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Official Trainer Thread  Final Fantasy IV Trainer
0x90  posted on Sep 21, 2014 1:18:29 PM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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If you are the only one who has this issue there must be something different on your end then. And I can only help you if I know what you have done different. Telling me it doesn't work and it doesn't matter what you have done is nothing but waste of time because I need to ask you again about more details which could have been avoided by telling me the details directly at the beginning. I don't like wasting my time on a Sunday.

So let me be clear of what I need:

Steps you have done. From activating trainer to applying your change. I need to know where you have done which step in the game. And it would also help me to know if the editor displays the value of strength or nothing at all.

[Edited by 0x90, 9/21/2014 1:19:40 PM]

FFFanatic  posted on Sep 22, 2014 12:17:45 AM - Report post

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Thanks for the trainer, as always, 0x90. It's working great on my end so far.

By the way, it would be nice if some form of item editor gets incorporated into the trainer. Just to assist a little, here are my findings:

Each item is represented in the form of XXYYZZ00, Little Endian, where (one byte each):
XX = Item ID
YY = Item Category
ZZ = Item Quantity
00 = Must be zero

- Item ID must be paired with Item Category to identify a unique item. Example: 9113 = Gold Needle, 911A = Rod
- Item Category does not necessarily reflect who can equip what. It can simply be considered as an arbitrary value with limited grouping significance.
- Since both Item ID and Category must be paired to uniquely identify an item, this can essentially be treated as a 2 byte value.
- Item Quantity caps at 99. While it can be set to the max byte value of 255, the game will correct itself and set the quantity back to 99 at some point (on item use, etc.).
- If 00 is not zero due to setting item quantity past a byte's max value, the game will crash upon accessing the inventory. It is likely used as a delimiter to separate item slots.

In Cheat Engine, the related addresses are:

FF4.exe+232C10 = Slot 1 Item ID and Category (2 bytes)
FF4.exe+232C12 = Slot 1 Item Quantity (1 byte)
FF4.exe+232C14 = Slot 2 Item ID and Category (2 bytes)
FF4.exe+232C16 = Slot 2 Item Quantity (1 byte)

FF4.exe+233214 = Total Unique Items (1 byte)

FF4.exe+233218 = Slot 1 Key Item ID and Category (2 bytes)
FF4.exe+23321A = Slot 1 Key Item Quantity (1 byte)
FF4.exe+23321C = Slot 2 Key Item ID and Category (2 bytes)
FF4.exe+23321E = Slot 2 Key Item Quantity (1 byte)

FF4.exe+23341C = Total Unique Key Items (1 byte)

If items/key items gets added or removed, another value must be updated to tell the game how many different items there are in the inventory, and display them correctly, using Total Unique Items/Key Items. This value should be no more than a byte, as there doesn't seem to be more than 255 known unique items or key items. Edit: In addition, this value should equal the number of item slots you have filled, to prevent undesirable outputs.

As for the Item ID's, this will be posted in a separate post. These seem to be identical to the ones on the iOS/Android ports, so credits mostly to xTopWarmachinex for the values on GameFAQs. I'll be re-posting it here, with item values re-sorted and useless items omitted for convenience.

[Edited by FFFanatic, 9/22/2014 11:51:15 AM]

FFFanatic  posted on Sep 22, 2014 12:18:20 AM - Report post

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Item Codes (LE order):



8913 - Potion
8A13 - Hi-Potion
8B13 - X-Potion
8C13 - Ether
8D13 - Dry Ether
8E13 - Elixir
8F13 - Megalixir
9013 - Phoenix Down
9113 - Gold Needle
9213 - Maiden's Kiss
9313 - Mallet
9413 - Diet Ration
9513 - Echo Herbs
9613 - Eye Drops
9713 - Antidote
9813 - Cross
9913 - Remedy
9A13 - Alarm Clock
9B13 - Unicorn Horn
9C13 - Tent
9D13 - Cottage
9E13 - Emergency Exit
9F13 - Gnomish Bread
A013 - Gysahl Greens
A213 - Golden Apple
A313 - Silver Apple
A413 - Soma Drop
A513 - Siren
A613 - Lustful Lali-Ho
A713 - Ninja Sutra
AB13 - Red Fang
AC13 - White Fang
AD13 - Blue Fang
AE13 - Bomb Fragment
AF13 - Bomb Crank
B013 - Antarctic Wind
B113 - Arctic Wind
B213 - Zeus's Wrath
B313 - Heavenly Wrath
B413 - Gaia Drum
B513 - Bomb Core
B613 - Stardust
B713 - Lilith's Kiss
B813 - Vampire Fang
B913 - Spider Silk
BA13 - Silent Bell
BB13 - Coeurl Whisker
BC13 - Bestiary
BD13 - Bronze Hourglass
BE13 - Silver Hourglass
BF13 - Gold Hourglass
C013 - Bacchus's Wine
C113 - Hermes Sandals
C213 - Decoy
C313 - Light Curtain
C413 - Lunar Curtain
C513 - Crystal
C613 - Member's Writ


