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Official Trainer Thread  Republique Remastered Trainer
PWizard  posted on Mar 01, 2015 7:50:29 AM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Unlimited Battery
Numpad 2: Increase Hacker Level By 1
Numpad 3: Unlock All Doors
Numpad 4: Instant Hack
Numpad 5: Disable AI
Numpad 6: Unlimited Ammo

Options (Editor)

Edit: State
Edit: User Control State
Edit: Previous Control State
Edit: Battery
Edit: Battery Max
Edit: Battery Visual
Edit: Battery Recharge Rate
Edit: Battery Recharging
Edit: Battery Cell Size
Edit: Initial Battery Cells
Edit: Battery Cells Per Level
Edit: Low Battery Threshold
Edit: Low Battery Flash Rate
Edit: Low Battery Flash Duration
Edit: Low Battery
Edit: Hacker Level
Edit: Made Silence Request
Edit: MatrixBO P
Edit: Able To Pause
Edit: Scheduled Radio Call
Edit: Radio Status
Edit: Countdown On Local Search
Edit: Has Raised Global Threat Level After Last Stimuli
Edit: Has Perception Changed
Edit: Perception Rendering Enabled
Edit: In Range Object Rendering Enabled
Edit: Run
Edit: Block Covering
Edit: Waiting To Confirm Walk Command
Edit: Force Replan
Edit: Previous Number Of Influencers
Edit: Minimum Perceived Safety Level
Edit: Max Peek Distance Sqr
Edit: Investigated While Unconscious
Edit: Maximum Hearing Distance
Edit: Normal Sight Distance
Edit: Normal HorizontalFO V
Edit: Normal VerticalFO V
Edit: Guarded Threat Sight Distance Penalty
Edit: Guarded Threat HorizontalFOV Penalty
Edit: Guarded Threat VerticalFOV Penalty
Edit: High Threat Sight Distance Bonus
Edit: High Threat HorizontalFOV Bous
Edit: High Threat VerticalFOV Bonus
Edit: Traversal Status
Edit: Last Status
Edit: Time Since Last Pathfind
Edit: Moving
Edit: Time Playing Movement Animations
Edit: Previous Rotation Speed
Edit: Previous Rotation Direction
Edit: Walk Run Blend
Edit: Decelerate To Destination
Edit: Last Waypoint Update Position
Edit: Pursuit Waiting Distance Sqr
Edit: Pursuit Waiting Distance With Hysteresis Sqr
Edit: Min Interval Time To Do Pathfind
Edit: Sqr Distance To Update Path
Edit: Next Cover Height
Edit: Target Heading
Edit: Rotation Direction
Edit: Has Requested Heading
Edit: Requested Heading
Edit: Snap Rotation
Edit: Requested Rotation Direction
Edit: Max Angle To Match Requested Heading
Edit: Waiting To Update Position
Edit: Target Move Position
Edit: Start Animation Turn
Edit: Time Attempting Animation Turn
Edit: Started Match Target For Turn
Edit: Time Waiting For Path Clearance
Edit: Aligned To Open Door
Edit: Engagement Status
Edit: Smart Object Use State
Edit: Started Use OfPO I
Edit: Smart Object Alignment Angle
Edit: Is Confined To Cell
Edit: Needs Leader To Wait
Edit: Needs To Wait For Leader
Edit: Needs Follow Handshake
Edit: Follow Handshake Delay Timer
Edit: Confining Status
Edit: Waiting For Camera Switch To Skip To Confinement
Edit: Stealing Status
Edit: Time Last Successful Steal Time
Edit: Forced Unequip For Steal
Edit: Current Patrol Idle Anim
Edit: Multiplier Patrol Idle Prob On Guarded
Edit: Time On Patrol Point
Edit: Time On Current Wait Direction
Edit: Target Patrol Point Index
Edit: Last Completed Patrol Point Index
Edit: Patrol Direction
Edit: Current Wait Direction Index
Edit: Played Anim On Patrol Idle
Edit: Tried To Play Dialog On Radio Animation
Edit: Most Recent Cover Normal
Edit: Initial Collider Height
Edit: Initial Collider Center Y
Edit: Crouch Collider Height
Edit: Cover Height Evaluation Timer
Edit: Cover Height Measurement Count Difference
Edit: Desired Capsule Height
Edit: Pathfinding Search Limit
Edit: Pathfinding Search Limit Escort
Edit: Pathfind Options
Edit: Cover Status
Edit: Angle To Cover
Edit: Current Height Normalized
Edit: Crawl Cover Status
Edit: Escape Cooldown Timer
Edit: Escape Cooldown Time
