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Kojima LEAVES Konami !?!
DaCrazyBeggar  posted on Mar 22, 2015 8:55:25 PM - Report post

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I just read a number of Articles regarding the creator of the Metal Gear series Hideo Kojima. Apparently Kojima Productions and Konamis upper Management are having major issues working with one another as Hideo Kojima has been removed from Konamis list of Executives and instead has been labeled as something like a contractor. Kojima assures he will still finish MGS Phantom Pain, but I am getting worried about Silent Hills.

I hope this isn't old news that i just missed before, thoughts?

Neo7  posted on Mar 22, 2015 9:08:56 PM - Report post

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It doesn't surprise me. Kojima has been wanted to end the Solid Snake arc of MGS several games ago (MGS 2 he wanted it to end there) but Konami wants to ride the money train into the ground. I'm pretty sure Kojima made Snake purposefully old as hell in MGS4 purely to make it near impossible to keep the arc alive.

I get where Kojima is coming from in that sometimes you just have to end an arch with characters you love rather than just degrade them overtime. I kind of support it view as well as I know he's capable of producing some really far out stuff but in terms of MGS and Solid Snake (and friends), Kojima is out of good ideas (and well beyond ideas he wants to do).

In terms of the business structure: Kojima was the head of a subsidiary of Konami known as Kojima Studios. This is now considered a contractor video game studio with a contract to just finish out MGS5. There may be future contracts for collaboration but don't expect it. Konami looks to be hiring new developers to work on new titles that Kojima would normally work on but how they turn out depends on how the new management works out.

All in all, it's how business and office politics work.

DaCrazyBeggar  posted on Mar 22, 2015 9:29:45 PM - Report post

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That's about what i got from reading more into it, yeah. Power struggles all around. I haven't honestly cared much about MGS since the Twin snakes reboot on the Game Cube in 2004 but I respect the hell out of Hideo Kojima as a game director and i hope he can finally put MGS to rest with a bang.
The Age thing Kojima did unfortunately didn't really matter to Konami as they will just milk the sh*t out of prequels (I think MGSV plays sometime before Guns of the patriots?) But the split hopefully ends the main Metal Gear series.
What I am more worried about is Silent Hills as I am really interested in that game and believe Kojima could make it awesome, I'm gonna do more digging but I haven't really found out what will happen to it now since it's being developed and published by Konami but Kojima is the director.
edit -----I think it would be a huge loss for Kojima to drop out of that project and I think they won't be able to live up to expectations without Kojima after P.T. was already released.
The only MGS I really want a sequel to is Revengeance because Platinum always delivers amazing spectacle fighters.

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ServiusTheBear  posted on Mar 23, 2015 3:35:27 AM - Report post

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I might not have gotten all the MGS yet. But I can say I do love the game series. I am a little sad to see him go. But I do understand the milking issue.
DaCrazyBeggar  posted on Apr 27, 2015 11:04:50 AM - Report post

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And it has indeed been decided, Silent Hills will NOT happen because Kojima left, a sad day indeed
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