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Cheat Engine Trainer "How To" Help
Teaqu  posted on Sep 04, 2014 5:13:51 AM - Report post

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First of, the "How to" on CH is WAY out of date ... using 5.4 when we got 6.4. Meaning the interface is much different and some options act differently now.

Just check it out: www.cheathappens.com/tut_zirkhaki.asp?tutID=8

What frustrates me even further is that the Tutorial that COMES with CE appears not to be updated either and is horribly written.

Is there anyone out there willing to help me out making a Trainer that works every time the game and trainer is re-run. Because i seriously can't figure out how to do that. Tutorials seems horribly out of date in comparison to CE's Version and interface.

I did some googling around and it seems most tutorials were written for much older versions of CE where the interface is far from what we use today.

(Sorry if i posted in the wrong section, could not really figure out where to post this dilemma...)

0x90  posted on Sep 04, 2014 5:27:16 AM - Report post

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The interface is different but the way it works is the same.
You can always take a look at the CE forum about tutorials:

Some of them are newer. You can also ask your question there, they are very helpful to beginners.

Teaqu  posted on Sep 04, 2014 5:42:30 AM - Report post

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First off: AWESOME username.

Secondly: already reading through their forum pages...
Hope something will be of help, or i'll resort to ask there too XD

Cheat Happens CE tutorial should be updated IMO...
Oh well...

Thanks for the quick reply...

0x90  posted on Sep 04, 2014 6:05:56 AM - Report post

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For your specific requests, you need to take a look on CI (Code injections) which can be done by CE's AA (Auto Assemble).

But it is also explained somewhere on the end of the tutorial inbuilt in CE.

CHOCLATECHARLIE  posted on Sep 04, 2014 6:44:41 AM - Report post

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just wonted to say i looked at this a year ago and had the same problem in the end i just gave up

i am an approved electrician by trade jib registered level 3 i am Farly clever but when it comes to understanding how make a game trainer i am at a loss

a video that is clearly visible and understandable would be nice guess i just got keep on praying lol

0x90  posted on Sep 04, 2014 7:06:12 AM - Report post

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DABhand  posted on Sep 04, 2014 12:02:45 PM - Report post

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My tutorials are mostly based on ASM, but as 0x90 said the process is the same for every version of CheatEngine.

Finding pointers is the same in 5.4 as it is in 6.4

Code injection is the same in 5.4 as it is in 6.4

The only difference is the cosmetic looks that is it.

A video tutorial will only show you which buttons etc to press, to be honest though if you need that when a text file explains things and from there it should be easy to know where to go just by using deduction if the UI has changed, then you won't learn much with that alone.

It isn't an overnight process that some people think it is, there is varying methods on finding addresses and coding that deal with what you want for your own options.

The CE tutorial isn't horribly written it is designed to make you think, it isn't a "here let me hold your hand through this" type of tutorial - it wants to make you figure out how to do things - it assumes you have some basic ASM and programming knowledge at least, so that you understand what addresses etc are.

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