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Official Trainer Thread  Final Fantasy IV Trainer
PWizard  posted on Sep 19, 2014 9:28:53 AM - Report post

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Trainer Options
NumPad1: Infinite Health
NumPad2: Instant Action
NumPad3: Change GIL By 500
NumPad4: One Hit Kills
NumPad5: Change Quantity Of Selected Item By 10

Editor Options
Misc: Level
Misc: EXP
Misc: Current Health
Misc: Current MP
Misc: GIL
Misc: Strength
Misc: Stamina
Misc: Speed
Misc: Intellect
Misc: Spirit
Selected Item: ID
Selected Item: Quantity

Infinite Health:
While active your party has infinite health during fights.

Instant Action:
While active your party members have no longer a waiting time between actions during fights.

Add 500 GIL:
Press TAB key to open the menu where you GIL is shown. Then close it. Now press hotkey
and open the menu once again to see changes.

Edit: Level, Current Health, MP, Strength, Stamina, Spirit, Intellect, Speed:
Press TAB key to open the menu and go to 'STATUS' and select a member of your choice.
Now when the stats of this member are shown ingame, tab out to the editor and make your changes.
Or press hotkey to add 500 EXP. You'll need to reopen his stats page to see changes.

Change Quantity Of Selected Item:
Open your inventory and highlight an item first. Then press hotkey to add more quantity.
You'll need to reopen the screen to see changes.

Edit Item ID / Quantity:
You can find a list of items below. Simply highlight an item first in your inventory,
tab out and replace the item ID with any ID from the list. Go back ingame and reopen
the page to see the item has been replaced.

Item List
Credits goes to alvinxie for finding these IDs.

5001 Potion
5002 Hi-Potion
5003 X-Potion
5004 Ether
5005 Dry Ether
5006 Elixir
5007 Megalixir
5008 Phoenix Down
5009 Gold Needle
5010 Maiden's Kiss
5011 Mallet
5012 Diet Ration
5013 Echo Herbs
5014 Eye Drops
5015 Antidote
5016 Cross
5017 Remedy
5018 Alarm Clock
5019 Unicorn Horn
5020 Tent
5021 Cottage
5022 Emergency Exit
5023 Gnomish Bread
5024 Gysahl Greens
5025 Gysahl Whistle
5026 Golden Apple
5027 Silver Apple
5028 Soma Drop
5029 Siren
5030 Lustful Lali-Ho
5031 Ninja Sutra
5035 Red Fang
5036 White Fang
5037 Blue Fang
5038 Bomb Fragment
5039 Bomb Crank
5040 Antarctic Wind
5041 Arctic Wind
5042 Zeus' Wrath
5043 Heavenly Wrath
5044 Gaia Drum
5045 Bomb Core
5046 Stardust
5047 Lilith's Kiss
5048 Vampire Fang
5049 Spider Silk
5050 Silent Bell
5051 Coeurl Whisker
5052 Bestiary
5053 Bronze Hourglass
5054 Silver Hourglass
5055 Gold Hourglass
5056 Bacchus's Wine
5057 Hermes Sandals
5058 Decoy
5059 Light Curtain
5060 Lunar Curtain
5061 Crystal
5062 Member's Writ
5191 Rainbow Pudding
6000 Empty
6001 Dark Sword
6002 Shadowblade
6003 Deathbringer
6004 Mythgraven Blade
6005 Lustrous Sword
6006 Excalibur
6007 Ragnarok
6008 Ancient Sword
6009 Blood Sword
6010 Mythril Sword
6011 Sleep Blade
6012 Flame Sword
6013 Icebrand
6014 Stoneblade
6015 Avenger
6016 Defender
6017 Fireshard
6018 Frostshard
6019 Thundershard
6020 Onion Sword
6101 Spear
6102 Wind Spear
6103 Flame Lance
6104 Ice Lance
6105 Blood Lance
6106 Gungnir
6107 Wyvern Lance
6108 Holy Lance
6201 Mythril Knife
6202 Dancing Dagger
6203 Mage Masher
6204 Knife
6301 Dream Harp
6302 Lamia Harp
6401 Flame Claws
6402 Ice Claws
6403 Lightning
6404 Faerie
6405 Hell Claws
6406 Cat Claws
6501 Wooden Hammer
6502 Mythril Hammer
6503 Gaia Hammer
6601 Dwarven Axe
6602 Ogrekiller
6603 Poison Axe
6604 Rune Axe
6701 Kunai
6702 Ashura
6703 Kotetsu
6704 Kiku-ichimonji
6705 Murasame
6706 Masamune
6801 Rod
6802 Flame Rod
6803 Ice Rod
6804 Thunder Rod
6805 Lilith Rod
6806 Polymorph Rod
6807 Faerie Rod
6808 Stardust Rod
6901 Staff
6902 Healing Staff
6903 Mythril Staff
6904 Power Staff
6905 Aura Staff
6906 Sage's Staff
6907 Rune Staff
7001 Bow
7002 Power Bow
7003 Great Bow
7004 Killer Bow
7005 Elven Bow
7006 Yoichi Bow
7007 Artemis Bow
7101 Medusa Arrows
7102 Iron Arrows
7103 Holy Arrows
7104 Fire Arrows
7105 Ice Arrows
7106 Lightning Arrows
7107 Blinding Arrows
7108 Poison Arrows
7109 Silencing Arrows
7110 Angel Arrows
7111 Yoichi Arrows
7112 Artemis Arrows
7201 Whip
7202 Chain Whip
7203 Blitz Whip
7204 Flame Whip
7205 Dragon Whisker
7301 Boomerang
7302 Moonring Blade
7401 Shuriken
7402 Fuma Shuriken
8000 Empty
8001 Iron Shield
8002 Dark Shield
8003 Demon Shield
8004 Lustrous Shield
8005 Mythril Shield
8006 Flame Shield
8007 Ice Shield
8008 Diamond Shield
8009 Aegis Shield
8010 Genji Shield
8011 Dragon Shield
8012 Crystal Shield
8013 Onion Shield
8101 Leather Cap
8102 Headband
8103 Feathered Cap
8104 Iron Helm
8105 Wizard's Hat
8106 Green Beret
8107 Dark Helm
8108 Hades Helm
8109 Sage's Miter
8110 Black Cowl
8111 Demon Helm
8112 Lustrous Helm
8113 Gold Hairpin
8114 Mythril Helm
8115 Diamond Helm
8116 Ribbon
8117 Genji Helm
8118 Dragon Helm
8119 Crystal Helm
8120 Glass Mask
8121 Onion Helm
8201 Clothing
8202 Prison Garb
8203 Leather Clothing
8204 Bard's Tunic
8205 Gaia Gear
8206 Iron Armor
8207 Dark Armor
8208 Sage's Surplice
8209 Kenpo Gi
8210 Hades Armor
8211 Black Robe
8212 Demon Armor
8213 Black Belt Gi
8214 Knight's Armor
8215 Luminous Robe
8216 Mythril Armor
8217 Flame Mail
8218 Power Sash
8219 Ice Armor
8220 White Robe
8221 Diamond Armor
8222 Minerva Bustier
8223 Genji Armor
8224 Dragon Mail
8225 Black Garb
8226 Crystal Mail
8227 Adamant Armor
8228 Onion Armor
8301 Ruby Ring
8302 Cursed Ring
8303 Iron Gloves
8304 Dark Gloves
8305 Iron Armlet
8306 Power Armlet
8307 Hades Gloves
8308 Demon Gloves
8309 Silver Armlet
8310 Gauntlets
8311 Rune Armlet
8312 Mythril Gloves
8313 Diamond Armlet
8314 Diamond Gloves
8315 Genji Gloves
8316 Dragon Gloves
8317 Giant's Gloves
8318 Crystal Gloves
8319 Protect Ring
8320 Crystal Rings
8321 Onion Gloves
9100 Goblin
9101 Bomb


