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  Apotheon Trainer
  • Founder
    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Feb 08, 2015 7:30:52 AM - Report post


    Options (Trainer)

    Numpad 1: Infinite Health
    Numpad 2: Infinite Armor
    Numpad 3: Infinite Stamina
    Numpad 4: Add 500 Coins

    Options (Editor)

    Edit: I D
    Edit: Type
    Edit: Layer
    Edit: Start Rotation
    Edit: Rotation
    Edit: Width
    Edit: Height
    Edit: OwnerI D
    Edit: Undo Ent Index
    Edit: Undo Ent Layer Index
    Edit: Transforming With Start Rotation
    Edit: Ingame Volume
    Edit: In Water Percent
    Edit: Original Height
    Edit: Original Width
    Edit: Original Rotation
    Edit: Original Mass
    Edit: Disabled
    Edit: In Water
    Edit: Off Screen Remove
    Edit: No Save
    Edit: Special Save
    Edit: Removed
    Edit: In Water Animation
    Edit: Off Screen
    Edit: No Offscreen
    Edit: Original Rotate Set
    Edit: Position
    Edit: Position_ 2
    Edit: Start Position
    Edit: Start Position_ 2
    Edit: M_rect
    Edit: M_rect_ 2
    Edit: M_rect_ 3
    Edit: M_rect_ 4
    Edit: Color
    Edit: Last Position
    Edit: Last Position_ 2
    Edit: Transforming With Start Offset
    Edit: Transforming With Start Offset_ 2
    Edit: Hit Velocity
    Edit: Hit Velocity_ 2
    Edit: Prefab Offset
    Edit: Prefab Offset_ 2
    Edit: Mouse Offset
    Edit: Mouse Offset_ 2
    Edit: Original Position
    Edit: Original Position_ 2
    Edit: Mouse Start
    Edit: Mouse Start_ 2
    Edit: Animal Turning Time
    Edit: Animal Turning Back Time
    Edit: NetI D
    Edit: BotI D
    Edit: Stop Dialog Time
    Edit: Dialog Animation Transition Time
    Edit: Last Interact Time
    Edit: Interact Wait Time
    Edit: Interact Wait Time Total
    Edit: Death Animation Time
    Edit: Custom Animation Time
    Edit: Divine Rise
    Edit: Divine Rise Animation
    Edit: Next Leg Hit Prone
    Edit: Last Ground Touch
    Edit: Water Animation Wait
    Edit: Next On Ground Animation Clear
    Edit: Next Allow Jump Clear
    Edit: Next Wall Clear
    Edit: Next On Ceiling Check
    Edit: Next Bone Disable
    Edit: Last Hit
    Edit: Last Damage Done
    Edit: Player Gamepad Aiming Time
    Edit: AI Follow_ Found Time
    Edit: Next Shield Charge
    Edit: Next Health Charge
    Edit: Next Stamina Charge
    Edit: Next Hit Noise
    Edit: Last Noise Heard
    Edit: Scared Time
    Edit: Find Character Time
    Edit: Find Character Time Lost
    Edit: Find Character Last Seen
    Edit: AI Next Random Attributes
    Edit: Focus Character Action Off Time
    Edit: Focus Character Action Delayed First Sight Time
    Edit: AI Next Bomb Check
    Edit: AI Next Help Call Check
    Edit: AI Next Find Item Check
    Edit: AI Item Pickup Max Time
    Edit: AI Next Health Use Check
    Edit: AI Next Fight Potion Check
    Edit: AI Next Gesture Time
    Edit: Next Gesture Line
    Edit: Next Goal
    Edit: AI State_ Transfer
    Edit: State_ Transfer
    Edit: Recover Time
    Edit: Anim Release Time
    Edit: Strike Release Time
    Edit: Next Gamepad Inventory Switch
    Edit: Next Weapon Switch
    Edit: Gesture Animation
    Edit: On Fire Time
    Edit: Posioned Time
    Edit: Kopis Bleed Time
    Edit: Last Fire
    Edit: Last Charge Time
    Edit: Anim Strike Time
    Edit: Off Hand Attack Time
    Edit: Use Item Time
    Edit: Next Waypoint Sight Check
    Edit: Last Waypoint Search
    Edit: Next Waypoint Search
    Edit: Last Controls Sprint
    Edit: Last Controls Fire
    Edit: Last Kill
    Edit: Charge Time
    Edit: AI Combat Waypoint Change
    Edit: Last Attack
    Edit: AI Next Delay Fire
    Edit: AI Next Throw
    Edit: AI Stun Time
    Edit: Dead_ Last Bone Hit
    Edit: AI Fly Down Time
    Edit: AI Fly Up Time
    Edit: Next Pain Sound
    Edit: Next Precharge
    Edit: Next Proj Fire
    Edit: Next Fire Burn
    Edit: Next Fire Burn Effect
    Edit: Next Shade Steal
    Edit: Next Shade Steal Sound
    Edit: Last On Left Wall Time
    Edit: Last On Right Wall Time
    Edit: Forced Crouch Time
    Edit: Next Forced Crouch Check
    Edit: Forced Limp Time
    Edit: Block Stun Time
    Edit: Next Wall Jump
    Edit: Lock Pick Time
    Edit: Destroy Object Time
    Edit: Nextjump
    Edit: Nextwalljump
    Edit: Jumpdown
    Edit: Walljump_right
    Edit: Walljump_left
    Edit: Disable Air Control
    Edit: Last New Right
    Edit: Last New Left
    Edit: Roll Right Time
    Edit: Roll Left Time
    Edit: Next Roll
    Edit: Last Dialog Exit
    Edit: NextAI Roll
    Edit: NextAI Roll Check
    Edit: NextAI Retreat Check
    Edit: NextAI Melee Throw Check
    Edit: NextAI Shield State Check
    Edit: AI Shield State Time
    Edit: AI Retreat Time
    Edit: NextAI Use Item Time
    Edit: NextAI Jump
    Edit: AI Attack Jump
    Edit: AI Dodge Jump
    Edit: NextAI Player Check
    Edit: NextAI Raycast
    Edit: Get Symbol Time
    Edit: Next Breath
    Edit: Next Foot Step
    Edit: Reform Time
    Edit: Die Time
    Edit: Remove Time
    Edit: Last Hit_ Next Blood
    Edit: Last Net Response
    Edit: GivenAI Type
    Edit: Coins
    Edit: Health
    Edit: Armor
    Edit: Respawn Count
    Edit: Dialog Count
    Edit: AI Total Melee Throws
    Edit: AI State_ Start
    Edit: Voice Type
    Edit: Gamepad Player
    Edit: Stamina
    Edit: Animation Scale
    Edit: State
    Edit: Team
    Edit: Max Health
    Edit: Max Armor
    Edit: Health Drop Increase
    Edit: Armor Drop Increase
    Edit: AI State
    Edit: AI Weapon
    Edit: Look Rotation
    Edit: Offhand Strength
    Edit: Offhand Strength_ NetI D
    Edit: Main Strength
    Edit: Main Strength_ NetI D
    Edit: Cursor Type
    Edit: Interact Type
    Edit: Dialog Animation Start Frame
    Edit: Last Attack Stamina
    Edit: Current Potions
    Edit: Current Code Set Potions
    Edit: Custom Animation Transition Time
    Edit: Prone Direction
    Edit: Hit Rotate
    Edit: Focus Rotation
    Edit: Last Focus Rotation
    Edit: LastAI State
    Edit: Last Combat State
    Edit: AI Threat Level
    Edit: AI Jump Amount
    Edit: AI Max Speed Random
    Edit: AI Max Speed Random_ Fly
    Edit: AI Throw Range Multiply
    Edit: Gesture Lines_ Index
    Edit: Last Goal Position Type
    Edit: Goal Position Type
    Edit: Combat State
    Edit: AI State New
    Edit: State New
    Edit: Weapon Hit Body Current Scale
    Edit: Show Name Alpha
    Edit: Hit Character Number
    Edit: Hit Brush Number
    Edit: Current Charge
    Edit: Last Charge
    Edit: Show Health Alpha
    Edit: Jump Rolls
    Edit: Last Hit Bone Rotation
    Edit: Ping
    Edit: Score
    Edit: Deaths
    Edit: Facing Left Old
    Edit: Facing Left
    Edit: Facing Left Start
    Edit: Respawn
    Edit: Player
    Edit: Artemis Bow
    Edit: Apollo Lyre
    Edit: Dionysus Cup
    Edit: Athena Symbol
    Edit: Posiedon Symbol
    Edit: Ares Helmet
    Edit: Hera Plume
    Edit: Animal Turning Left
    Edit: Chat Bubble
    Edit: Allow Respawn
    Chris O'Rorke (chris@cheathappens.com)
    Co-Founder: Cheat Happens.com
  • Premium Plus
    Send a message to Jaks
    Jaks posted on Feb 08, 2015 7:56:01 AM - Report post

