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Locked Topic  Trainer Ideas
Sapphire  posted on Mar 11, 2016 12:48:19 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Welce

From my understanding you can play offline (Without the internet) but most events are saved. So if you blew up a space station offline then went online. It would tell the server you blew it up and it's gone(Not 100% sure on this part). Thus screwing everyone else over. So even if anything could be made for the offline part. It should be something that won't damage things if they did go online. Like No damage for players on planets. Since if ships had speed boost from the trainer, people could get to the center of the galaxy and name things (Planets, creatures etc) just by using a trainer. So I guess we'll have to see when it comes out in 3 months if we get a trainer or not.

As Welce said, it is possible to play this offline without internet(if the developers spoke the truth) at any rate as he said, if you do something offline and go online it tells the servers what happened and syncs it to players Like ED it uses a galaxy simulation it also does you can leave messages for other players on planets but you aren't connected to the servers in the sense of Division for example, you play on your own computer and also if you do something on a planet it's saved and with a seed data file the game can create and recreate planets you have visited and the idea as I can understand is that this file is however also sync'd to the servers if you go online. But everything is handled client side and you tell the servers some things to make it a sort of evolving galaxy.


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Still lots we don't know about the game. Hopefully all these questions will be answered within the next month or two since the game is about three months away.

Like others have said, I have heard that the game is designed around offline/online play. Possibly it will have to connect to a server every so often to update.

If a trainer is possible the options I'd be interested in are,
-Infinite player/ship health
-Infinite fuel
-Space bucks (i.e. increase currency)
-Edit or increase resources
-Clear wanted level
-Ship/player invisible to hostiles
-Increased scanner range (if there is one)
-Wingman infinite health
-Infinite ammo/energy

zaznet  posted on May 25, 2016 5:41:13 PM - Report post

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The game has a fully offline mode. This was confirmed by the dev team. You can play with NO internet connection required!

Game does have currency called "Units". Multi-tool does have upgrades for the primary and alternate fire mode. Does have Melee and limited sprint (something to add for ground movement is unlimited sprint). NO Ammo but the game does use heat to limit rate of fire. Resources are used for travel in the ship so there is fuel to consider. Hyper drive range can be upgraded to increase jump radius.

Hope this helps!

As for the saved galaxy issue, small changes are saved ONLY locally. Larger changes such as blowing up a space station would be shared out. I have NOT seen a confirmation if you play in offline mode if you can then sync to the servers (big changes) but the expectation is that you can sync due to the galaxy-wide discovery system where you can name your discoveries.

[Edited by zaznet, 5/25/2016 5:44:02 PM]

Simsi1986  posted on Jul 15, 2016 3:10:27 AM - Report post

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Of course we have to wait until the release of the game. At the moment I'm optimistic, to be able to get a trainer even if there's an online part - it depends on what will be saved and loaded online and the effect regarding MP interaction like trading between two human Gamers.

If I would met a foreign gamer, I wouldn't care about unlimited resources but I would care if the foreign gamer would have inf health while he attacks me.

Romavictor101  posted on Jul 20, 2016 9:58:45 PM - Report post

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The fact that the Devs have said the chances of anyone ever seeing someone is less likely then winning a lottery. Literally, if 100 real players were on the very same planet, with the planets being the same size or larger in square kilometers as Earth, the chances of ever finding any person is ridiculously impossible.

Think about it, Earth is void of life, we place 100 people on it. Good luck anyone of them finding each other. Also, if once you leave the planet, any damages, excavations, battlegrounds etc, are all wiped away as per the Devs, even to you, so once you leave its reset except for the names or discoveries. So I am not sure how me having Inf health or whatever would have any bearing on any other player.

This game absolutely needs a trainer. As Cal compared Diablo being a Single player, its not really the same thing. This game will never be fully seen by any person ever, taking many many lifetimes to try and visit everything. I am really hoping that a trainer is made for this, as its not a MP, its not designed to partner up with a friend, it is meant to be a solo exploration and discovery game, which yes stores names and discoveries on a server. But apart from that that's it.

Fingers crossed!!!

Jared  posted on Jul 23, 2016 9:52:05 PM - Report post

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If ever there was a game that needed a trainer above all others, it would be this game. I'm really looking forward to seeing the NMS trainer in action after I get about 10 hours into the game.
theHunter  posted on Jul 28, 2016 6:23:39 AM - Report post

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It's not an mmo, you cant meet other players, but the online part is like for example in hitman. You can Explorer new planets and collect data about it, if you are the first to explor it, then you can name it. Then the information is shared with other player.
tides  posted on Jul 28, 2016 10:56:50 AM - Report post

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just putting this out here

the box itself says single player.

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