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please help
  • Send a message to Danny
    Danny posted on Jan 23, 2004 2:45:53 PM - Report post
    some one please msn me on how to pass the first level i appear to have every thing dont then it says ur vehicle is not fucntional by day 7 click ok to try again please help on how to pass
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    gopedhead posted on Jan 23, 2004 5:11:00 PM - Report post
    MJR, u're forgetting the rear bumper u silly billy, i had the same problem(this is the grass eater level). haha i usd that word and everyone is using it. i feel so special.
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    Guest posted on Jan 23, 2004 5:20:06 PM - Report post
    ok i already posted this, but no one has answered me.

    I have successfully completed the limo (sand) but i am having problems passing the actaul fire fighting part. I aim the sand pefectly at the fire and so far i've only got 44%. Take in mind i went super close, far, middle, from all directions with the limo but still to no avail. Can someone direct me on how far/where i should try to aim the sand to put out the fire?
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    Superstar posted on Jan 23, 2004 5:30:17 PM - Report post
    how i passed the limo was jet over to the fire and change the view so you can look in such away you can see the fire and just aim it right at the fire, i have to say i did cut it close i didn't even think i was goign to make it i got 100% with 3 seconds togo so it might cut it short but you'll get it i need some help with the grass eater like a faq for it i just can't get it at all
  • Send a message to Streby
    Streby posted on Jan 23, 2004 6:49:12 PM - Report post
    Anyone know why the ****ing game freezes? It freezes, I hit ctrl + alt + del, and just tab into the game again. It works properly for like 5-10min then its time again and it´s so ****ing disturbing.

    Sry for misspelled words and so on. My English ain´t what is supposed to.
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    Boomsly posted on Jan 23, 2004 9:02:35 PM - Report post
    Need help with mission 5 (limo) I've read through this enitre thread and noticed people are saying the foam and sand are the only ones that work, so I'm using the sand design, looks easy and startight forward I bought all the Oddball parts (I'm pretty sure of) from the catalogue and I noticed I only need 7 pieces of sheet metal and 9 pieces or angle iron I got the guys to make all the parts I installed them i recieved all my parts insalled them aswell I have the little motor, the big motor, the chain, the light bar, the sand holder thing, the tube the spiral the other tube that the sand run through, the slider frame the base frame, the handle thing, everything is installed I don't have anything in my parts bin I have $28 bucks left and i'm on the 6th day at hour 16:47 I don't want to restart incase it's somthing like removing a window or something. I noticed theres not much point for removing the sunroof, Should I have left it there? Also all the thinks are checked all four of 'em am I supposed to buy two of something or fabricate two of something? like two chains or something? I tested the vehicle and the tube slides out of the door fine and the light bar flips over, and I can move the tube up and down. I just can't figure this one out.
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    Boomsly posted on Jan 23, 2004 9:08:12 PM - Report post
    Also for the people that have noticed that this game is very buggy and said this is the buggiest game ever you should really play street legal, and street legal racing redline. (same developers) Althought for each game they realeased about 4-5 patches for each one which really helped the game out although street legal 1 was still kinda bad. but racing redline was definitly playable after about the 3rd patch. Monster garage should get a patch in about 2 weeks or so (thats just a guess) if you go to their wbesite you will see that there is a monster garage section up with a patch section but there are no patches yet. (for whoever reads this if you completed the sand limo please read the post above and help me, thanks)
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    DOH! posted on Jan 23, 2004 11:20:44 PM - Report post
    Just being determined to complete a buggy game like this you do get to know it well. I have thrown all kinds of "known" fixes and still having issues. Call me stupid, I consider it a challange. Especially when you wait for dude to make a part for 22 hours, completes and it isn't in the parts bin! I have written a guide for the first 3 levels that may help those that would like to give it a shot. The release date was to be on 2/01, but I guess someone realized the coders goofed and most likely will not be available till march. So until then you have something (which is better than nothing) Nothing EVER beats a pre-release!
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