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Official Trainer Thread  Dungeonmans Trainer
PWizard  posted on Dec 16, 2014 1:18:23 PM - Report post

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Options (Trainer)

Numpad 1: Freeze Health
Numpad 2: Freeze Stamina
Numpad 3: Freeze Mana

Options (Editor)

Edit: M_id
Edit: I Texture
Edit: B Draw As Character
Edit: B Facing Right
Edit: B Block Tile Entry
Edit: B Block Same Archetype
Edit: B Remove
Edit: B Suspend Game While Exists
Edit: B Need Post Load Cleanup
Edit: Location
Edit: Location_2
Edit: Character Color
Edit: Sprite X Variance
Edit: Health
Edit: Max Health
Edit: Base Health
Edit: I Money
Edit: I Light Radius
Edit: Glow Effect Timer
Edit: Assigned Room
Edit: I Vertical Offset From Bottom Of Sprite
Edit: I Horizontal Offset From Left Of Tile
Edit: I Rounds Till Chatter
Edit: I Self Decay Timer
Edit: Sprite Rotate Speed
Edit: Sprite Rotation Rads
Edit: F Actor Shake
Edit: F Actor Draw Scale
Edit: Polymorhpic Sprite_random Number
Edit: I Revealed Despite L O S Rounds
Edit: F Juke Offset
Edit: Dir Juke
Edit: Juggle_f Velocity
Edit: Juggle_f Height
Edit: B Debug Mode
Edit: B Can Take Damage
Edit: B Killed And Need To Handle Dead Event
Edit: B Dead
Edit: B In Suspended Death Cinema State
Edit: B Move Thru Creatures
Edit: B Dont Draw Me
Edit: B Skip Drawing This Update
Edit: B Dont Save
Edit: B Block L O S
Edit: B Champion Glow Effect
Edit: B Invisible
Edit: B Is Moving Smoothly
Edit: B In Forced Movement
Edit: B Processed Ambient Update This Game Round
Edit: B Dont Swap With Hero
Edit: B Can Never Be Tossed
Edit: B Draw Under Fog Of War
Edit: B Draw Only Border
Edit: B Sprite Should Rotate
Edit: Polymorphic Sprite_cant Be Matched
Edit: Polymorphic Sprite_b Is Polymorphic
Edit: B Booping Not Juking
Edit: Juggle_b Juggle Engaged
Edit: Juggle_b Flip Dirs
Edit: Glow Effect Color
Edit: Pre Special Movement Location
Edit: Pre Special Movement Location_2
Edit: Smooth Movement
Edit: Smooth Movement_2
Edit: Smooth Movement_3
Edit: Smooth Movement_4
Edit: Smooth Movement_5
Edit: Smooth Movement_6
Edit: Edge Shader Color
Edit: Current Equipped
Edit: Proficient Equippable Types
Edit: I Flat Distance From Hero
Edit: I Room Num
Edit: I Level
Edit: F Footstep Delay
Edit: Monster Knowledge Type
Edit: Base Defeat Armor
Edit: Base Defeat Parry
Edit: Base Defeat Block
Edit: Stamina
Edit: Max Stamina
Edit: Mana
Edit: Max Mana
Edit: Ire Value
Edit: Max Ire
Edit: F Rage Decay Per Second While Burning
Edit: F Rage Decay Per Second O O C
Edit: F Timer Till O O C
Edit: I Bonus Damage To Next Attack
Edit: I Deadpulses
Edit: I Max Deadpulses
Edit: I Generated Threat
Edit: Gender
Edit: I Current A P
Edit: Base A P Gain Per Turn
Edit: I A P Gain This Turn
Edit: Enabled Class Features
Edit: I Bend Like A Reed Rounds
Edit: I Ranger Focus Rounds
Edit: I Polearm Reach Attacks
Edit: I Reactive Linens Rounds
Edit: I Bulwark Rounds
Edit: I Take Them With You Rounds
Edit: I Mad Thirsty Charges
Edit: I Secondary Ranged Attacks
Edit: I Secondary Melee Attacks
Edit: I Rounds In Same Place
Edit: F Too Close Distance
Edit: I Anchor Actor Load I D
Edit: I Anchor Leash Range
Edit: I Champion Tier
Edit: I Turns Until Natural H P Regen
Edit: I Turns Until Natural Stam Regen
Edit: I Turns Until Natural Mana Regen
Edit: I Blindness Counter
Edit: I Flee Value
Edit: I Ticks To Remain Fleeing
Edit: I Rage Value
Edit: I Ticks To Remain Raging
Edit: I Ticks To Remain Paralyzed
Edit: F Natural Creature Stun Immunity Percent
Edit: F Knockback Immunity Percent
Edit: I Ticks To Remain Dazed
Edit: F Editor Health Mod
Edit: F Editor Hit Mod
Edit: F Editor Armor Mod
Edit: F Editor Block Mod
Edit: F Editor Dodge Mod
Edit: F Editor Parry Mod
Edit: F Editor Defeat Armor Mod
Edit: F Editor Defeat Block Mod
Edit: F Editor Defeat Dodge Mod
