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Steam Saves From Old To New PC
Jaks  posted on Jul 27, 2014 6:55:04 AM - Report post

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When I knew I was going to soon be using this new PC, I wrote to Steam and asked what the best way might be for moving/copying my save games. I specifically asked if the Cloud handled them and will my saves be there. I had 28 games with saves. Ugh.

To my surprise, Steam wrote back that no, I couldn't rely on the Cloud for my game saves that the Cloud was mainly for syncing data between devices. So why not the save games, too? Made no sense.

So they included the steps for copying and moving the save files. Well, they didn't look quite right considering I was moving from 32 Bit Vista to 64 Bit Win 7. They replied and gave me another set of steps for doing it.

After looking over the steps for this, like looking up the game ID's, etc., I just decided to heck with it, I would just bite the bullet and start over any game I still wanted to play.

So, I installed 3 games I had on the old PC on my new PC. Wouldn't you know .... not only are all the save games there, but also all the preferences like user defined keys, audio, and what not. Every game I've reinstalled so far.

Now after looking around, apparently that will work as long as your game lists Steam Cloud on the right panel of the Steam Store page where it lists the game modes, VAC, etc. Games that may not have the saves sync'd are MMO and/or games that don't list Steam Cloud on that panel. Even those MMO's that do list a SP and co-op don't usually seem to list Steam Cloud.

This may effect what you do or don't do for a Steam game backup. Personally, I don't backup Steam games, especially now after seeing that the Cloud had my saves.

Now I see where any game that uses a third-party installer won't be able to use the Steam Backup tool. I'm wondering if maybe that's actually the key to the Cloud not having the save games, too.

To further complicate - or maybe fully explain? - Steam's Backup and Restore instructions, look here then you can decide:


Also, if you're interested, there is a Steam Game Save Locations WIKI here:


I wanted to share this in case I'm not the only player in the galaxy that didn't know this. And Steam's page of directions for Backup/Restore is complex enough that maybe just relying on whatever saves you can get from the Steam Cloud might just be sufficient. YMMV. Or maybe not.

Dhampy  posted on Jul 27, 2014 5:36:28 PM - Report post

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Just copy your steam folder and the whole My Documents between computers.

I seldom lose saves then.

You also won't have to reinstall your games.

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