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CHU used to not bore me!
AdmiralP  posted on Apr 23, 2015 12:45:09 PM - Report post

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I guess over life I've learned that change is the status quo. Don't get me wrong, I most certainly reminisce and miss things from time to time. However, I find that wishing things were the way they once were has two obscene consequences: I sound like a grandpa ("well in my day..." ), and I neglect to find as much enjoyment or worth in the present state.

I still like it here, but then I was never as active as many of you so perhaps that is simply because my level of involvement has never really changed (fortunately that means I never noticed the clique structure previously mentioned... I never care for that kind of crap).

Now what I think all of you need is one big group hug... then you'll all feel better.

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Rise_Against  posted on Apr 23, 2015 2:27:40 PM - Report post

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Also, if all the old***s could stop changing their names, yeah, that'd be great.

Talking to you Loop.

kingpotter  posted on May 11, 2015 3:41:25 AM - Report post

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originally posted by HaloSpAz

More than anything it seems to me we just need more people starting topics people are willing to talk about. Like I said earlier, every time I checked back here back in the day I would have to catch up on 1-5 pages worth of topics. And now I can wait a week before coming back and only find 2 new topics. Both of which do have active participants, but the topic is usually some general question that gets answered early on. I think we have thousands of active lurkers who just don't see anything as worth their time contributing too.

This may be pushing it a little but I think a lot of it might have to do with the Law running around. We have great moderators who are phenomenal at their job, but it almost feels like a police state to me. In the sense that they are sitting there judging everything said deeming it worthy or not. Back before there was an Off Topic Discussion board it was similar to the wild west. There was one pub everyone gathered at and it may have been a little smelly and disturbing but hot damn if it wasn't an exciting place to mingle. Johnny Law was still around but he hung out at the courthouse getting drunk with his deputy until things got really out of hand and had to step in, just to haul off the town miscreant, lock the topic, and then letting everyone get back to business as usual.

Everytime I talk about this I feel like my grandpa reminiscing about WWII and I'm only 23.. A thought just struck me, a realization even. That wild west was populated by what was largely a swarm of young teenagers. Now days, and I'd be curious of actual statistics if available, I'd bet the average age of the user of this site is mid to high 20's? In which case it's likely not the website that has gotten more boring but us as the users in general because none of us are as energetic or creative as we once were... well that's slightly depressing thought so I'm gunna go drink a beer and smoke a bowl.

I love you HaloSpAz.

I feel pretty much the same way. When i first joined this site I was on it constantly, and it was always because of the message boards. I spent hours and hours on end just chatting with all of these guys and loving it. The boards alone are what inspired me to spend an entire summer of my life, and then some, writing a guide for Morrowind, just to get the coveted Author title. I loved everything and everyone in this community, and thats what made it shine in my opinion. Yeah we all love games, but there are so many other things that we have in common. Just being able to sit for hours and bull back and forth was awesome! I dont know how we can do it, but we should try to get back to that. I personally dont use any social media stuff, so thats not my reasoning for leaving, I honestly dont know what it is. But the lack of activity is definitely making it hard for me to get back in.

I miss the old days...

kingpotter  posted on May 11, 2015 3:49:35 AM - Report post

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Also, slightly off topic...

Congratulations to dstates for getting Moderator! If anyone deserved it he did! (No offense to the other MODS) But I remember even back in the day of extravagant activity, every time a post went up he was one of the first to answer. Commitment embodied. No better choice.

Long live dstates!

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