4714 - Rainbow Pudding


7117 - Dark Sword
7217 - Shadowblade
7317 - Deathbringer
7417 - Mythgraven Blade
7517 - Lustrus Sword
7617 - Excalibur
7717 - Ragnarok
7817 - Ancient Sword
7917 - Blood Sword
7A17 - Mythril Sword
7B17 - Sleep Blade
7C17 - Flame Sword
7D17 - Icebrand
7E17 - Stoneblade
7F17 - Avenger
8017 - Defender
8117 - Fireshard
8217 - Frostshard
8317 - Thundershard
8417 - Onion Sword


D517 - Spear
D617 - Wind Spear
D717 - Flame Lance
D817 - Ice Lance
D917 - Blood Lance
DA17 - Gungnir
DB17 - Wyvern Lance
DC17 - Holy Lance


3918 - Mythril Knife
3A18 - Dancing Dagger
3B18 - Mage Masher
3C18 - Knife


9D18 - Dream Harp
9E18 - Lamia Harp


0119 - Flame Claws
0219 - Ice Claws
0319 - Lightning Claws
0419 - Faerie Claws
0519 - Hell Claws
0619 - Cat Claws


6519 - Wooden Hammer
6619 - Mythril Hammer
6719 - Gaia Hammer


C919 - Dwarven Axe
CA19 - Ogrekiller
CB19 - Poison Axe
CC19 - Rune Axe


2D1A - Kunai
2E1A - Ashura
2F1A - Kotetsu
301A - Kiku-ichimonji
311A - Murasame
321A - Masamune


911A - Rod
921A - Flame Rod
931A - Ice Rod
941A - Thunder Rod
951A - Lilith Rod
961A - Polymorph Rod
971A - Faerie Rod
981A - Stardust Rod


F51A - Staff
F61A - Healing Staff
F71A - Mythril Staff
F81A - Power Staff
F91A - Aura Staff
FA1A - Sages Staff


5A1B - Power Bow
5B1B - Great Bow
5C1B - Killer Bow
5D1B - Elven Bow
5E1B - Yoichi Bow
5F1B - Artemis Bow


BD1B - Medusa Arrows
BE1B - Iron Arrows
BF1B - Holy Arrows
C01B - Fire Arrows
C11B - Ice Arrows
C21B - Lightning Arrows
C31B - Blinding Arrows
C41B - Poison Arrows
C51B - Silencing Arrows
C61B - Angel Arrows
C71B - Yoichi Arrows
C81B - Artemis Arrows


211C - Whip
221C - Chain Whip
231C - Blitz Whip
241C - Flame Whip
251C - Dragon Whisker


851C - Boomerang
861C - Moonring Blade


E91C - Shuriken
EA1C - Fuma Shuriken


411F - Iron Shield
421F - Dark Shield
431F - Demon Shield
441F - Lustrous Shield
451F - Mythril Shield
461F - Flame Shield
471F - Ice Shield
481F - Diamond Shield
491F - Aegis Shield
4A1F - Genji Shield
4B1F - Dragon Shield
4C1F - Crystal Shield
4D1F - Onion Shield


A51F - Leather Cap
A61F - Headband
A71F - Feathered Cap
A81F - Iron Helm
A91F - Wizard's Hat
AA1F - Green Beret
AB1F - Dark Helm
AC1F - Hades Helm
AD1F - Sage's Miter
AE1F - Black Cowel
AF1F - Demon Helm
B01F - Lustrous Helm
B11F - Golden Hairpin
B21F - Mythril Helm
B31F - Diamond Helm
B41F - Ribbon
B51F - Genji Helm
B61F - Dragon Helm
B71F - Crystal Helm
B81F - Glass Mask
B91F - Onion Helm


0920 - Clothing
0A20 - Prison Garb
0B20 - Leather Clothing
0C20 - Bard's Tunic
0D20 - Gaia Gear
0E20 - Iron Armor
0F20 - Dark Armor
1020 - Sage's Surplice
1120 - Kenpo Gi
1220 - Hades Armor
1320 - Black Robe
1420 - Demon Armor
1520 - Black Belt Gi
1620 - Knight's Armor
1720 - Luminous Robe
1820 - Mythril Armor
1920 - Flame Mail
1A20 - Power Sash
1B20 - Ice Armor
1C20 - White Robe
1D20 - Diamond Armor
1E20 - Minerva Bustier
1F20 - Genji Armor
2020 - Dragon Mail
2120 - Black Garb
2220 - Crystal Mail
2320 - Adamant Armor
2420 - Onion Armor


6D20 - Ruby Ring
6E20 - Cursed Ring
6F20 - Iron Gloves
7020 - Dark Gloves
7120 - Iron Armlet
7220 - Power Armlet
7320 - Hades Gloves
7420 - Demon Gloves
7520 - Silver Armlet
7620 - Gauntlets
7720 - Rune Armlet
7820 - Mythril Gloves
7920 - Diamond Armlet
7A20 - Diamond Gloves
7B20 - Genji Gloves
7C20 - Dragon Gloves
7D20 - Giants Gloves
7E20 - Crystal Gloves
7F20 - Protect Ring
8020 - Crystal Ring
8120 - Onion Gloves

