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Locked Topic  Trainer Ideas
B4Marc  posted on Aug 10, 2016 7:23:14 PM - Report post

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originally posted by LordBlade

This game is NOT multiplayer. That's been made abundantly clear.
It's also part of why the community got so ****ed off, because they were lied to.

I'm upset, not because I had any interest in multiplayer, but just knowing that the devs have been lying. Because if they've been lying about this for so long, what else are they lying about?

Basically the cheats I'd like:

Infinite Health (player/ship)
Infinite Ammo/Charge (for weapons)
Add Resources (like you have for Starbound, where you can mouse over something and hit the button to increase how much you have, or just max out the stack)

"Lying" is a big word, he might just changed his mind for whatever reason

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LordBlade  posted on Aug 10, 2016 9:05:59 PM - Report post

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Well, he kept talking about multiplayer features since the game was announced. Talking about how (while incredibly rare) players could come across each other. And how the center of the universe, which is the goal, would have a higher concentration of players in time, and more chance of coming across others.

But then just before the game went live, he tweeted about how there was never any multiplayer, and how people completely misunderstood him. To which of course people responded by posting videos of him specifically stating there was multiplayer. lol

Even the EU box for the PS4 version has a sticker on the back, saying it's a single player game. The sticker covers the icon showing that it is a multiplayer game.

And there's the infamous video of the two streamers who met up in the same place on the same planet... both being online at the time and connected to the server... and neither could see the other.

SkyNet  posted on Aug 11, 2016 7:08:56 AM - Report post

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There are some Posts from Gaming Sites that u can play it offline.
Like Gamestar here ...


so there is the option that u can play it offline but cant name Planets Animals and stuff like that.

seerunba  posted on Aug 11, 2016 9:57:30 AM - Report post

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I bought it for PS4 and I can tell you I have had a line saying this since 5 min post relese "you lost Connection to the server" And Everything has worked supergood even though no online mode for me.
Jared  posted on Aug 11, 2016 11:09:30 AM - Report post

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All I can say is that I will definitely be refunding this title if a trainer isn't made for it. I have no interest in farming resources for 20 hours for units alone. I'd rather start with a bunch so I can jump right into the game with an awesome ship and upgraded suit.
ew2thomas  posted on Aug 11, 2016 12:01:08 PM - Report post

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I have been playing the ps4 version since its release and i can tell you the game universe is expansive. I Haven't run into a single other player yet and i play approximately 12 hours a day. The only things that are uploaded to the servers are what you name the planets, flora, geodes, and indigenous lifeforms on the each planet you discover alolng with your achievements.

I think a infinite money, infinite resources, suit energy/enviromental damage, ship shield/thruster/warp core, multi-tool energy/overheat would be good because the game doesn't allow the player to upgrade the ship without buying a new one or finding a crashed one and repairing it, that is basically the same concept for the multi-tool as well but you get them through dialogue choices with encountered aliens. The suit gets upgraded by finding drop-pods on the planet surface then spending money to upgrade, so a few paths to take here on how to do it.

Thanks guys, look forward to your decision.

LordBlade  posted on Aug 11, 2016 3:44:15 PM - Report post

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Really the best comparison for this game's "online" capabilities is Spore.

As you fly around you name planets and creatures and such, and those names can be uploaded to the server. The first person to find a thing gets their given name used as the item's new name.

However you do not directly interact with other players in any way. There's no co-op or competitive play involved.

And you can choose to play the game entirely offline if you want.

Apparently one thing that's been suggested, is to play offline to make money. Until you go online, you won't see what's been named by others. So you can run around naming everything yourself. Once you go online, the name list will be updated. So anything you found first will have your given name, and everything else will have what others named.

The key point to this is that you get money for being the first to find something. So if you're playing offline, you're essentially the first to find everything you come across. So you'll make money for everything you've found. Once you're online, the things you can find yourself will drop drastically.

One of the big complaints is that a lot of the PS4 players have already started seeing many planets and creatures that have already been named. Supposedly everyone was supposed to start in the far corners of the galaxy, and it was going to take ages to find another player, or content found by others. But as it turns out, everyone actually starts in tight groups in "starter zones" (something else Sean Murray lied about). So starting the game, many people are going to come across the same content. Which is very disappointing.

Why bother having quintillions of planets, if you're going to put everyone together in the same cluster of them?

Ashar  posted on Aug 11, 2016 5:12:09 PM - Report post

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With a higher chance of winning the lottery then running itno another real person, noone will miss whatever multiplayer people thought they were getting, its crazy the amount of posts on the steam forums complaining about the lack of multiplayer.
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