, you can go ahead and enter the tunnel to Burgova. While in the loading screen, the game crashes. This means you will have to defeat that boss again. Yes.
    For me it meant i was set back in the previous tunnel of a boss before Drill Worm, some spider boss. And crashing twice at that stage was enough for me. Just a heads up because it is a drag to beat the boss, even with the trainer because the higher your level, the more hitpoints the boss will have. I really couldn't believe that I had around 200 dps and each hit took like 17-50 hitpoints off the boss with 42 k (2nd try) hp. Well, good luck,
    maybe you guys won't crash.

    Oh, one other thing that might **** you off as much as it ****ed me off: You will lose progress regarding hidden content. No clue, why but you will if the game crashes at the same stage.
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    Goco posted on Nov 09, 2015 5:21:32 AM - Report post
    I can't help with the crashing issues as sadly I seem to run the game fine, Windows 8.1 32gb ram Intel i7-3930k @ 3.2GHz & a Geforce GTX780 3gb ...

    But regards killing the Drillworm, you can activate the 4 or 5 pylons around the area then press the red button and zap it which stuns it for a brief time, & possibly damages it too, so you can do your proper dps against it. Then repeat when they have recharged etc.
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    Brandin posted on Mar 24, 2016 2:07:19 PM - Report post
    Well there is no hidden achievment for killing the worm without any machines like in the first game. Long bossfight was not worth it :<
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