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Are Early Access Games Ruining Industry?
Neo7  posted on Sep 25, 2014 9:31:18 PM - Report post

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TotalBiscuit sums it up nicely for me: Link
Gameplayer69  posted on Sep 25, 2014 11:33:56 PM - Report post

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I purchased Grim Dawn, which is a great game in my opinion, one of the updates during Early Access caused me to lose my save progress with no way of restoring. Not again, I didn't wish to restart my progress. Apparently this is one of the better experiences with Early Access from what I have read.

Although lucky with this particular game, the lack of rules favouring the developers are too loose and have created false expectations. Even Kickstarter have changed their guidelines to allow for legal recourse. The people in their ivory tower at Steam need to do the same. Those negative reviews can also really kill a game for Early Access.

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madatcheats  posted on Sep 25, 2014 11:38:02 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Neo7

TotalBiscuit sums it up nicely for me: Link

Basically covers everything. Can't believe I watched the whole thing. Now I'm gonna be late for work.

GraVe23  posted on Sep 26, 2014 4:22:30 PM - Report post

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going against
"stomping land"
and this game (early access)
got 2 updates this week
just saying =)

looking at other games

like "the long dark"
witch is started at 2012 and now (this week) got out on steam
and what can it ? .. not much :-/

or "rust" (early access)
which has now "experimental" and "normal" version
and what they do ? no one knows

or "7 days to die"
bringt out update 2.6b and say "this and this come in 2.7c"
so come update 2.7d and the features are missing..

why not buy a early access game ? if it is fun =)
play it ^^ if you do not have fun... let it lie and hope for updates later and try later
if not .. what ever.. there are enough games to play =)

best one is "the forest" i guess =) its still ****y.. but they work on it and say many thinks they do on it

and the youtube video... nja :-/

no one make you buy this game ? no one pull a gun at your head and scream "BUY THIS GAME OR DIE"
you know its EA (early access) and you maybe know, it will never be released..

Wasteland 2 got just full after 1(?) year EA and 4 month beta

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DABhand  posted on Sep 26, 2014 6:49:52 PM - Report post

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originally posted by PWizard

I think the difference is that you know that when ordering GTA5 that you are going to get a completely working game. With these early access titles, all you have is the promise of a working game sometime in the next 2-5 years which may or may not ever happen, yet you don't get your money back if it doesn't. If I pre-order GTA5 and they cancel the game before it's released, I get my money back.

There has been AAA titles that had an option to play early also.

Same for Steam pre-early games, if they do not get released then you can get your money back.

People just think bad straight away, "oh no Stomping lands is not updating and the guy ran with the cash.... must mean all other early play games will go the same way...", that is of course not true at all.

Personally I just feel people just don't have any patience or positive thinking these days.

ADDENDUM: Jig the developer of Stomping Land has since released 2 Patches, so it does look like he is working on the title. In case people didn't know and wanted to check out the patches if they have the game.

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icecold951  posted on Sep 27, 2014 9:26:09 PM - Report post

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I've had good luck with them. Specifically 7 days to die and space engineers. Now on The Long Night.
The issue is, research it first. Youtube them first, and well, before deciding. And make sure they had to invest enough work into it first, before buying.

ALL games are a risk. I've bought games like Star Wars Unleashed, where they turned out a 'finished' game that was garbage. Bugged to hell, and no effort to fix. Nor was that one alone. Others were played up, only to come far short of expectations during game play.

Devildog91  posted on Sep 27, 2014 10:49:28 PM - Report post

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I don't like being a tester especially if I am paying for the game! I did some testing years back for a few games on PS1. As long as the customer knows going in that there is no guarantee there ever will be a completed game I say no harm no foul!!
Jaks  posted on Sep 28, 2014 8:47:46 AM - Report post

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Buying Early Access is like playing Russian Roulette. Recently several of us bought Lost PLanet 3 on a flash sale at Steam. Originally an Early Access published by Capcom. ONE guy posted a negative comment in the thread and the game was retired before I even dloaded it. Was it the one guy or Early Access?

I'm fairly certain most all of us here use trainers. It's no secret that PWiz and the trainer creators despise Early Access and who could blame them? Patch after patch on poorly designed games and members complaining at 2:20pm that the 2pm trainer update is now broken since the 2:15pm patch for the Early Access game I bought at 1:45pm. That sound familiar?

Yeah, I'll start buying some Early Access, right after PWiz and the trainer creators declare we will always have a working trainer for each update of every Early Access. That and Steam tells devs they have to finish what they start and take money for.

Who knows with Steam but I don't believe our guys will ever make that declaration and I don't blame them at all. Anybody know when Van Helsing 3 will be out?

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