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  Adventure Time: Finn and Jake´s Trainer
  • Founder
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    PWizard posted on Oct 31, 2014 3:26:56 PM - Report post

    Options (Trainer)

    Numpad 1: Toggle God Mode

    Options (Editor)

    Edit: EXP
    Edit: Gold
    Edit: Attribute Points
    Edit: Skill Points
    Edit: World Size
    Edit: Tiro Start
    Edit: Character I D
    Edit: Controller On
    Edit: Experience To Show Tutorial
    Edit: Time To Update Target Position Total
    Edit: Shopping Time Max
    Edit: Chances To Do Critical Damage
    Edit: Dead Time
    Edit: Death Message Shown
    Edit: Dead Timer
    Edit: Falling Time
    Edit: Finn_on Edge Voice
    Edit: Finn_fall Voice
    Edit: Finn_respawn Voice
    Edit: Finn_swap Player To Jake Voice
    Edit: Finn_swap Player To Finn Voice
    Edit: Jake_on Edge Voice
    Edit: Jake_fall Voice
    Edit: Jake_respawn Voice
    Edit: Jake_swap Player To Jake Voice
    Edit: Jake_swap Player To Finn Voice
    Edit: Shield Sound
    Edit: Respawn Sound
    Edit: Fist Bump Sound
    Edit: Fall Sound
    Edit: Splash Sound
    Edit: Finn Under Water Sound
    Edit: Finn Exit Water Sound
    Edit: Jake Under Water Sound
    Edit: Jake Exit Water Sound
    Edit: Finn On Fire Sound
    Edit: Jake On Fire Sound
    Edit: Finn Teleport Spawn
    Edit: Flap Sound
    Edit: Walked Distance To Tutorial
    Edit: Was On Edge
    Edit: Health Regeneration Transition After Being Hurt
    Edit: Needs Refresh Customization
    Edit: God Mode
    Edit: Initialized
    Edit: Need To Respawn
    Edit: Ultra Damage Cheat
    Edit: Saved Map
    Edit: Saved Level
    Edit: Saved X
    Edit: Saved Y
    Edit: Saved Z
    Edit: Falling Total Time
    Edit: Falling Velocity
    Edit: State
    Edit: Prev Experience
    Edit: Curr Experience
    Edit: Prev Shock
    Edit: Camera Move Time
    Edit: Camera Move Time Step
    Edit: Camera Local Pos Original
    Edit: Prev Level
    Edit: Has Been Initialized
    Edit: Prev Position
    Edit: Shopping Time
    Edit: Loading Map
    Edit: Time To Drop Idle Casual Anim Current
    Edit: Selected Character
    Edit: Attack Blend Time
    Edit: Attack Rotate Time
    Edit: New Attack Rotate Time
    Edit: Rotate Timer
    Edit: From Angle
    Edit: Combo Multiplier Start
    Edit: Combo Multiplier Per5
    Edit: Combo Multiplier Limit
    Edit: Combo Counter
    Edit: Combo Timer
    Edit: Combo Duration
    Edit: Queued Key
    Edit: Combo Is Strong
    Edit: Combo Index
    Edit: Already Hit
    Edit: Last Advance By
    Edit: Going To Angle
    Edit: Previous Speed
    Edit: Previous Swap Speed
    Edit: Scrumbled
    Edit: Scrumbled Time
    Edit: Scrumbled Current Time
    Edit: Scrumbled Type
    Edit: Player Can Attack
    Edit: Player Can Do Action
    Edit: Invisible
    Edit: Is Armored
    Edit: Is Fiona
    Edit: Is Still On
    Edit: Is On Air
    Edit: Impulse Future Y
    Edit: On Lady
    Edit: Lady Direction
    Edit: Has Rubber Ring
    Edit: Is God Mode On
    Edit: Is Man Boobs On
    Edit: Is Mutation On
    Edit: Is Guardian On
    Edit: Previous Direction
    Edit: Jump Destination
    Edit: Active Weapon
    Edit: Active Hand
    Edit: Future Weapon
    Edit: Future Hand
    Edit: Damage Reduction
    Edit: Knock Back Factor
    Edit: Knock Back X
    Edit: Knock Back Z
    Edit: Lock Player Time
    Edit: Is Identifying
    Edit: Identify Cost
    Edit: Water Damage
    Edit: Lava Damage
    Edit: Trash Damage
    Edit: Hp Per Level Increment
    Edit: Invulnerable Time
    Edit: Invulnerable Time Current
    Edit: Life Increment
    Edit: Life Increment Current
    Edit: Incrementing Life
    Edit: Life Increment Count
    Edit: Final Life
    Edit: Swap Enable
    Edit: Falling Increment Total Wings
    Edit: Falling Increment Wings
    Edit: Falling Increment Tic Wings
    Edit: Falling Increment Total
    Edit: Falling Increment
    Edit: Falling Increment Tic
    Edit: Decoy Active
    Edit: Player First Apparition
    Edit: Tap Timer
    Edit: Tap Keys
    Edit: Roll Speed X
    Edit: Roll Speed Y
    Edit: Original Speed
    Edit: Finn Original Speed
    Edit: Roll Speed Factor
    Edit: Dash Speed Factor
    Edit: Jake Armor Reduction
    Edit: Fiona Armor Reduction
    Edit: Trapped Time Max
    Edit: Trapped Time
    Edit: Has Mask On
    Edit: Combo Detection
    Edit: Combo Armor Detection
    Edit: Free To Action
    Edit: Free To Action After Teleport
    Edit: Free To Action While Interacting
    Edit: Huo Played
    Edit: Swap Enabled
    Edit: To Level Up
    Edit: First Load
    Edit: Shoudl Show Portal
    Edit: Drop On Death Percentage
    Edit: Lives Counter
    Edit: Xp To Be Added After Loading Level
    Edit: Portal Already Launched
    Edit: Drill Attack Timer
    Edit: Drill Attack Timer Current
    Edit: Playing Cinematic
    Edit: Speed Animation Magic Number
    Edit: Previous Combo Index
    Edit: Tint Timer
    Edit: Guard Crusher
    Edit: Hit Timer
    Edit: Attack Voice Time
    Edit: Attack Voice Started
    Edit: Pushed Current Time
    Edit: Pushed Time
    Edit: Push Looking Angle
    Edit: Knock Back X Push
    Edit: Knock Back Z Push
    Edit: Desired Angle P C
    Edit: Desired Angle X B O X
    Edit: Desired Angle Charged P C
    Edit: Desired Angle Charged X B O X
    Edit: Cheer Count
    Edit: Roll Cooldown
    Edit: Time Since Roll
    Edit: Game Over Shown
    Edit: Last Life
    Edit: Are Lives Flickering
    Edit: Artifact Exp Granted
    Edit: Show Save Icon
    Edit: Already Hit Sound
    Edit: Is Teleport Enabled
    Edit: Achivements Checked
    Edit: Trail Active
    Edit: Tap Valid
    Edit: Ninja Star On
    Edit: Previous Reduction
    Edit: Was Finn Before Guardian