Edit: Escape Search Radius
Edit: Peek Enabled
Edit: Time Since Last Peek
Edit: Time Between Peeks
Edit: Peek Scheduled
Edit: Time Since Last Cover Evaluation
Edit: Time Since Last Corner Facing Check
Edit: Was Previously Safe
Edit: Automatic Cover Selection
Edit: On Auto Cover Movement
Edit: Idle
Edit: Goal Disable Auto Cover Movement
Edit: Vision Cone Follows Head Animation
Edit: Vision Cone Only Follows Head PreI K
Edit: Ik Enabled
Edit: Unlock Vision Cone Vertical
Edit: Air Duct Usage State
Edit: Time Traversing Airduct
Edit: Has Run Start
Edit: Is Player
Edit: Forcing Animator Update
Edit: Mood
Edit: Minimum Mood
Edit: Respect Animation Rotation
Edit: Last Next Base Layer Animation State Name Hash
Edit: Last Current Base Layer Animation State Name Hash
Edit: Sync Animation Status
Edit: Frames To Pause Animation
Edit: Ending Turn Animation
Edit: Use Turn Animation FootI K
Edit: Rotation At Beginning Of Transition
Edit: Turn Left Foot Anchor Position
Edit: Turn Right Foot Anchor Position
Edit: Animation Turn Target Heading
Edit: Started Turn
Edit: Cover Turn
Edit: Incapacitation Timer
Edit: Next Time Incapacitated To Agonize
Edit: Time After Confinement Skip To Wake
Edit: Tase Fall Direction
Edit: Unscrew Vent AudioI D
Edit: In Active Cinematic
Edit: Target One Shot Tag
Edit: Target One Shot Param
Edit: Target One Shot Layer
Edit: Target One Shot Type
Edit: Should Keep Weapon Holstered
Edit: Play Holster Animation
Edit: Attacking Status
Edit: Time Equipping Weapon
Edit: Attempting Capture
Edit: Time Attempting Capture
Edit: Next Time To Reconsider Capture
Edit: Time To Consider Grenade Throw On Capture
Edit: Min Distance To Plan Throw
Edit: Throw Prediction Weight
Edit: Min Time Between Throws
Edit: Combat Stance
Edit: Combat Stance Exit Timer
Edit: Cover Facing
Edit: Aware Of All Points Of Interest
Edit: Min Time Between Poi Uses
Edit: Max Time Between Poi Uses
Edit: Interval Between Poi Uses
Edit: Time Since Last Poi Use
Edit: Animation Used For Item Container
Edit: Use Smart Object Only AsPO I
Edit: Look At Distraction Before Goto
Edit: Hiding Spot State
Edit: Picked Up Items On Container
Edit: Unlocked Item Container
Edit: Ultratech State
Edit: Timein Ultratech State
Edit: Ultratech Saw Guard Too Far

Revan  posted on Mar 01, 2015 8:04:32 AM - Report post

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Thanks for your awesome work!

And so many more options then I expected lol

OP3NGL  posted on Mar 01, 2015 8:34:35 AM - Report post

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thanks! never expected the editor options
PugsOnParade09  posted on Mar 01, 2015 11:30:21 AM - Report post

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I don't own this game or even have an interst in it but that editor is freaking amazing! Cheat Happens knows how to do things 1000%!!

Jobaco  posted on Mar 01, 2015 3:28:47 PM - Report post

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Thank you. Keep your good work
phadeb  posted on Mar 01, 2015 5:37:42 PM - Report post

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I like it when there are tons of options.
thegrube  posted on Mar 01, 2015 8:34:35 PM - Report post

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Anyone having game crash when moving through a door? i've have tried everything but game keeps crashing. Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Never Mind
Started a new came and that stopped the crashing for now.

[Edited by thegrube, 3/1/2015 9:57:58 PM]

svaningelgem  posted on Apr 03, 2015 2:24:40 PM - Report post

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Unlimited ammo is not very reliable. Mostly won't work for me. But disable AI is amazing option.
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