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Sticky Topic  Lifetime PLUS Membership Now Available
ServiusTheBear  posted on Aug 28, 2017 1:46:09 AM - Report post

Premium Plus
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As my good old dust covered friend has stated. CH is no a casual site. It has been going for years through the money that each member has paid monthly or yearly and through donations. They have worked constantly to keep trainers working and updated on multiple DLP's. Because makers are constantly patching. (Poor Q&A Testing on their games).

As Jaks stated many of us have been here for years and will continue to be here. As CH provide a service that we appreciate as the quality of their work is always 100%. The support to is large you will find that the makers and the user base will help a lot to fix issues other users may have or even work arounds. Even myself has taken time out of my home to help with certain games I have played constantly.

I personally can see were you are coming from when looking outside the box. But I can also see why the owners/makers ask for this amount and for the extra support if the user can give that. The vast majority of games the trainers are made for are bought by CH. You will find that some users will donate the game they want a trainer made for or just help out with donating a game for a trainer to be made for that they do not play. Here is a comunity that revolves around being able to play the games they love the way they want to. In the old days games used to nearly all have in built cheats in their games. But now they are getting less to none. Some with commands that really do nothing to cheat the game on. This is were CH steps in. As we have pointed out. They cover many games many platforms and keep them updated to the best they can. We love them for that.

Looking at the membership prices. You can pay a one off amount of $89.95 for Premium Lifetime meaning all the trainers even patched more than 20 times. Or you can add paying/donating an extra $4.95 which is nearly $60 a year to help towards the costs of running the site. These extra things are CH providing more to the table. When I paid for my lifetime is was low as there was not as much games around then compared to now, along with all the updates.

Now you do not have to purchase the lifetime you can keep to the monthly plan if you wish. But in my view you are better with going lifetime with lifetime plus. It is value for money mate. But it is up to yourself.

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drmweaver  posted on Sep 02, 2017 9:09:18 AM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Upgraded and thank you. Even though I don't use the service much I still do and whenever I do most times what I am looking for is here.
PsyCotiCtron  posted on Sep 07, 2017 12:10:10 AM - Report post

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New here. Just signed up for lifetime, but I'll definitely be checking this lifetime plus. Thank you all on the hard work.
Trixie_I  posted on Sep 16, 2017 10:52:23 AM - Report post

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I did it for the pretty stars.
mrpayday  posted on Nov 02, 2017 12:58:25 PM - Report post

Premium Plus
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I just bought my third Lifetime Plus membership in a row for another 12 months.
Cheat Happens is still the best Trainer website.

I want to repeat what I wrote several months ago:
I understand the Cheat Happens trainers as Software as a Service (SaaS). I am playing tons of games every year and it is actually the specific Cheat Happens trainer that adds a quality of life improvement here and so much more value to my gaming experience as well.

In fact, without cheat happens I would not even buy some games because I don't want the game mechanic be my "cage" of experience with limited ressources.

So while I bought the lifetime membership several years ago, I felt by using the Cheat Happens trainers for my games nonstop, every week, sometimes even daily that I paid far less than I could have or SHOULD have: Developing these trainers and injections, updating them and even updating trainers for games that are many years old, costs time and manpower and therefore *money*.
Cashing in only once but delivering unlimited service and even more service than some years ago is a business model that might not survice forwever.

So Cheat Happens needs members that understand the concept and the business and the work that goes into producing (and patching/updating!) high quality, virus free trainers with many options and functions.

By buying the lifetime plus membership and renewing this every year, I just support the site and compared to my 1500 or 2000 Euro I easily spend every year into my gaming hobby for games and hardware, I felt that 50 Euro per year for this great tools/trainers is like buying a full price game. Once per year.

The money of the lifetimes plus members has not more or less value than every other dollar or Euro of the different membership-payment models.
It is just a sign of support, appreciation and another layer of investing into the hobby that helps paying the costs and maintenance and salaries, simple as that

Without Cheat Happens, my gaming experience would be really hurt, and I mean it.

Keepo up the great work, CH teams, I really appreciate your service!

PWizard  posted on Nov 02, 2017 1:07:08 PM - Report post

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Thank you so much. We couldn't ask for a better community of members.
Voidseesaw  posted on Nov 15, 2017 8:49:35 PM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Hi there. I am a long standing Lifetime member and just picked up a year of Lifetime Plus. Thanks for all that you do. You guys are appreciated.
Easy_506th  posted on Nov 20, 2017 5:32:28 AM - Report post

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oooh yeh lifetime plus.. great value indeed.
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