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DABhand  posted on Aug 29, 2014 4:50:08 PM - Report post

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Keep saying it, Valve is not the Law on consumer rights.

People have rights, valve cannot bend the rules, they just say no and hope someone won't pursue it.

I did with HL2 and got a refund + court costs + a cash amount for the trouble. All because they said I stole HL2 after I bought it with a warez key... I told them how can I use a warez key of a game I already bought and legitimately have on my account, they wanted $10 I said give me my money back, they said no.. I said see you in court.

I remember the GM saying "Yeah ok we shall see you there " thinking it wouldn't. But it did.

Jaks  posted on Aug 29, 2014 8:17:21 PM - Report post

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Half-Life 2? That's a few years back. Major props for pursuing it, a lot of folks would have just dropped it as too much hassle.

I once emailed them about a package deal they had on the Sub Hunter games. The package sale price was more than if you bought the individual games. They replied that they would be looking into it. That deal sat there for months like that.

They're just so arrogant at times, it's difficult to respect them. I once wrote them about a math error they made on a billing. They replied that they didn't give refunds but just this once they would adjust the difference back to my Wallet.

Mighty large of them.

dodge444  posted on Sep 04, 2014 12:07:56 PM - Report post

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I like Steam/Valve in general but I have a similar complaint. I recently bought COD 1 -- it was the first game I ever played years ago but it stopped loading when I replaced my old XP system. I tried everything on Windows 7 and later 8 to get it to run. No luck. When I saw the COD titles sale on Steam I thought, hey I bet they fixed it otherwise they wouldn't put it up for sale! All their other games have run on my system so I bought this one just for old times sake to have in my collection. Guess what. Same error message (buffer overrun)After trying the forums and support sites I asked for a credit towards future games but of course got directed back to the forums and support sites. I'm not a dummy with computers but really, after a certain point enough already. I don't think one should need a degree in programming to get a ten dollar game to run. We wouldn't put up with that crap in the rest of the retail world. What we do need is more folks like Dab to make a stink, or some real competition for Valve/Steam. Unfortunately, their only competition is the bungling, half-wit Origin.
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