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Response from NAMCO BANDAI about bans.
Falconer15615  posted on May 08, 2014 3:05:35 PM - Report post

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Nice post xrizerx.

My question is - if they are punishing people for duping items via trainer, what about the people who are duping stuff by backing up saves/transferring stuff to other people? If they're JUST looking at quantity, you'd think that would get you flagged, no?

I've been duping and keep everything I need at ~20ish, but yeah, I'm using the trainer.

chauxtreme  posted on May 08, 2014 3:29:06 PM - Report post

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"FromSoftware will be temporarily removing VAC support for Dark Souls II at 11:00PM Pacific Time May 8th to work on optimal functionality."
i facepalmed so hard fromsoftware. this isnt something you tell people...it just isnt (im not blaming you jsauce, you're just doing your job is all i know you were probably against posting that too)
FromSoftware can still ban players server-side for inappropriate behavior. This action isn't making the game any less safe. It is just one of the steps to ensure VAC is properly functioning.

They are removing VAC temporarily, which means using the trainer and anything before that would usually get you unflagged if you were flagged. HOWEVER, people are still monitoring you, so don't go full retard with the trainer. They don't have anything to detect the trainer/mods now but if you do anything unusual, they will flag you themselves.

XRizerX  posted on May 08, 2014 7:01:29 PM - Report post

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It was basically just a precautionary, you can dupe stuff just don't get crazy with it. If your save gets scanned by a mod they will look for obvious things first, like non-tradable, limited quantity items being stacked too high.

I'm gonna backpedal on what I posted about duping.

I had posted not to have two of the same weapon on a NG but it IS possible to dual wield certain weapons IF someone gives you theirs.

You could technically trade a friend an item for an item... a highly unlikely scenario but in the event it DOES happen, it'll go something like this:

You have a Washing Pole and "your friend" has an Avylen and you swap. These are two items you can't have two versions of on a NG as there is only one copy to find and none of the enemies drop them.

To be on the safe side I would dupe them with a friend by backing up your save and NOT import the values with a hex editor like cheat engine.

It's highly unlikey you will get flagged for duping, you will get flagged for stats not adding up and values being way out of whack (like the torch time value of 99 hours, SL & SM).

Backing up saves does not result in a ban either, as I've made mistakes by getting NPC's killed in boss fights. I would reload the save and try again.

Also note, if you have 1 shot kills on, this applies to your NPC follower as well. So if you're trying to finish off Bernhart or Lucatiel's side quest, you have to beat the bosses with raw power because so much as a fart will kill your NPC and ruin the side quest.

Also worth noting: On consoles these save files are locked and can not be moved or copied (unless you go through some serious drastic measures which I'm not getting in to) which means it's easier to detect cheats on those kinds of save files... on PC there's a lot more grey area so it's not as dangerous to cheat... but again, be careful.

In response to the VAC ban removal, they said it was only temporary. This probably means they'll do some maintenance allowing users previously VAC'd from cheating on other games, access to Dark Souls 2 servers.

If you've been soft banned I doubt it's going to affect your account... you'll probably still be restricted to solo play. I will be testing this as well, as my main account is soft banned.

My suggestion is to back up your old save, delete it and start with a fresh character before the VAC security is removed later tonight. We might get lucky and get a clean slate...

If not you can always send a polite and ignorant email to:


Basically saying something along the lines of: I can't connect, I checked out the FAQ's, tried everything, yadda, yadda, please look in to this for me.

If they say your account has been banned, then plea with them asking to reinstate your account saying you never cheated and you're a sad panda (unsatisfied customer)...

Then it's up to you whether you still want to risk cheating or not if they actually believe you and lift the ban... but if you get banned twice you're borked for life on that account. ^_^


IkaMusume  posted on May 17, 2014 11:25:57 AM - Report post

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The safest thing to do is to only use a save with which you have cheated OFFLINE. Never use it online. Never allow the game to go online while you have a save you have cheated with in the save directory. That way, when you go online, there is no modified save file for the game to scan.

This of course means NEVER cheat with an online character. But then, the trainers on this site are not meant for online use, so this shouldn't even need point out, right?

You can easily prevent the game from going online by blocking both incoming and outgoing connections for the dark souls 2 exe in Windows firewall.

Either remove those blocks or disable Windows firewall when you then want to play online. But don't do that until you've moved your modified save to somewhere else.

shoresofexile  posted on May 17, 2014 2:07:59 PM - Report post

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^^ This

It might also be a good idea to rename your "offline" save to something like "DARKSII0000_OFFLINE.sl2" when you're not using it. That way, there can be no mistake about which save you're loading at any given time.

esteysa  posted on May 20, 2014 5:03:19 AM - Report post

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HI guys. ANy idea when VAC will come up?
and what about our dirty character? i quit using trainer and hex editor for a week can they still able to detect it?

[Edited by esteysa, 5/20/2014 5:03:37 AM]

DD2791  posted on Jul 22, 2014 9:18:50 AM - Report post

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Frankly, I don't like this atmosphere of dread, if I use cheat in offline mode and then disabling the trainer back in online mode, I have to risk being banned.(because 'someone' scan/check my save games when i'm going online)
I don't need/want to ruin pvp or create discomfort to other players.

