The Universim Message Board  STATUS: ON HOLD - This game is currently patching very frequently and/or is early access with few downloads. It is counter-productive to continue updating the trainer under these circumstances. When the title becomes more stable and/or is out of early access, it will be re-evaluated for an updated trainer. Trainer updates for this game may still be released intermittently while in this status depending on our current workload.

Our The Universim Trainer is now available for version and supports STEAM. Our The Universim message board is available to provide feedback on our trainers or cheats.
The Universim Trainer
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Pre-Alpha is LIVE
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    OP3NGL posted on Jun 08, 2016 1:19:43 AM - Report post
    current version 0.0.8 pre-alpha

    cheats needed:
    instant build
    inf food
    inf wood
    inf stone
    inf metal
    inf oil
    inf gas
    add nuggets (add people)
    freeze season/weather (i hate it when winter is coming)

    if you guys want the version, i will be happily provide you guys... currently the game bought is like gog edition, no DRM at all
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    imaculate posted on Jun 08, 2016 4:19:20 AM - Report post
    I'm a backer of this game as well with alpha access. The devs said there is still a lot to do. Here's why it's nice to have a trainer - Devs haven't implemented a Save system into the game yet. Once we quit the game, we have to start all over again fresh. The trainer would at least help with moving forward again quicker. The downside to this is that Cal or 0x90 will have to keep updating this game. So just a quick heads up to the team. I think people aren't active on the forum here is because they don't expect a trainer to be created yet and are awaiting the auto notification email when a trainer is made.

    The game, at its current state, is already awesome in Alpha stage. Hope you guys do get a trainer out, if not, I'm good with waiting until release. This and No Man's Sky! Can't wait till their both done. For those curious, check out their website, Link

    Alpha stage gameplay Link

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    Cheat games, not your diet.
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    E C F
    dahamster posted on Aug 04, 2016 1:50:09 PM - Report post
    Hey caliber,

    you can use my game account if you want to check it out?

    pm me then 😀
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