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aquillanova  posted on Apr 11, 2015 3:05:08 AM - Report post

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While this is a work in progress, there are issues with this game. The issues will be vigorously denied by some, and highly validated by others.

1. The game is on Amazon Servers, and needs to have a monthly fee, but because it does not, there is a point at which they will have to shut the game down, due to server expenses. I personally do not expect free everything, but many out there do think that way, and will insist this is not needed.

2. The game functions directly against it's own stated rules.
Example 1: Bounty Hunting often results in a bounty being issued on your ship, even if you have carefully first scanned the target ship, and it clearly says wanted on its condition, and you are also very careful to not shoot any friendlies, often you will get listed as wanted, this happens increasingly as your bounty earnings grow. The main issue appears to be that the game is trying to keep player earnings down, and this practice in the coding, and how the game makes decisions reveals that the game is using attrition to keep most players from owning higher poly count ships, and exploring too much space. Why ? Because without a monthly fee, FRONTIER can not really afford to have all the player's out there exploring half the galaxy, and owning the bigger poly count ships. This adds up to expenses for FRONTIER, and thus may legally actually be a conflict of interest. Don not get me wrong, I like this game, have played over 200 hrs., and I own an Asp, Type-6, Type-7, Vulture, two Vipers, and 4 Sidewinders. with 5.6 Mil. in credits, and all ships are maxed out. I will also add that I had a private pilots license in Rhode Island back in 1997, so I have a better grasp than most on how to fly these ships. That said, the lack of real time saves, that allow for the player to correct mistakes, at least in solo mode, or at least a difficulty level setting also in solo mode, would only be fair for players who have shelled out well over $80.00 just like I have. Unlike some out there, I do not need to defeat other live players, in order to get my jollies, I just want to use all the ships in the game, and access all of the Galaxy, just like the game promises with a dangling golden carrot, but in reality it delivers like a Casino Jackpot. I have verified this fact with PayPal in person, as they are having to deal with hundreds, and possibly thousands of refund demands.

This why I believe that Cheat Happens should go ahead and build scripting engines for this game. At least the players will get a little bit more of what they darn well shelled out their hard earned money for, and finally, to those of you who are so dead set against such things as trainers for this game, even in solo mode, WHY DID YOU EVEN EVER JOIN CHEAT HAPPENS ? Why not close you memberships, and play all your games without trainers, and just leave us on this site alone. Frontier is cheating the player on this game pure and simple, because they can not afford the server usage costs... When Star Citizen really gets going, and it's almost there now, Elite Dangerous is probably going to loose it's players almost overnight. I wondering if D. Braben realizes this, because blind loyalty usually does not end well. I should add that there is a trainer out there for this space sim, but it appears to have adware attached to it's installer, and as such is possibly even part of a crypto currency pirating scam, so be careful out there. While Cheat Happens is 100% Kosher many trainer sites are just traps made by hackers... That is why I stick with this site and this site alone.

ServiusTheBear  posted on Apr 11, 2015 3:28:59 AM - Report post

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Solo mode is not single player dang it! You are connected to the main server world! What you do there effects the server world! So anything you mod will effect the Server. Everyone plays on!

Also since the game saves on the server side they will notice the changes. There for a trainer being made for this game would be in direct violation of CH standing. As it would effect the actual Multiplayer world.

Also any trainers out there for the game are most likely scams or contain viruses.

Yes the makers have kinda snuffed us. But I aint complaining. Also I am all for trainers. But not for trainers that will effect an Multiplayer world!

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Darth_Furball  posted on Apr 11, 2015 5:01:09 AM - Report post

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Seeing as you don't seem to have done any research into this OP I will tell you something.

The game is actually P2P and thus that is why there is no monthly fee, the server you are talking about is 1 lone PC in Frontiers Office that connects to us through Amazon's Cloud services to ensure there is enough connections for everyone to receive and relay the galaxy data back and forth between the players and to save and load each players personal save data, this inturn only uses around 56kb of bandwidth per data burst, which occurs every 15 minutes, this allows people to play over mobile connection while on the move.

The majority of the bandwidth is still used in the P2P connection and is directly responsible for us seeing other players and our ability to interact with them.

The game and Frontier are not trying to limit your ability to make credits, however it is slow to earn cash, but it is not as bad as you made it sound. The reason why earning credits is slow is because Frontier don't want everyone flying around in an Anaconda with a week, if you had played the other Elite Games you would understand this, it is not a matter of extending this games lifespan, it is about making you feel that you have earned the right to pilot one of the most powerful ships in the universe, and that you also have the skill and experience needed to pilot such a ship.

As for that bug where you can get a bounty for shooting a wanted ship, this has been explained on the forums serveral dozen times by the devs and it goes something like this:

If you shoot a ship in a certain sector of space and it is allied with the sector it is currently in then that sector will see it as a hostile action, even if that ship is wanted in a different sector so it is like this:

the Ship is wanted in sector A but is currently in sector B and belongs to a faction in Sector B, if you shoot said ship you will end up being wanted.

however if it is like this instead

the Ship is wanted in sector A is currently in sector A, C, D or even E and belongs to a faction in Sector B, if you shoot said ship you will NOT end up with being wanted but you will have a bounty to claim from the target.

Also all the kill warrant scanner does for you is is alert you to the fact you may get a reward from this target from a different alliance on top of the current bounty you would get from killing it.

Hope this helps with your understanding of how the game really works, I could go into a ton more detail about most of the little mechanics in this game, but suffice to say, judging by your post you have not really experienced much in this game, nor have you played/owned it for very long.

Elite Dangerous is a growing game, it will continue to grow over the years ahead, there is also 5 paid for expansions that we know of that are going to be released too, this is not including the upcoming Powerplay expansion that is going to be for free either, nor the countless other free expansions either.

Frontier is not a new company and they know exactly what they are doing, so stop thinking the game is going to be shut down in a year or so, they have already stated the only way the game will be shut down is if they go bankrupt, and even then they promised to release the database source to the public so that everyone can keep playing it.

I apologies is there is spelling or grammatical errors in this but tbh i cba to go through and correct them.

[Edited by Darth_Furball, 4/11/2015 5:10:04 AM]

MythicEvil  posted on Jan 13, 2018 3:56:05 AM - Report post

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Surely a fake server/offline crack could be used and then a trainer on that. I know several games that were online only before and they had server/online cracks to fool it into thinking its online or does a complete bypass of the login completely.
PWizard  posted on Jan 13, 2018 4:27:03 AM - Report post

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...and we would not support that regardless.
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