    However a few has been tested:
    [is God Mode On] = Set to '1' and all enemies near you will explode.
    [Invisible] = Set to '1' and enemies will ignore you.
    [ultra Damage Cheat] = Set to a very high number like '9999' and enemies are killed by a single hit.

    - Toggle God Mode:
    This will toggle the god mode.

    Customize Hotkeys
    Select the hotkey you want to change and press your desired key or key combination.
    To reset all hotkeys at once toggle 'Use Controller' twice. Controller hotkeys are not customizable.

    Double click on a value to open the inline editor. Simple type your desired value and press return key.
    Pressing SPACE key will freeze the current value which indicates a 'X' symbol next to the description.
    The category 'TYPE' is showing you how the value is stored in the memory. For more information visit:

    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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    aaronpearl1986 posted on Oct 31, 2014 3:41:33 PM - Report post
    Holy hell. Right on PWiz!
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    schoolofmonkey posted on Oct 31, 2014 10:41:03 PM - Report post
    Thanks for this.
    One quick question (and I'm not one to do annoy) how do you stop them dancing with God Mode on, you can't switch characters, I did assign a different key than numpad 1 just to make sure the game didn't bind itself to that key for some reason, but it did the same.

    No biggy, you can just turn off God mode when you want to switch.
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    0x90 posted on Nov 01, 2014 3:50:12 AM - Report post
    You cannot I suppose. It might be an eastern egg of the developers.
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    Huami posted on Nov 03, 2014 7:47:56 AM - Report post
    wooow thank you guys!!!!
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    lastrogue posted on Nov 26, 2014 6:05:58 PM - Report post
    I'm a little late to the thank you bandwagon here, but you guys rock. You did an awesome job with this one, as you always do. Thanks for awesome customer service you guys provide and the quality products.
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