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Update for Redux versions?
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    Incisor posted on Aug 23, 2014 1:13:11 PM - Report post
    Just wondering if we will get an update for this (and Last Light too for that matter) when the Redux versions come out?
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    Agreed posted on Aug 23, 2014 2:34:07 PM - Report post
    I'm crossing my fingers for it. It looks like Last Light in particular is basically just getting a "GOTY" release with a few extra tweaks to the engine for performance and/or graphics, but porting Metro 2033 to the modern 4A engine is fantastic and should make what is already a gorgeous, immersive game into an even better experience. Metro 2033 suffers from some serious issues with regard to its DX11 features in particular, with Advanced Depth of Field not adjusted or optimized well, so badly that it's good for a solid 20FPS hit on my 780Ti. And the PhysX implementation in Metro 2033 was really mediocre, too - volumetric cloud calculations instead of really good sprite/vectors, a little more dust from bullets impacting, and ...

    So I'm definitely looking forward to THAT making it over to the modern 4A engine. Last Light getting a "complete" release and all that is great, I'm happy that they're offering -50% since I own both previous games, but I already bought all the DLC for it - I kinda feel like they ought to be giving it away to anyone who already bought Last Light and kitted it out, but when has Deep Silver -ever- decided that instead of doing something to make a lot of money, they'd prefer to just be cool to their customer base? I hate that THQ died, because they were such a cool publisher by way of comparison. Deep Silver snatched up most of their assets, and their practices are far, far, far more aimed at financializing than THQ's were.

    Which may be why THQ went under, but still. Call a freakin' GOTY release a GOTY release. Metro 2033 is getting the big overhaul, haha. Either way, I'll inevitably reward them for this by buying the games, I'll just grumble slightly under my breath while doing so.

    I imagine they're re-publishing them like this for two primary reasons:

    First, to establish a new working relationship with 4A studios and get a retail product out - Deep Silver became their publisher via auction right as Last Light was going gold, and frankly THQ had done practically nothing to promote it sufficiently. Because they were broke. Remember how long it took to go from "you can buy it on Steam right now" to having retail copies for PC?

    Second, to take advantage of the extraordinarily scalability of the 4A engine to get a "new" retail product out for current-gen consoles. This was a pretty game when it was being forced to run on hardware from the mid 2000s; now that there's some actual processing power to throw its way for both graphics and compute, it's not at all unprecedented to re-release it like this. At least they're not going all Ubisoft on it and refusing to release the improved version for PC even though PC could run it absolutely fine.

    I'm hoping we get new trainers, as I imagine these will be pretty popular games, but we'll see how it goes I guess!
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    Jaks posted on Aug 23, 2014 6:39:23 PM - Report post

    You guys are spot on I believe. Those two games should be very popular on re-release. The grafix look absolutely stunning now and that 50% off for current owners seems very reasonable. I know I'll be getting one or both.

    And as Agreed has said, I played them both on my old 32 bit Vista PC and there were many struggles with the FPS. Now that I purchased a new beast, I can't wait to run them maxed out.

    I was just at the NVidia site and noticed they say their newest WHQL driver ensures the best possible gaming experience for the Metro Redux games. Hopefully the boys at CH will take a look at these two titles.

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    Rickmon posted on Aug 23, 2014 8:49:34 PM - Report post
    I have already pre-ordered both redux titles. I hope very much that C.H. will create trainers for them.
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    Send a message to 0x90
    0x90 posted on Aug 24, 2014 3:09:04 AM - Report post
    Redux versions are completely new titles (in fact you also need to pay again for them). You'll need to put out a request for them.
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    Agreed posted on Aug 24, 2014 2:44:37 PM - Report post
    originally posted by 0x90

    Redux versions are completely new titles (in fact you also need to pay again for them). You'll need to put out a request for them.

    Have trainers moved entirely to request-based as opposed to "default support" (so to speak) for AAA games? I know Chris mentioned elsewhere that new Lifetime membership is going away soon, so I can only imagine there's a pretty large sea change in how CH handles the production and sale of trainers coming. I wonder if this is part of such a thing, or if it's just for these games for some reason?

    Any insight you can offer? If it's not something you can speak to, I understand. Thank you for all your hard work on every game you make a trainer/editor for, you're fantastic!

    [Edited by Agreed, 8/24/2014 2:45:07 PM]

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    PWizard posted on Aug 24, 2014 3:22:11 PM - Report post
    We will make trainers for ALL AAA games, regardless of request points. I have said this many time. However, people keep filling my inbox with requests to put these games on the requests list and so I do. As long as people keep doing that then I will keep adding them to the list. Just because a game doesn't reach the requested points limit doesn't mean that we will not make a trainer. We have released MANY trainers for games that never reached their points. We use the request list as a gauge for interest and also to prioritize our work list.
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    techowl posted on Aug 24, 2014 3:30:33 PM - Report post
    Never doubt CH guys, never =)
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