[Edited by PWizard, 4/28/2018 10:58:28 AM]

CJ  posted on Sep 19, 2014 9:31:08 AM - Report post

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Well damn that was quick..

Thanks PWiz and 0x..

Hmmm.. I had a feeling the trainer may have issues due to how the game has the values.. I think I may have been right.. gotta do some more testing..

And 0x, if you could tell me where the save files are located that would be helpful..

[Edited by DigitalIP, 9/19/2014 9:38:11 AM]

Levels are showing up in the editor incorrectly.. Current exp and such is correct though..

[Edited by DigitalIP, 9/19/2014 9:40:21 AM]

Well this is strange..
Use the 500exp option once on each character, each one ended up with -10000 or so Exp.. Entered battle and everyone had 0 HP so automatically died.. I hit Continue and checked everyone, they each lost between 10-15 levels.. was able to revive just one character, entered battle and died, one character was alive and was allowed to revive everyone else..

Alright.. after beating some monsters and getting EXP everyone regained the EXP they were - in, or there abouts.. perhaps a little more..

Before you mess with the trainer make copies of your saves, just incase. Im wondering if theres some sort of difference between Normal Mode and Hard Mode as far as how values are calculated..

Also, Infinite HP tends to give monsters Inf as well, so be sure to keep an eye on that..

Okay, resolved the Level being shown incorrectly in the editor, if you edit the Current EXP amount it corrects itself. When you edit your current EXP to a higher amount the next time you gain EXP you'll gain the amount of levels that matches the EXP you set..

So instead of using the Add 500 EXP option editing your EXP is the safer way.

[Edited by DigitalIP, 9/19/2014 10:12:34 AM]

d0m  posted on Sep 19, 2014 10:27:26 AM - Report post

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thanks for the trainer and for the fast work! :-)

setting the values to i.e. 9999 (hp), 999 (mp) works for
a moment. they will be reset when entering battle.

the other options seem to work fine yet. maybe you could add
inf. mp? that would be nice

greenarrow2k6  posted on Sep 19, 2014 10:31:21 AM - Report post

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The mist dragon looks like having inf life just like the 2 characters. Have been hitting this for a good 5 minute and still cannot the creature
CJ  posted on Sep 19, 2014 10:32:46 AM - Report post

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Be better off using the Current EXP edit..
But keep in mind, its best to level up your characters after you've given them an Augment.

Giving a character an Augment will increase the characters stats each time they level up to a certain point.. so try not to use it to much.

And yeah as I said above, Inf HP may effect enemies also.. so you'll either have to keep it disabled, or disable it right before you land an attack then re enable it.

[Edited by DigitalIP, 9/19/2014 10:37:49 AM]

A Nice lil bonus.. Inf HP restores your characters HPs to max, thankfully it doesn't do it for enemies.

So just use it as an Instant HP restore rather then keeping it enabled or switching between on/off.

[Edited by DigitalIP, 9/19/2014 10:46:04 AM]

0x90  posted on Sep 19, 2014 11:55:00 AM - Report post

Trainer Maker
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Savegames are stored in:
C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\FF4\*a number*\save.bin
CJ  posted on Sep 19, 2014 12:48:16 PM - Report post

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originally posted by 0x90

Savegames are stored in:
C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\FF4\*a number*\save.bin

Save file sent to ur mail

golbez  posted on Sep 19, 2014 2:17:09 PM - Report post

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I love you 0x90
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