Edit: F Editor Defeat Parry Mod
Edit: I Turns To Force Creature To Skip Turn For Scripts
Edit: F Wavey Draw Time
Edit: B Cant Find Path
Edit: B Have Fired Activation Bark
Edit: B Resting
Edit: B Should Interrupt Rest
Edit: B Game Won If Killed
Edit: B Powers Loaded
Edit: B Is Raging
Edit: B Bonus Damage Added This Round
Edit: B Is Mired
Edit: B Serving Refreshments
Edit: B Last Attack Missed
Edit: B Can Ranged Attack
Edit: B Was Critically Hit This Round
Edit: B Never Move Unless Told To By Someone Else
Edit: B Only Aggro In Anchor Range
Edit: B Is Fleeing
Edit: B Is Pinned
Edit: B Is Dazed
Edit: B Inanimate Object
Edit: Goal Location
Edit: Goal Location_2
Edit: Desired Location
Edit: Desired Location_2
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_2
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_3
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_4
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_5
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_6
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_7
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_8
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_9
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_10
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_11
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_12
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_13
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_14
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_15
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_16
Edit: Ranged Attack Sprite_17
Edit: Last Round Location
Edit: Last Round Location_2
Edit: Anchor Location
Edit: Anchor Location_2
Edit: Chambered Start Loc
Edit: Chambered Start Loc_2
Edit: Chambered End Loc
Edit: Chambered End Loc_2
Edit: I Current Floor
Edit: Target Reason
Edit: I Current X P
Edit: I X P To Next Level
Edit: I Unspent Mastery Points
Edit: Dialog Reason
Edit: Engaged With Bosses
Edit: I Ticks Till Encounter Chance
Edit: Overworld Encounter Start Condition
Edit: B Is In Overworld
Edit: B Undying
Edit: B Wargod
Edit: B Never Left Academy
Edit: B Heard Introductory Talk
Edit: B Roll Credits Now
Edit: B In Auto Pathing Mode
Edit: Draw Area Map Anchor
Edit: Draw Area Map Anchor_2
Edit: Draw Area Map Anchor_3
Edit: Draw Area Map Anchor_4


Jaks  posted on Dec 16, 2014 3:37:33 PM - Report post

Premium Plus
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Thanks guys. 0x90, is that the most Editor options ever? That's quite a list bro, props.

sab21  posted on Dec 16, 2014 3:41:27 PM - Report post

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Thank you for the trainer. Also I can't seem to get the gold / money value to increase with the "Edit: I Money." Am I doing something wrong?
modpud  posted on Sep 10, 2015 10:21:55 PM - Report post

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Any chance of getting an update of this?
-Arsenal-  posted on Nov 02, 2015 2:15:41 AM - Report post

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Agreed, just got into this game and saw ver 1.3a is the current one. Such a shame
0x90  posted on Nov 02, 2015 11:26:27 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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Will be posted soon.
-Arsenal-  posted on Nov 04, 2015 9:07:06 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

Will be posted soon.

Thank you kindly for your good work in updating this!

RStormshadow  posted on Dec 18, 2016 10:25:06 PM - Report post

Current rank: 1 Star. Next Rank at 100 Posts.
Send a message to RStormshadow
when i try to activate the trainer, it locks up and crashes, or, i get a popup saying trainer cant find game code (x90). is the trainer bugged? or is it me?
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