Key Items


2923 - Frying Pan
2A23 - Adamantite
2C23 - Sand Pearl
2D23 - Dark Matter
2E23 - Earth Crystal
3023 - Baron Key
3123 - Whisperweed
3323 - Carnelian Signet
3423 - Magma Stone
3523 - Dark Crystal
3623 - Luca's Necklace
3723 - Lugae's Key


8C23 - Goblin
8D23 - Bomb
8E23 - C0ckatrice (replace 0 with o. Silly filter...)
8F23 - Mindflayer


9023 - Bardsong
9123 - Salve
9223 - Hide
9323 - Twincast
9423 - Cry
9523 - Bluff
9623 - Recall
9723 - Fast Talker
9823 - Dualcast
9923 - Analyze
9A23 - Upgrade
9B23 - Adrenaline
9C23 - Focus
9D23 - Brace
9E23 - Kick
9F23 - Bless
A023 - Last Stand
A123 - Phoenix
A223 - Limit Break
B023 - Auto-Potion
B123 - Omnicasting
B223 - Item Lore
B323 - Counter
B423 - MP +50%
B623 - Piercing Magic
B723 - HP +50%
B923 - Reach
BA23 - Level Lust
BB23 - Gil Farmer
BC23 - Treasure Hunter
BD23 - Curse
BE23 - Tsunami
BF23 - Whirlwind
C023 - Inferno
C123 - Draw Attacks
C223 - Eye Gouge
C323 - Safe Travel
C623 - Darkness
CE23 - ????'s Love


2F23 - Rat Tail
3223 - Pink Tail
D123 - Red Tail
D223 - Black Tail
D323 - Blue Tail
D423 - Green Tail
D523 - Yellow Tail

[Edited by FFFanatic, 9/22/2014 12:24:28 AM]

Shimatsu  posted on Sep 22, 2014 7:34:42 AM - Report post

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Welp FFFanatic, I DID promise. I love you forever now. Of course I've never used Cheat Engine before, so this should be fun

[Edited by Shimatsu, 9/22/2014 8:03:27 AM]

Edit 2: Have you had any luck adding augments into the key item list when there was no key item there to begin with? Tried, but had no success. Also, though I was able to change the number of augments that was available (bumping it to 99), I noticed that if I learned that specific augment with my people, then switched it to a different augment (say, from Auto Potion to MP +50%), my people would forget the Auto Potion augment. I could switch the augments back to get Auto Potion, but it looks like you'll have to unlock each of them and manually bump their numbers up to get every augment. Unless I'm doing it wrong somehow.

[Edited by Shimatsu, 9/22/2014 10:52:10 AM]

FFFanatic  posted on Sep 22, 2014 12:22:33 PM - Report post

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1. I've tried emptying my Key Items list through the memory browser, and I've also tried starting a brand new game. In both cases, I was able to add and teach augments properly.

2. With regards to changing an existing augment to another, my characters still retained any augments that have been already taught to them, regardless of how I edit the key items thereafter. I'm not too sure why this issue would occur for you.

Nevertheless, this is how it should be done, or how I would do it, in Cheat Engine (Example: Treasure Hunter in Slot 1 of Key Items):

0. Make sure you're not viewing the Key Items.

1. Use Add Address Manually and add all the addresses in my other post. Allocate the correct type as indicated in the parentheses (1 or 2 bytes). Make sure you include the "FF4.exe+" part.

2. For "Slot 1 Key Item ID and Category" (if you copied the description), right-click and select "Show as hexadecimal". Double-click the value and change it to 23BC (the value is flipped due to difference in hex representation from the memory browser).

3. For "Slot 1 Key Item Quantity", change it to anything above 0.

4. Make sure "Total Unique Key Items" is set at 1, or more according to how many different key items you have.

5. Go to your Key Items and you should see Treasure Hunter in the first slot.

[Edited by FFFanatic, 9/22/2014 12:27:21 PM]

Shimatsu  posted on Sep 23, 2014 3:57:17 AM - Report post

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That much was working fine, it just that if I teach my characters an augment, then change the slot 1 Augment to something else then go back in and teach that new augment to my characters, they would forget whatever the first augment was. Not sure why...I'm following that same process. It's possible that something I'm doing is just conflicting somehow, but I don't know enough about Cheat Engine to figure it out
FFFanatic  posted on Sep 23, 2014 5:00:34 AM - Report post

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Hmm...I may have to progress further to see if there's any difference. I actually haven't gotten far in this version yet (though I did on the original and iOS versions), experimenting with the trainer, inventory and all.

Hopefully others can verify if the problem occurs on their end. Otherwise, there's not much else I can do if I still can't reproduce the problem...

[Edited by FFFanatic, 9/23/2014 8:34:53 AM]

Loki  posted on Sep 23, 2014 5:53:45 AM - Report post

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Big thanks to Ox and FFFanatic for everything you have done to make this game more enjoyable, its the very reason I love this site!
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