    I was wondering if you could add an option to the trainer for me.

    Just KIDDING. OMG ... look at the options. That's unreal, you guys continue to amaze. Thanks.

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    Send a message to machine4578
    machine4578 posted on Feb 08, 2015 9:00:36 AM - Report post
    holy 0x90!

    amazing work once again!

    thank you
  • Current rank: 1 Star. Next Rank at 100 Posts.
    Send a message to jacobt82
    jacobt82 posted on Feb 09, 2015 1:50:23 PM - Report post
    Awesome! You guys rock!
  • Premium Plus
    Send a message to pagos76
    pagos76 posted on Feb 10, 2015 6:59:15 AM - Report post
    First of all I want to thank the team again for a wonderfull trainer.

    I am having a small issue though. I shutdown AV started the Trainer with admin priv. and started the game on Steam. I load my save game and wait for the health bar to appear. I hit F1 and listen to the ACTIVATED. All options are responding but none worked. I tried rebooting and doing it again same results. I started a new game and it actually worked. Health and stamina and armour were all full and $$ where added when hiting option 4. So I played through the game till the point I got into ARTEMIS .... after zoning health was back to normal and all options stoped working. Saved the game and rebooted and loaded up again and same result as with the first save game, nothing seems to be working...

    Any ideas?

  • Trainer Maker
    Send a message to 0x90
    0x90 posted on Feb 10, 2015 7:31:28 AM - Report post
    Send savegame to 0x90@cheathappens.com
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    Send a message to jacobt82
    jacobt82 posted on Feb 10, 2015 5:03:17 PM - Report post
    I'm having the same issue - after a certain point, trainer functions seem to stop working. Starting a new game means the trainer works again but stops after some point.
  • Premium Plus
    Send a message to solrune
    solrune posted on Feb 12, 2015 1:23:25 PM - Report post
    Trainer doesn't seem to be working anymore. What might cause the problem? I even re-downloaded the trainer but the same issue continues. Maybe after getting a character strong enough, something is interfering with the way how the trainer works or something like that?
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