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What are the possibilities?
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    Mooboy2000 posted on Sep 08, 2015 7:33:24 PM - Report post
    I was wondering something. I have read the forums on old trainers (pre-win8) won't get updates and so on, but I was wondering if maybe we could get updates for some of the old ones by maybe putting them back up for point requests to be overhauled. That way it wouldn't be so much as "oh hey guys can you just take time out of your day while working on these 3,000 titles to update these 5,000,000 for win 10?" but more by knowing that certain titles people are willing to work for and you're not wasting your time updating trainers that aren't wanted.

    Not sure if this has ever been requested this way and I completely understand if you say no... was just a question... I know I would be putting some points into a couple of the old ones.
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    Vlad_the_Bad posted on Sep 08, 2015 9:56:11 PM - Report post
    Games usually don't get retired just because they are old. I like playing old games that I can buy dirt cheap. I just started playing NFS Shift (about 7 years old) and the trainer still works just fine.
    If a game has the red retired flag it is usually because the dev's went crazy with 10,000 patches that borked the trainer every time and so it wasn't worth it. There is also the case that the game coding is just a complete PITA and again, gets to a point of not being worth it. Then of course there are always the brainiacs on this site that find it wise to harass the Trainers to death, so they justifiably pull the plug.

    They don't un-retire trainers but on occasion do update ones that have been retired. Just hop on the boat and ride it out to where to wind takes you.
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    B4Marc posted on Sep 09, 2015 2:08:10 AM - Report post
    This is a good idea, but implementing it is time consuming and would involve additional programmer(s) to renew old tittles that most people wouldn't be able to play on Windows 10 🤔

    It was the same for Windows XP, the best way (for me) was to keep the OS on another hard drive and then play those great "old" games with the trainer
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