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    GroguTheWise posted on Aug 04, 2015 6:53:12 PM - Report post
    This game is still in development, and won't even have a Pre-Alpha phase until September.. You can help them out by at least spending $40 USD on a game bundle that would allow you to get in the pre-alpha and help them develop the game, via feedback on the forums...


    I haven't seen too much about this game other than a few demos, HOLOLENS will totally work with this game, so there's that.

    the developer told me it's got some no man's sky elements, you can explore the Universe, IF your home planet is advanced enough, so in that sense, it's a little bit like SPORE, but with a much better looking universe..

    I definitely look forward to this game... It's gonna be something else..

    Feel free to donate points on the request page for this game, the quicker it gets funded the better..
    If you want to know my Social media & console usernames send me a DM.
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    Drenus posted on Aug 04, 2015 8:14:42 PM - Report post
    First impression says Spore 2.0

    i don't touch pre-release stuff nor do i throw money at them, but this one is certainly on my watch list
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    silentbob981988 posted on Sep 04, 2018 5:37:02 AM - Report post
    And it has a good Portion of Grandfather Populus 💛
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    woots posted on Sep 16, 2018 2:44:09 PM - Report post
    With some "Black and White" thrown on top.

    Well the same guy who did Populous also did Black and White so it makes sense. (Peter Molyneux)

    You can tell the designers of this game are a huge Peter Molyneux fan. I would assume fans of spore too.

    I bought this game to support them. I really hope the devs keep at it and finish this to perfection. I've been wanting a new spore/black&white game for a while now.
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