[Edited by DD2791, 7/22/2014 12:05:47 PM]

LostTemple  posted on Aug 02, 2014 3:13:09 AM - Report post

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originally posted by XRizerX

Yes, all of the above. I thought the servers were just acting wonky for a while but I admit I was wrong in thinking it was user error / bad servers causing the restrictions.

I've done some rigorous testing on this, making multiple accounts via family sharing (as it's the only work around to the soft ban) and most of what you guys are saying were in my findings.

The game itself does not detect any kind of cheating, you need to make it fairly obvious if you're doing such things and people reporting the same user over and over will basically guarantee a soft ban. I got banned trying to get the Hidden Weapon spell from the BellBro's... those 30 PvP matches gathered enough reports against my account for spamming spells.

Also, don't kid yourselves, DS players have the biggest ego's on the planet. If they lose to you in PvP, chances are they will report you out of spite, regardless if you play fair. Even if you've been careful, a single value that looks out of place on your save file can get you banned... so proceed with caution.

Using the trainer offline or online really doesn't matter because if the team monitoring accounts scans your save file and notices any discrepancies they will lay the ban hammer on you.

I use the trainer online exclusively and didn't get banned until I hit the super stats button by accident. Someone probably reported me after a PvP match and there you have it, an easily monitored discrepancy comparing my SL & SM due to high stats.

I've been using it online with other accounts but this time I'm being smart about it. It's been 3 days of me using the trainer online with a fresh account and no ban has been issued. I'm here to shed some light on what's safe to use and what should be avoided with this trainer:

1. Unlimited Health

It can be used but as soon as you co-op, invade or get invaded, turn it off. If you so much as try this in PvP expect a report against your account by the other player(s) (even if you were helping them in co-op or as a blue sentinel) Legit DS users report all forms of cheating... this one being the greatest offense of all... God Mode in a game built to kick your ***.

2. Unlimited Stamina

Can be used, but you can't make it obvious, you can't do endless combos, running or rolls, you have to pretend to take a break every once in a while. Word of advice, you can use it in co-op where someone won't really notice, if you use it in PvP you better hope you kill your opponent swiftly, otherwise turn it off.

3. Easy Kills

Well this is obvious, use it alone, don't use it with other people around... one shotting a boss or some giant enemy will = reported.

4. Unlimited Item Use

Safe to use, just don't dupe 99 Ascetic Bonfires, Sublime Bone Dusts or Estus Flask Shards or other really rare items that are in limited quantity like Seed of a Tree of Giants. Keep your item quantities low on these kinds of items (2 at most, dump the rest) and under 20 on most other usable items.

5. Unlimited Spell Ammo

This one is iffy, if you're using low to mid level spells, no one is going to notice but if you spam more than 3 Forbidden Suns / Wrath of God in a row... expect a report.

6. Unlimited Weight

Never used it, I wouldn't trust it either as it's a value that can be easily monitored for inconsistency. You can fast roll in Havel's with 60+ vitality, Royal Soldiers Ring+1/2 and the Third Dragon Ring equipped so there's really no excuse for using this cheat.

7. Unlimited Durability

Completely safe, it locks the value, won't be detected and no one cares about your durability. I've never had a co-op friend or opponent's weapon break on me mid battle.

8. Add Souls

Should be a non-issue so long as you don't go over board. If you have to buy something, use it and spend the souls. If you're using this for leveling up, be certain your Soul Memory is well beyond how many souls it would of cost you to level up.

9. Add Soul Memory

I don't see an issue in using this feature either, especially if it's used in correlation with "add souls" just to keep everything in check. Use it in moderation because you want your soul memory as low as possible to co-op and help newbies. Just make sure you're not at SL 150 with under 1 Million SM.

Use this chart to help adjust your SM if you want to level up early for PvP: darksouls2.wiki.fextralife.com/Stats#.U2vPRShvBlc

0. Reset Level
* Super Stats
/ Reset Stats

The last three functions in bold should be removed from the trainer's interface completely as it screws up your entire character. Some of the values don't even stick which makes this ban bait.

- Unlimited Torch

If you have 20 minutes of Torch it's all you need the entire game and you can get 45 minutes worth in the first few hours of the game. This function gives you 99 hours worth of torch, an easily traceable cheat... would not use again.

+ Reset Soul Memory

Not a smart thing to do, it could have some use if you break out your math skills and quickly re-adjust your SM to match your SL but I would avoid it.

Outside Influences like Cheat Engine

The only reason I can see for using Cheat Engine would be to alter the hex value of an item and change it to a completely different item. It's detectable and will get you banned, don't do it...

People on PS3 are being soft banned from using the Mega Mule save file and that guy did exactly this, altered values of items... it's traceable. Just go find the item you need in the game... It's also impossible for anyone to dual wield certain weapons on a freshly made NG, so don't do this either.

I hope this information helps new users put limitations on what they do with the trainer in order to not get banned.

If you've been banned

Do not re-purchase the game and give away your money! You can make up to 5 Steam accounts and link/share the game with those. The only catch is you will always have to play online.

Is it still possible to get caught by From even if you use infinite health and stamina not around any other players or offline?

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