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3-Screen Gaming by Vlad
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    Jaks posted on Nov 03, 2015 4:57:14 PM - Report post

    I definitely like a Landscape setup better than Portrait. Except for a few games, you just see more action peripherally.

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    Vlad_the_Bad posted on Nov 03, 2015 7:05:31 PM - Report post
    originally posted by ServiusTheBear

    originally posted by Neo7


    Sadly he cant run games at that res. He did say he ran them at 1080p.

    But that setup is just stupid and no way would I waste my money on that.

    At the most I would do three 32inch 1080p. Side by side. But only use the full three together for simulators and race games, combined with Track IR. As for any other the one screen is fine.

    The video of mine that Element posted is on triple 32" 1080's. Landscape is definitely the way to game.

    You may say you would only use for racing(which is awesome btw paired with my G27), but I would bet that you wouldn't stop there. I like to think of it as car windows. Sure you can look out the front windshield and see the world in front of you. But the side windows give a much broader and dynamic view of the world around you. So it is when switching from 1 to 3 screens. Why limit yourself to sim racing when nearly every game becomes that much more of an immersive world.

    Some of the best I have played triple, and some of these I had played on 1 monitor, but just had to experience it in the immersion view.

      Dead Space series Dragon Age series Mass Effect series Far Cry series CoD Modern Warfare series Hitman series (Absolution is outstanding) Just Cause 2, GTA V, Dues Ex Human Revolution, Sleeping Dogs, etc., etc.
      Obviously everyone has their own preferences, but for me, triple screens are the only way to fly.
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