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CK2 Retired again lol
Bomgto  posted on Jul 20, 2014 8:06:17 PM - Report post

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first of all thank you team for keeping up with the patch for almost 3yrs worth of your time.

it funny how some bad mouth people have got us all in crap hole

I know the recent patch have no add troop option. but I was hoping that the next patch Cailber would be a bit kinder or less busy or even change of heart. as you all know he busy doing whatever he is doing, many of as appreciate the update and unretired. But there is some who just don't and bah bah bah.

it understandable why some got angry & say whatever had been said, I too was angry when the add troop option has been remove but remain compose & wait patiently.

in the 2.16 patch I would have prefer only add troop option rather than money & all those.

I do feel cheated when the game was retired & I was hoping that they will unretired & keep up the good work. As you know this game was one of the most love strategy for 3 yrs.

I don't know much about the Law or right in USA on how business and
customer is protected so im not gonna mention about it like some people do, example we pay more every yr bah bah so we expect bah bah bah back from you, and so on so on.

so I will leave that to those who know, but on this post im only express my disappointment & some anger for the retied beloved game of my. it look like I will have to rule Europe another way round.

I will say this to cheathappens : I love you work & appreciated you time, and all of every other patch you kept up for us. but sometime I do hope that you guys have a bit more patient with us customer.

10/10 for cheat & trainer.

7/10 for patient and customer support.

10/10 for update trainer for every patch

10/10 for Varity of game have been train.

out of 40 you get 37 lol

techowl  posted on Jul 20, 2014 8:11:16 PM - Report post

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The law and right in the USA on business depends on the terms that certain business puts. CH gets hate sometimes on the things they do, but as a coder myself, I can say not everything is possible all the time, if an option is removed on a future update it's not for laughs and giggles. Regardless of that, I put together a suggestion and you are welcome to give your opinion: Link

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Please point out in our TOS where it says that we have to make a trainer for ANY SPECIFIC GAME, let alone EVERY GAME and certainly not EVERY PATCH FOR EVERY GAME FOR ETERNITY. We make the trainers that WE SEE FIT and your membership allows you to download those trainers. If you don't feel that you are getting your money's worth, then I will be happy to close your account and you can try to find better service elsewhere.
Bomgto  posted on Jul 20, 2014 8:18:19 PM - Report post

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I never say your service is not appreciated. why would I close my account lol I love it here. I understand what you are saying Pwiz so keep up the good work.

this post is about some people who not appreciated the patch and get us all nothing but problem and lost of trainer, only thing related to me about this post is that im sad about the retired of the trainer & noting about hate or unappreciated to you guys.. I own it to you guys for making my gaming exp more easier. I hope you guys understand what I mean

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I still have EU4 to play

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