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Breath of Fire 4 PAL SLES-03552 Codes
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    LordofFlames posted on Feb 08, 2015 4:14:43 AM - Report post
    Thanks for letting me know Neo7. Now that I know, you can lock/delete or do w/e with the other post. Making a new topic with a proper title for the codes here. Alright here goes!
    These are, as the title shows, for Breath of Fire 4, PAL, SLES-03552.


    No Random Battles (Turn off at boss battles, when saving Cray and on Golden Plains)
    D0114538 1001
    801D0C49 BF75

    Have all items
    50007602 0001
    80118598 6301

    Infinite Zenny
    80118580 FFFF

    Max EXP Nina
    801181F0 967F
    801181F2 0098

    Max EXP Cray
    80118288 967F
    8011828A 0098

    Max EXP Ryu(Hero)
    80118158 967F
    8011815A 0098

    Max EXP Ershin
    80118450 967F
    80118452 0098

    Max EXP Ursula
    801183B8 967F
    801183BA 0098

    Max EXP Scias
    80118320 967F
    80118322 0098

    Max EXP Fou-Lu
    801184E8 967F
    801184EA 0098

    All Weapons
    50005702 0001
    80118798 6301

    All Armor
    50004502 0001
    80118998 6301

    All Accessories
    50005502 0001
    80118B98 6301

    All Dragon Forms
    50000C06 0000
    801190D8 0001

    All Skills in Camp List
    80118DC8 FFFF
    80118DCA FFFF
    80118DCC FFFF
    80118DCE FFFF
    80118DD0 FFFF

    Fisherman Rank The Fish(Max)
    3011B91A 0009

    Max Game Points (This will Evolve dragon forms)
    80118F64 967F
    80118F66 0098


    Credit and thanks go to:

    Jackel, CodeShark, Absolute Empty, Radical Dreamer, Unknown
    -For the codebreaker NTSC-U codes I converted to PAL.

    For the action replay codes I simply sorted out and named better.


    Now, one might ask why I combine CB and AR? Well, they are in a format that those both usually can handle, and can also be used on gameshark. Not all version will, but most of the later ones will. It will also work on emulators(I think) that support codes.

    Also, in case someone has some problems with these codes I will be checking back to this thread every now and then. If you're in a hurry, just send me a PM and I'll get to it when I can


    Swedish Nutcase with cheatoholic problems
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