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ISO files and other restore methods
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    Wrythe1985 posted on Jul 08, 2014 9:02:39 PM - Report post
    I know that it is possible to create an ISO image of an operating system and burn it to some sort of removable media device. My question is can you burn that ISO to a blank HDD or does the destination HDD need to have some sort of OS file on it (either the corrupt OS or have had the same OS version previously on it)? Will I need a license key to re-activate the image on the new destination drive?

    Random question in a similar vein, can you make some sort of image file for individual software programs/applications and restore them to a new destination drive? Say for example I have to re-install Word (or insert random software application here). can I image just that specific piece of software rather than the whole OS?
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    Dhampy posted on Jul 08, 2014 9:51:05 PM - Report post
    Microsoft has a tool which allows you to easily make a bootable installer on a thumb drive or DVD. You don't need an OS installed to install from the resulting bootable disk. But you will need the activation key from your own copy of Windows, because you're just making a bootable clone of what you already have.
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    Neo7 posted on Jul 08, 2014 11:24:21 PM - Report post
    The built-in Windows Backup program allows you to create a system image backup which is essentially a snapshot of your OS. You can redeploy this image through the Windows RE environment (Load up the Windows Setup through the DVD/USB/Whatever media and select "Repair Your Computer" instead of installing Windows).

    Oh and if you're using Windows 8 or above, this feature is hidden away in link in the bottom corner of File History (the desktop control panel version of this feature).

    Since this is a system image, expect it to take up a ton of space.

    Oh and for the Windows Key, there may be a chance you need to re-activate it when restoring (however this is within their EULA and Microsoft doesn't really care how many times you redeploy an image to the same computer).

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